A home is one of the greatest investments one could ever make. Like with any other such valuable investment, you want to ensure it retains or even increases in value. For your home, this would require proper maintenance and regular improvements. Whether you want to sell your home or not, boosting your property’s value should always top your mind when carrying out improvements.

Among the many home improvements you can choose for your home, exterior shutters can improve your home’s value. Shutters have been part of home building for centuries, and they still remain popular with American homeowners.

This post explores different ways this beautiful window treatment technique can improve your home’s value.

Exterior Shutters in Brief

Since the early civilizations, outdoor shutters have been a ubiquitous feature in home construction. The prominent nature of windows on all types of homes makes it necessary to embellish them as part of the overall décor. Shutters are the simplest window treatment option, and they come in multiple shapes, styles, and materials.

Some of the common shutter styles include:

> Louvered window shutters
> Raised panel shutters
> Scandinavian shutters
> Cut-out design shutters
> Board-and-batten shutters
> Shaker style shutters
> Plantation shutters
> Café-style shutters

The shutters come in different materials such as wood, engineered wood, aluminum, and vinyl, among others. These exterior fittings serve multiple functions, top among them being the protection of the house and improving a property’s curb appeal.

They also improve privacy and boost your home’s energy efficiency. You can use shutters to allow the natural flow of air and light into your home. Different shutter styles also complement your home’s aesthetics giving it a unique touch of style. In combination, all these benefits of exterior shutters improve the value of your home.

How Outdoor Shutters Improve the Value of Your Home

Most homeowners’ install window shutters to boost the appeal of their properties and also enjoy the various functions of these fittings. If you use this window treatment in your home, you will inadvertently boost its value. Here are a few ways how this works:

1. Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Anyone looking for a new home will first look at the aesthetics before stepping into the house. Home seller and their agents go to great lengths to prep their properties for sale through various improvements.

If you have already installed beautiful outdoor shutters, your home will attract more buyers because these improvements boost the home’s appeal. The best shutter styles are easy to customize and will complement your home’s exterior décor.

For instance, you can choose brightly colored raised panel shutters to bring to life your old house and make it a top view on real estate listings. Plantation shutters can also transform your plain-looking home by giving it a majestic rustic feel that buyers can’t resist.

If a homebuyer wants to renovate the house to suit their taste, they can include the shutters in the project. Most shutter styles are easy to customize through painting. If a homeowner wants to change the exterior outlook, it’s easy to find suitable shutter panels and hardware that will work.

2. Improved Energy Efficiency

Over the last few decades, the real estate market has changed dramatically. Homeowners now go further than the aesthetics and location of a property. One of the major considerations today in home buying is energy efficiency.

If you have added features to boost energy efficiency, these will feature greatly in the appraisals. Window shutters are among the features that can reduce energy wastage in your home. In cold weather, the best shutters will trap the heat and thus reduce the cost of heating. During hotter months, you can open the window shutters to let in the breeze.

Home appraisal reports will mention your exterior shutters, and this will interest potential buyers. Whether you wish to sell or just get the market value for your home, this window treatment will have a great impact.

3. Enhanced Security

One of the biggest considerations by home buyers is security. They will assess the neighborhood, look at crime rate statistics, among other details. Today, homeowners also look at security features installed in homes before making a purchase.

Window shutters are among the security enhancements in modern homes. They improve privacy and keep off prying eyes. Many of the burglaries in residential areas happen because thieves have spotted valuables inside a house. By installing window coverings, you’ll deter potential security threats.

You can thus increase your home’s value by adding shutters to the windows. It is a simple home improvement yet it attracts home buyers as a security enhancement.

4. Weather Protection

If your home is in a storm-prone area, exterior shutters are a great addition to the windows. They protect the windows and the occupants during heavy storms. Plantation shutters are common in hurricane hot spots while Bahama shutters have always featured in tropical homes.

With the weather getting more erratic over the years, authorities in areas that never experienced extreme weather have called for caution. Homebuyers now consider shutters an essential addition for home protection. In any home appraisal, these fittings will get a mention and will thus add to the value of your home.

Anyone looking for a home wants to see investments that have been made to protect the property. By installing outdoor shutters to the windows, you can improve your home’s value and make it more marketable.

5. Permanent Fixtures

The best thing about window shutters is that they are built to last. A home buyer will consider them part of the new home and this raises the value of the property. Unlike blinds and curtains, shutters require less maintenance yet they serve multiple functions.

Wrapping Up

Every homeowner would like to boost the value of their greatest asset. This applies whether they wish to sell the property or not. With exterior shutters, you can improve your home’s value and a lot more. This window treatment technique protects your house, boosts energy efficiency, and improves curb appeal. Shutters also enhance privacy and help transform the exterior décor. All these factors play a role in pushing your home’s market value upwards. This is a dream for every homeowner.