The decision to order window shutters cannot be made in a haphazard manner. You do not wake up one day and decide that it is time to buy Vinyl Shutters or shutters made From any other material. You need to find a convincing reason for ordering different types of shutters for your house.

1. The Benefits of Installing Shutters

Each homeowner has a unique reason for installing shutters at his or her house. Shutters are an expense that you have to incur. They also have an impact on the value, appearance, and functionality of your house. Is there a justification for installing shutters on your property?

  • Beauty- shutters will enhance the appearance of your property. This is attributed to their design and materials used to manufacture the shutters. When they add a sense of beauty to the house, it becomes more valuable.
  • Privacy- shutters block the view of your interior From outside the house. People cannot see inside the house, allowing you to operate in a discrete manner. You also enjoy privacy at night because people cannot see whether your lights are on or off and cannot monitor your movement in the house either.
  • Ventilation- there are instances when you want fresh air into the house without blowing your cover. Shutters are the perfect option because they are slatted in a way that allows them to allow the passage of air.
  • Protection during storms- this is the main reason many people install shutters. They will protect your window panes and interior From projectiles that accompany storms. It reduces and even eliminates the cost of repair when the storm hits.
  • Protecting against the direct sun- your furniture and floor will be affected by direct sun rays through your window. Shutters block direct rays without preventing light or fresh air. The furniture and your floor installation will, therefore, last long.

The ultimate benefit of installing aluminum Bahama shutters is improving the value of your home. A home whose windows are covered using shutters is always considered valuable. A house with shutters will automatically fetch more money in the market.

2. Type of Shutters to Install

Every homeowner must make a decision on the type of shutter to install. Shutters come in different styles depending on the homeowner preference, budget and architectural needs of the area where the property is located. There are different ways of looking at the types of shutters to install on your house.

There are four main types of shutters:

  • Raised shutters- the shutters look similar to the cabinet or kitchen doors. They provide the option of a single or double door. Their low profile means that they will blend easily with any style of the house. This means that you can install them on Victorian, Georgian, Federal, Cape Cod and Greek Revival, among other architectural options. They are more affordable because they do not feature elaborate designs.
  • Louvered Shutters- they are distinguished by their angled slates that allow light and fresh air to penetrate. They're come with a more defined appearance and give your home a casual, classical or ornate appearance. They will fit on almost all styles of architectural designs.
  • Board and Batten –the shutters are specially designed for French country homes, Ranch/ Cape Code or Mediterranean homes. Their character can only be defined as a rustic and old world. They are also simple to construct yet provide excellent protection and strength because the number of panels used is significantly reduced.
  • Bahama- they can also be referred to as Bermuda Shutters. They are a louvered variety that is fixed on top of the window. This allows them to let in light and air into the house. Bermuda shutters are perfect for a tropical zone because they will keep your home protected during a storm. They work best on cottages, Ranch and Cape Cod house designs.

You may find other classifications that arise out of contemporary thinking. However, these four designs are distinct and will greatly influence all other designs. Each style or type of shutter will give your home improvement a unique appearance.

3. Reason For Installing

The installation of window shutters depends on personal preference or justification. This explains why there are differences in the materials used, size and design of shutters. The reason you install shutters will determine the choice you make. Here are some of the reasons and how to deal with them.

  • Storm protection- shutters meant to protect you From during a storm will be different From shutters shielding your interior From peeping Toms. You need strong shutters that could be made of heavy wood or even metal. Such material ensures that projectiles and debris do not damage your window panes.
  • Decorative shutter- these shutters are installed in places that are not prone to storms. They are meant to improve the appearance of a house. Bahama shutters are an excellent example of shutters installed for decoration purposes.
  • Home improvement- a home with shutters is considered more valuable. This means that you will not be looking for the strongest shutters. This allows you to save money during fabrication and installation.

There are many other reasons you can install shutters in your house including to keep your interior discreet. Luckily, the market has enough options for whichever reason. These options also allow you to spend an amount that is within your budgetary allocation.

4. Budget

How much do you intend to spend in the process of installation? This is determined by your project budget. The price of shutters is determined by a number of factors including the size, materials used and design.

The cost of the shutters should be reasonable. This means that it reflects the quality of material used, the size of your shutter and whether there is something unique in its design. Work with an experienced supplier to get the best shutters for your budget.

The decision to order shutters for your house must be informed by justifiable reasons. The availability of different types of shutters in the market means that you have a wide selection to choose From. Whether you buy Vinyl Shutters or shutters made of any other material, you must ensure that it guarantees value for money and serves the intended purpose.