When it comes to the curb appeal of your home, your shutters have the power to break or make your home’s overall visual effect. Shutters also help in reducing energy consumption and help in increasing thermal efficiency. Hence they are undoubtedly a durable investment that will also enhance your home’s resale value.  

Therefore, there is an immense variety of shutters available in the market. But read on our top 10 outstanding exterior shutters for windows to help you select the best product for your home. We are sure At decorative shutters, you will find exactly what you are searching for.  

10 Types of Shutters

1. Vinyl shutters

Vinyl shutters mostly come in custom and standard sizes. You can choose from a wide range of resistant colors. Because of their hard-wearing nature, they have a long life span. They require very little care for maintenance. The vinyl shutter is a man-made material, hence it is environment friendly. Therefore they are an ideal choice for buying as they do not peel, crack, or fade. 

2. Aluminum shutters

For homeowners who want extra protection and security, then aluminum shutters are a perfect choice. Aluminum shutters have very good corrosion resistance. If they get damaged, they will be repaired immediately. They come in a vast range of opening types, sizes, colors, sizes, louver sizes, frame styles, thus making them one of the most configurable shutter types. 

The best thing about aluminum shutters is that they can be powder coated so you can choose from an endless range of colors. They are light in weight, durable, and easy to install so you will not face any complications when installing this type of shutter in your home.

3. Wood shutters

For homeowners who want a traditional look then wood shutters are a way to go. Although wood shutters are expensive, their exquisite unique grains give an earthy texture that will enhance the beauty and warmth of your home. They can be easily dusted thanks to their smoother finish. When treated properly they will last for a long time as wood is solid and it has a hard-wearing material. 

For people who want to redecorate regularly, so with wooden shutters save yourself some money as they will suit all your interiors. 

They block out sun rays and UV rays impeccably, so if you want complete sun protection and darkness, wood shutters will be the ideal choice.

4. Bahama shutters

They are mounted on the exterior of the house or commercial property. Bahama shutters are hinged at the top, which makes them easy to pull over window coverings when a storm approaches. As Bahama shutters are secured to the wall itself, hence they will remain sturdy on heavy winds. For privacy, you can partially close or completely close them. 

Bahama shutters add great value and unique beauty to a house, coming in various modern styles and for different shapes of the window. As they are available in a variety of colors, Bahama shutters will match any home’s paint shade and give a complementary hue to enhance the curb appeal of a home. 

5. Board and batten shutters

They are one of the oldest styles of shutters. Homeowners who are looking for a rustic or relaxed appearance then board and batten shutters make an excellent choice. They consist of 2 main components. The vertical piece is called aboard. The horizontal slats are known as battens. With today’s various designs available, the homeowner can choose how many boards, how wide they should be, the placement, and the number of battens. 

Our collection of board and batten shutters will surely spark inspiration for your project. Don’t forget to check our collection here.

6. Composite shutters

Composite shutters are made with man-made material to develop extra durability and moisture resistance. They are suitable for damp and humid locations like kitchens, bathrooms, or mudrooms. They have a sleek look and a smooth finish. If you want a luxurious look at a lower price, then composite shutters are made for you. 

7. Raised panel shutters

The raised panel shutters are best for conventional colonial homes and quaint craft cottages. They have beveled edges and are defined by a central raised flat surface. Because of the colonial raised panel style, they protect the window from any outside elements like rail, airborne, wind, intruders, and debris. 

8. Louvered shutters

Louvered shutters add color, depth, texture, and dimension to ordinary windows. When people hear the term shutters, louver shutters are the ones that first come to mind. The louvers are horizontal slats that control the amount of light and air that passes through. They are among one of the few shutter styles which allow air and light to pass through when closed. So they are ideal for both home energy efficiency and solar control. 

Even if louvered shutters are installed for only decorative purposes they still give a unique look that every homeowner loves.

9. Plantation shutters

They are currently very popular so most of the homeowners across the country have recognized their potential as a long-term investment and are replacing traditional curtains and blinds. Plantation shutters are available in a vast range of materials, with affordable and durable options like MDF and vinyl. They are easy to install. Once installed, they have very low maintenance and you can see them for long years of usage and enjoyment. 

Plantation shutters can make a home extraordinary. 

10. Hurricane shutters

If you live in an area that is prone to tropical storms then hurricane shutters are meant for you. Hurricane shutters also give an extra layer of financial security all thanks to the insurance premium reductions and very fewer damage repair is required. Keep in mind that the cost of hurricane shutters varies based on the material, style, and size of your windows, but you will get the most durable and permanent option. They are mostly constructed in one big panel to cover the window. Hurricane shutters are made of aluminum, steel, or fabric. 


Hence if you are looking for exterior shutters for windows you are at the right place. Give us a chance to help you make the best decision and get your home looking as you have always imagined it.