Looking for inspiration for your next home improvement project? How about going back in time and using Bahama window shutters? For most homeowners, home improvement is all about aesthetics. However, with these outdoor shutters, you get something more bang your buck.

Bahama shutters (also known as Bermuda shutters) have emerged among the most popular home sprucing ideas for a different reason. These louver-style shutters are unique in design as they open from the top hinges. They perfectly blend beauty and functionality and also add to your home’s value. This is the dream of every homeowner.

Their classic-style now appeals to homeowners from coast to coast. If you are after a home improvement idea that offers multiple benefits, it’s time to learn more about Bahama shutters exterior uses.

This guide explores these topical-style shutters in details. It also examines how they boost your home’s market value.

Bahama Shutters in Brief

The tropical-inspired Bahama shutters were a common feature in coastal regions. For centuries, homeowners in the south used these shutters mainly for protection against tropical storms.

The shutters have been in the Caribbean for centuries and eventually crossed over to the South. As homeowners started seeking inspiration from the past, Bermuda shutters spread across the country. Today, more homeowners have embraced the uniquely styled shutters as a go-to home improvement idea.

The top-hinged design allows for easy operation of the shutters. The one piece-shutters open at a 45-degree angle to allow in light or air. It is easy to deploy the shutters when a storm approaches.

While they originated in the tropical regions, Bermuda shutters also work well with Cape Cod, Ranch and cottage type homes.

Traditionally, wood was the ideal material for Bahama shutters but new technology has seen the emergence of aluminum, faux wood, MDF and vinyl Bahama shutters.

In addition to giving your home that unique tropical touch, these shutters also:

  • Offer protection against storms
  • Provide privacy
  • Allow the natural flow of air and light
  • Improve energy efficiency in your home
  • Enhance the curb appeal
  • Improve security

These shutters are affordable and easily customizable to any décor style.

Bahama Shutters and Home Value

When considering any home improvement idea today, you should look for value. While outdoor shutters improve your home’s curb appeal, it is advisable to look at what more they offer.

Bahama shutters have a wide range of benefits which in combination improve your home’s value. To appreciate how these shutters impact your home value, consider this:

1. Added Protection

Any homeowner looking for a property will look at any additions made by the owner to improve its safety. Adding Bahama shutters might not look like a big deal but for property valuers, this is one of the best decisions you can make.

The increase in storms across the country makes it essential to institute protective measures. Window shutters are the first line of defense. They are easy to close when there’s danger of a storm.

The window treatment makes your property more appealing due to safety it offers the occupants. If you are in a storm-prone area, these shutters are a must-have.

If you want to enhance your home’s curb appeal, consider using these exterior shutters. They will not only provide protection but also make your home more valuable.

2. Improved Aesthetics

When shopping for a home, first impressions matter a lot. Most homeowners will give a property a single look before making a decision. Whether you want to sell or not, improvements are necessary. After all, this is your most valuable asset.

Adding Bahama style shutters improves your home’s curb appeal and makes it eye-ready. Potential buyers and valuers will rate the property highly in case you take it to the market. Homeowners want to live in beautiful properties. If they find one with beautiful additions such as shutters, they will gladly take it.

Improving your home’s aesthetics remains a priority when choosing a home improvement idea. With Bahama shutters, you will not only make your home attractive but also more appealing to buyers.

3. Home Valuation

Home insurers look at different aspects of your home when giving a quote. Buyers are keen to find homes with added safety and security measures to get the best premiums.

If you have installed Bermuda shutters in your home and you wish to sell it, this is one of the items that go into your home valuation. It boosts the valuation as such extras are crucial to the buyers.

You might have installed Bahama shutters with aesthetics in mind but the impact this has on your home’s value is immense. Look for the best shutter products to guarantee the best valuation.

4. Comfort

Every home buyer has comfort at the back of the mind when shopping for a home. Likewise, home valuers will look for extras that make your home more valuable. Bahama shutters are a great addition for air and light control.

You can regulate air conditioning in your living space with these shutters. On hot days, allow a cool breeze and on cold days, keep these shutters closed to trap heat.

A comfortable home is more valuable. This is what you achieve with these topical-style shutters.

5. Energy Efficiency

Energy bills take the biggest chunk of a home’s maintenance budget. The HVAC system and lighting consume much of the energy you use indoors.

With Bahama shutters, you can now save on energy through natural air conditioning and ventilation. You can give a rest to the HVAC system by allowing in natural air. On bright days, open the shutters to allow in natural light. It saves you a lot of money on home maintenance.

An energy-efficient home is more valuable on the market. Buyers now look for energy-efficient properties to save on the cost of power.

Wrapping Up

Bahama exterior shutters can redefine your home. These fittings not only enhance your home’s curb appeal but also protect your investment. More importantly, the comprehensive benefits of Bahama shutters increase your home’s value. All the benefits together make it more appealing on the market.