Window shutters have multiple benefits in a home. These appliances not only protect your home against extreme weather but also improve the aesthetics of your property. They also enhance privacy and enable natural air and light control. When shopping for the best outdoor shutters, the material you select is crucial. The best material should be easy to care for and maintain.

The Ultimate Window Shutters

Aluminum shutters have emerged as the most popular alternative to the more expensive wood shutters. These shutters are popular in the home building and remodeling industry as they are easy to maintain.

If you’re in the market for reliable exterior shutters, aluminum is the best material to use for several reasons. These shutters are lightweight, easy to install, versatile and can fit any home design.

These exterior shutters are also durable and sturdy making them perfect for storm protection. Aluminum is also easy to customize to fit any window shape, size, style, or color. They are also neat and work well with contemporary home designs that have become common today.

Practical Tips to Care and Maintain Aluminum Shutters

Aluminum outdoor shutters are low maintenance but this does not mean they should not receive any care. Providing the best care for these shutters increases their lifespan and reduces any damage that might necessitate repairs or replacement.

Here are some practical tips for maintaining aluminum outdoor shutters in perfect shape:

1. Regular Dusting

Shutters are a popular window treatment because they protect the home against the elements. However, this exposure comes at a cost that includes dirt, dust, and pile-up of grime. The once shiny and neat aluminum panels and accessories will lose their attractiveness and this is why you need to dust them regularly.

When dusting your furniture and other indoor accessories, take time to wipe dirt and dust around the shutters’ surface. It should be done once a week or several times a month. It might not be possible to clean your aluminum outdoor shutters but dusting them maintains them in tiptop shape.

2. Regular Cleaning

Whenever you plan to clean your house, make sure you include the shutters in your plans. Aluminum is a low-maintenance material but it will suffer due to dirt and grime build-up. While dusting removes dust and foreign particles on the shutters, deeper cleaning removes stains and any other matter that affects the appearance of these appliances.

Aluminum is easy to clean as you only need a soft cloth, water, and a mild detergent. Start by cleaning around the edges, the hardware and the panels using the soft cloth and sop water. You can hose the shutters to rinse off the soapy mixture and return the shutters to their former glory.

One important precaution when caring for your aluminum shutters is to avoid bleaching agents and any other aggressive cleaning products. These can react with the metal leading to fading or ugly marks on the metal surface. You should also avoid using coarse cleaning rags as they can scratch the surface of the shutters.

3. Replace Any Broken Parts

One of the main advantages of these window shutters is that they are easy to operate. They work with the latest motor systems to improve efficiency. However, age and exposure to the elements can lead to damage and you need to repair or replace any affected parts fast. A damaged panel or broken aluminum louver can affect the rest of the unit leading to further deterioration.

4. Inspection After Heavy Storms

Many homeowners neglect outdoor shutters until there is visible damage. By this time, it is too late to repair any damaged parts and you will have to pay more for parts replacement.

You should take a proactive shutter maintenance role by checking the condition of the shutters, especially after a heavy storm. While aluminum is sturdy and can withstand the elements, hailstorms can lead to dents that will affect the operation of the shutters. Regular inspections ensure you discover any problems early enough for immediate repairs.

5. Replace Old Louvers with New Styles

If your aluminum shutters have faded and are not easy to operate, you should consider replacing them with newer systems on the market. If the parts of the shutters keep falling off or breaking, it is time to consider replacing the shutters with a new aluminum system.

6. Painting Aluminum Shutters

One of the best ways to care and maintain your shutters in mint condition is by painting them. Painting gives your old aluminum outdoor shutters a new lease of life. It is a simple way to rejuvenate your home’s exterior look and also maintain the shutters in the best shape.

You should use metal-compatible topcoat paint and a primer for the best effect. It is also important to check the manufacturers’ guidelines on painting the shutters. Painting aluminum products will add to their lifespan by offering better protection against the elements.

7. Leverage Shutter Warranty

Whenever you have a problem with aluminum window shutters, always check what the service warranty guidelines. The warranty mostly covers the hardware, frame, louvers and other parts of the shutter system. It will save you a lot of money and it restores the old shutter to their former glory.

8. Remove the Hardware for Thorough Cleaning

While dusting and regular cleaning will keep your aluminum outdoor shutters in perfect shape, you should also check the hinges and the mounting hardware at least once in two years. It entails removing the entire shutter unit and cleaning the operating mechanism for improved efficiency.

Final Thoughts

Aluminum window shutters are without doubt top among window treatments available. They offer multiple benefits to the homeowner and they are the ultimate home improvement idea. Once you have installed these exterior shutters, you should care for them properly to guarantee they remain in mint condition. It is the only way to prevent dirt and dust build-up which diminishes their smart and neat appearance. With these tips, you can now give your exterior home décor a makeover by cleaning the aluminum shutters.