It is such a fantastic experience living in a place with an ideal temperature and glorious beaches that attract a large number of tourists. However, you may not enjoy the experience if hurricanes also frequent the place.

For that reason, you should protect your family and property From the aggressive storm, but you might not know how to choose the best option of an outdoor shutter. Yes, it can be hard going through the numerous options available for you.

There are some of the things you need to learn about these types of shutters. Bahama shutters are an ideal choice if you require a perfect balance between protection and aesthetic appeal. They are beneficial for the following reasons.


It is the main reason why homeowners install hurricane shutter systems. Bahama exterior windows shutters have ideal protection and strength capabilities to withstand the intensity of stormy weather. They are easy to adjust, and you only need to close up the shutters for storm protection.

Notably, shutters are attached to your home using hinges, making them unbeatable when the storm picks up. Exposed windows remain susceptible to breakages and damages contributed by external factors such as debris.

Other than the storm, Bahama exterior shutters offer additional guards to your window thus protecting it From damages. Expect utmost cleanliness in your interior as the shutters block the entry of dust From the outside.

As long as you are protected From inclement weather, you should enjoy the pleasant experience. Advanced technology has also played a significant role in enhancing the operability of these shutters. As you order Bahama shutters, you receive a warranty. During this time, the vendor will repair any damages to the shutters cost-free(T&C). The shutters can offer assurance that you will have several years to settle and have peace of mind.


While other types of storm shutters protect against weather elements, Bahama shutters exterior also blends with your house's façade. It is a product that blends with the color and style of your home regardless of the position.

You can choose to install customized shutters depending on your preferred architectural style, material, and color. Wood, Aluminum, and wood composite shutters have their unique advantages for different home styles. You experience durability when you install aluminum shutters.

Similarly, wood and wood composite are highly customizable and offer an elegant look. The shutters have undergone modernization to ensure that they satisfy modern home dwellers while preserving their originality. The shutters complement your exterior house design for a long time and require little effort to maintain and repair.

You can wipe the shutters in case of dust accumulation or choose to repaint them with the same or different colors. If you like art, you can also order Bahama exterior shutters with customized cutouts. The decision to install shutters does not mean sacrificing your house's appearance.


You expect and want privacy in your home. However, that might not be the case, especially if you live near the streets. If your neighbors cannot keep to themselves and they always gaze into your window, it is time you need shutters.

With Bahama shutters, you can shut your windows completely to increase privacy in your home. The shutters are designed to allow you to view the landscape but completely obstruct outsiders From seeing the interior of your house.


These shutters offer more functions in your home as compared to other types of exterior shutters. With these shutters, you can control the amount of light that gets in the house. Similarly, you are also able to control the light From your house, especially at night.

It works well when the direct sun lights the interior of your house. Consequently, you minimize expenses in insulation and air conditioning. The shutters also work as ventilation, enhancing the circulation of air in your home. The wider you open the shutters, the higher the level of air circulation.

If you spend most of the time facing an impressive landscape, you will find protected viewing through Bahama outdoor shutters. As you support the shutters to partly open, you create a space for viewing as they protect you From falling debris.

Open shutters also protect you From sunlight as they act as shades mounted on the window. Closed shutters provide proper insulation as they help maintain the temperature in the interior. You can reap the benefit of these shutters when you enjoy the warming effect during periods of cold winter and a cooling effect in the hot summer.

The shutters are used to get solar power due to their ability to tilt and face the sun directly. If you choose to install solar cells, you mean to cut your energy bills drastically. These features complement the material and make of Bahama window shutters, making it more elegant and valuable in any home setting.


Bahamas shutters are easy to install, especially with the assistance of a technician. The wide range of materials used to make these shutters make them suitable for any type and size of window.

Besides, you do not need special tools to fix the shutter on your wall. The top hinges make the shutters stand in contrast with side-hinged shutters that make shutters open and close. The top-hinged design enables you to push the shutters and set your preferred length of support.


Bahama exterior shutters are long-lasting surpassing their warranty timeline. Notably, the materials used to make the shutters determine their durability. Aluminum shutters are known to last the longest under normal circumstances.

Additional treatments to wooden and composite shutters have proven to prolong the durability of the shutters significantly. As long as you repair and maintain your shutters, be sure to forget about ordering a new set of shutters any time soon.

Make Your Decision

If the functionality of the shutters meets your requirements, then Bahama shutters are perfect for your home. Protecting your home and family and saving you energy are some of the things that make Bahama exterior shutters a great option in the market.