Our planet is becoming warmer with each passing day. While most of us don’t feel the direct impact of this gradual change, it won’t be too long before we start witnessing extreme temperatures around the year. A lot of places around the globe are already struggling with this – think Alaska, the Middle East, and Africa. Within the United States, too, you witness varying climates and weather conditions at different times of the year. While the topography of a region certainly plays a significant role, there is no shying away from the facts mentioned above.

In any case, dealing with extreme heat can be quite annoying. And the rising costs of air conditioning, along with the fact that it isn’t really an environmentally-friendly cooling option, in the long run, means that you need to start considering alternative options to shield your home from heat.

On that note, the experts at Decorative Shutters have compiled a handy list of things you can easily do to deal with soaring temperatures.

10 Amazing Hacks to Keep Your Home Cool During Summers

While some homes are built in a way that there is some degree of natural cross-ventilation, that is not always the case with urban houses. Find some cool tips that can ensure your home stays nice and cool when the harsh sun is beating down in all its glory.

1. Avoid using heavy appliances during the day

It is best to use your bigger appliances post-sunset because they exude a lot of heat. Items like your stove, washing machines, dryers, ovens, and dishwashers should ideally be used when the temperature goes down a notch. This will avoid excess heat building up inside your house.

2. Install a quality dehumidifier

The summer air circulating in your home can be laden with a lot of humidity. Using a dehumidifier will help draw the moisture out of the air and make the home a little cooler. We recommend keeping your indoor humidity levels to less than 60 percent. And when the humidity drops below this level, you can switch the device off so you save on electricity, too. Whatever water is collected in your humidifier can be used to water your plants.

3. Add a touch of green

Small plants and succulents are a must-have in modern homes – especially those that don’t have a private garden or backyard. Use the corners of your rooms to keep your planters and take good care of them. Having a touch of green in your home in the form of an indoor garden will not only uplift your mood but also have an effect on the air quality. There is a massive variety of options available to you – from flowering plants to those that have delightful spidery leaves and more.

4. Use your air conditioner wisely

Simply blasting the AC at a low temperature is not always an effective option for cooling a home, especially if it is a relatively large place. It is best to use the air conditioner in the room that you are going to be using for the next couple of hours. When doing so, make sure you shut the doors so that the cooling is efficient and quick.

5. Put up heat-repellant curtains

The kind of curtains you use can make a massive difference in the temperature and heat that percolates into your house. Drawing your curtains or closing the blinds is, of course, a no-brainer during the day. But using blackout curtains can be even better to reflect direct sunlight away from your rooms. According to Consumer Reports, neutral-toned curtains with white plastic backings are the best for this purpose. They can reduce heat gain by up to 33 percent!

6. Keep your windows open at night

Since temperatures generally drop in the evening and even further at night, it is best to keep your windows open during breezy summer nights. You can spray your bedroom curtains with chilled water – this will cool the fresh air passing through them and give you a natural cooling effect when you sleep.

7. Cover your glass windows with film

Window films are a great way to shield your rooms from harsh sunlight while also allowing you to enjoy the view outside. Compared to unprotected glass, window films can deliver up to 98 percent infrared heat reduction. This can reduce the temperature inside your house.

8. Replace incandescent lights with CFLs

Have you been using incandescent bulbs in your house? It is a known fact that they waste close to 90 percent of their energy in the heat that they emit. Switching to CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) can avoid this heat emission while also saving costs and elongating the lifespan of your lights.

9. Use your exhaust fans

Yes, you can switch your exhaust fans on – especially in smaller rooms like your kitchen and bathrooms – to expel all the hot and humid air that might have accumulated.

10. Make long-term improvements with decorative shutters

Decorative shutters are not just fancy embellishments for your exteriors – they serve several other purposes. Exterior shutters can not only add a layer of security but also enable you to keep your windows open while letting the breeze pass through into your house. With Decorative Shutters, you can explore a wide selection of shutters or even choose to get them custom-made according to your needs.

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