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Adding interest with exterior shutters

Before the advent of glass windows, shutters were a necessity to keep out light, noise, and the occasional marauding bear. In these modern times, however, we have well-insulated, secure glass windows to protect us from the great outdoors. So, we're done with shutters, right?

Au contraire! Exterior Shutters are still an important design element for your home's exterior. First, they give you the opportunity to incorporate a really nifty accent color, which adds a lot of curb appeal. And properly placed decorative shutters can help break up a long expanse of the same colored wall, turning boring into fabulous.

To me, most houses aren't really finished without shutters. If your house has ornate stucco or brick work, you may not need to add interest. But for most of us, humdrum vinyl siding or concrete block/stucco really lacks pizzazz. But why put into words what I can illustrate with pictures? Here are two great before and after homes that really show what a big difference one simple design element can make:

Before & After Decorative Shutters