Are you bored with your home’s decoration? So it’s the right time you got a little inspiration and should change it from drab to fab. Decorating your home the right way will make you fall in love with it again and again. Also, when you will be happy with your home’s decor, you will be a happier person in general, right? This is because a well decorative home that suits you and your personality will help you to relax and feel more comfortable. And you know, what is the best part of it? It is that you can do this on a very less budget and all by yourself. 

So if you want to give your home the transformation it deserves, below are some of the easy ways that will inspire you to start redecorating your home without breaking a sweat or your bank balance. 

1. Exterior Window shutters

Exterior window shutters have gained popularity for a few years as they are not aesthetically appealing but are also very functional. They have become a great decorative option for home improvement. The greatest advantage of using an exterior window shutter for a home is it increases the curb look of the entire home. They also protect your windows from damage due to weather and help in reducing power bills. So having window shutters is an environmentally friendly option. 

2. Exterior wooden shutters

If you are looking for cheap exterior shutters then wood exterior shutters are a good option. They give natural beauty with defined wood grains and various wood tones. One of the most important decisions that you need to make is to determine the exterior wooden shutter material which will decide how they will perform. Because of their popularity, exterior wooden shutters come in various styles and can be customized as needed.

3. Lighten up

One of the easiest ways to give life to your home is with lightning. If you feel your home is drab and depressing, you can brighten it up easily by installing interior shutters. Louvered shutters are easy to install and adjust. Either you can completely open the slats to let the light flow in or you can angle them upwards allowing the light to come in while controlling your privacy. 

4. Shutters can be a master bedroom lighting feature

If you are bored with your lightning system then try adding shutters as a master feature for traditional detailing to a room. You can install shutters to your bed siding and then hang wall lights on them. One big benefit of installing lightning in this fashioned way is that electrical cords will be hidden behind. No messy electrical cords and you will be left with exquisite lightning details that will be a key feature in your room. 

5. Complement your style

Like the addition of any new decorative item to your home, the most important part is to decide what and where? Curtains come in many colors, materials, and patterns but let’s be very true, one set of curtains will not look good whereas you can install plantation shutters for a better look. They are a great choice if you are looking for something modern and practical to enhance your home. These modern shutters are also capable of providing a large amount of privacy, warmth, and protection from stormy weather. 

6. Shutters as a bathroom hook

Surprised? Well yes, you have heard it right. You can use shutters as bathroom hooks. Simply lean the shutter to one side, drill some of the hooks to it and you will see in a very short span of time you have a completely unique hook system. It is perfect for hanging towels that will be great in a bathroom, or utility room. 

7. Shutters can be used as a headboard

When you are planning to decorate your bedroom, shutters can bring a real character to the room. Thinking about it? Installing shutters to the backside of your bed gives a charming and traditional look to your room. If you want warmth and character, then consider ordering our wood shutters, which offer a subtle grain in the wood and will look incredible as a headboard. 

8. Make a bold statement with the hallway

We often ignore the hallway when we start decorating our home. So you can add a colorful rug to liven up your hallway. A picture gallery will also be a great addition to make the hallway feel homey. For a bold look, you can use matting and identical frames to make your hallway seem more connected to the rooms. 

9. Clutter

This is one of the easiest DIY ideas to make your home feel more fabulous. All the toiletries, shampoo bottles, hair products consume a lot of space and make a room look overcrowded. So, remove all the clutter from your home and keep only a few decorative items. This will help to make your home feel more open and welcoming. 

10. Rearrange your rooms

Sometimes all you need to do to create a new look to your home is to rearrange your existing furniture and accessories. Rework the layout of your furniture. Put your decorative items in different spots. Switch up the artwork of the walls. This takes a few hours, so you can plan on weekends. 

11. Living room

No worry about budget, you can always make your living room look expensive with a few simple tips. Like your sofa, you can throw some pillows and a cozy blanket on it. Keep your center table and floor area clean. Make sure to hide all the electrical wires that make your room look disorganized and messy.

12. Wallpaper

Wallpaper comes in many shapes or designs and creates a warm and romantic look in any space. You can do it all by yourself. It works like a big wall sticker. All you need to do is to peel the paper from the back and then place it on a primed wall. You will be amazed how easily this has transformed a boring room. 

13. Paint the ceiling

Paint is not just for your four walls. You can give a boost of fun to your home by painting the ceiling top with a bold color that stands out. If you want to paint your child’s room, then you can surprise them by painting the ceiling of their favorite animal or with some stars. 

14. Create a gallery wall

To look at your home from drab to fab then creating a gallery wall can do the talking. This will give a fresh space to your home whilst helping to add something new and unique. 

Gallery walls can give an instant home makeover that will beautifully transform any space in your home. All you require is a selection of prints, a bit of creativity, and some equipment to position them on the wall.

15. Bring outdoors to indoors

Nature is a very simplistic yet beautiful way to transform your home from drab to fab. Why not consider bringing a selection of flowers or a small plant indoors? They can be beautiful centerpieces for your living area table or dining table and will add instant brightness to your home.


Hence transforming the look of your home is not that expensive. Hopefully, these tips of 15 easy ways to make your home drab to fab have helped you. Do check out our collection of exterior window shutters at an affordable price.