Composite wood shutters are made of water-resistant solid core material with a finish that stands the test of time. If you are a person of refined taste, these affordable shutters are the ultimate solution for they offer a unique exterior window treatment.

The following are detailed features and types of Composite shutters.

Features of Composite Exterior Shutters:

• Superior Material

Composite shutters are long-lasting. High-density Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), pultruded fiberglass, and proprietary composite are used to construct these historically accurate custom exterior shutters for durability and strength.
The exterior shutters for windows are treated with structural components to protect From rotting, cracking, and excessive warping. The exercise strengthens the material to withstand harsh weather conditions.

• Architectural Look

The shutters offer a historically accurate design utilized with modern expertise and materials. The aspect involves the incorporation of up-to-date techniques to ensure that little or no maintenance is required.
These shutters are mostly assembled with joinery and mortise techniques to give them exceptional strength. The combination of design and craftsmanship provides an architectural touch on your homes.

• Maintenance Free

Advanced technology has played a significant role in ensuring that composite shutters are of high quality that would stand the test of time. An automotive-grade finish is used to paint the solid core composite materials making them rigid and installed in a fixed position. This feature makes the shutters resistant to flexing requiring no regular efforts or hardware to repair and maintain them.

• Superior Finish

Custom exterior shutters undergo a finishing process that involves acrylic urethane to bond and strengthen it. Additionally, the proprietary process of oven curing further enhances the finish lending the shutters’ structure a long-lasting warranty.

The use of a matte black finish forges the custom exterior shutter From stainless steel. Composite shutters are a great outdoor choice with an assurance of a worry-free lifetime.

• Custom Made

As a homeowner, you can choose From different styles and designs to match your requirements. Similarly, you can get the color of your choice to enhance the exterior décor virtually.
The feature casts out any doubt that you may have to pertain to the specifications, designs, and appearance of your composite shutters. You can order and receive the individually fitted shutters for windows according to the measurement of your windows.

• Different Colors

The decision to protect your home does not mean sacrificing your color coordination. If you have a preferred color that you think should be painted on your shutters for windows you should consider it done.

The material used to make composite shutters allows the application of various colors regardless of their content. Therefore, the shutters can be decorated according to your specifications, complementing protection, and design.

• Beauty

Composite shutters are a distinctive and affordable exterior window treatment option for your home if you are looking for an authentic look. The high-quality shutters have a color palette that overlaps with the blinds to make a subtle look.

You could complement the shades of your home by choosing shutters that are darker or lighter than your facade. You can also make your shutters and windows stand out by going bold using contrasting colors.

• Warranty

Composite shutters come with a warranty against defects in factory painting finish and material. It means that you do not have to worry about the maintenance of the custom exterior shutters for about a warranty period.

Notably, the warranty acts as an assurance From the vendor that the shutters are expected to last longer than the time given. If you install the composite shutters, you remain in a worry-free mode for years.

• Free Priming

You do not have to pay anything for the priming of your composite shutters. The process involves wiping the surface with sandpaper and using an oil-based primer.
The shutters are then covered with high-quality paint depending on your preference. After the process, you should confirm if the shutters meet your requirements and inform of any changes that you might need.

Types of Composite Exterior Shutters

• Bahama Shutters

The tropically inspired shutters for windows are hinged on top with one louvered panel. They are popular not only for their sturdiness but also for their beauty that gives your home a tropical look.
They have an exceptional ability to protect your home From an aggressive storm. You pull them over your window in case of a storm or leave them propped open in calm weather.

• Louvered

It is the most popular exterior shutter characterized by horizontal slats that allow air and light but keep out direct sunlight and rain. Notably, the use of these custom exterior shutters reduces your energy bill accumulated through air conditioners and lights.
If you are concerned about your privacy, you can tilt the slats of your louvered if you want to hide From the outside world.

• Raised Panel

This style of shutter developed From the southern plantation architecture and remains relevant today. The touch of class added by these shutters makes them pair well with any window for a cohesive and complete look. When fabricated and designed to your requirements, the shutters enrich your exterior with value, appeal, and style.

• Flat Panel

These shutters represent order, neatness, and utility. They are ideal for craftsman homes and bungalows, where they add great beauty to a room.
If you have a home that seems to be devoid of character, you should add flat panels immediately and experience the unique feel. Similarly, these shutters for windows will make an older style of property turn into a more characterful home.

• Combination Louver/Raised Panel

It incorporates both the raised and louvered designs to offer a wonderful exterior accent. These shutters have become popular due to the increasing range of architects, homes, and homeowners options. If you like creativity and portraying artistic specifications, you must be pleased by these custom exterior shutters.

• Board and Batten

With their representation of the American frontier, the shutters work well in Tudors, rural cottages, and historic homes. They give an eye-catching view in rustic dwellings and require no expertise in handling and maintenance. You can supplant lost or worn outboards or battens as long as you have the correct estimations.

The numerous types of composite shutters provide options depending on our preference and purpose. Ensure that you install the best kind of composite shutters by referring to the features held by each one of them.