Exterior shutters come in various styles, but which shutter style will be the best for your home? Well, it’s a good idea to consider board and batten shutters. These days they are in huge demand, especially when the homeowner wants to go for a rustic or a relaxed appearance.

The board and batten shutters consist of two main components, i.e. vertical and horizontal slats.

The vertical slats are known as Boards. They will be tight against each other, which gives security and privacy to window openings. The horizontal pieces are known as Battens. They are used to hold the boards in place. 

At legends, our mission is to ignite your thoughts and help you build your house into the space you have always imagined. Let us bring your imagination to reality with our custom BnB window shutters. Read on for the best BnB shutters that you’ll enjoy for years to come! 

What are they?

BnB is one of the most significant additions to considering for your home as they are the oldest kinds of shutters. They are shutters made from boards that have been designed to batten down to protect your windows from outside. They are so familiar that if you picture exterior shutters right now, you will probably picture this covering. 

You can place the boards together and set them on hinges which can be installed on the outside window frame. There are various styles of BnB, some types have only a large shutter which will cover the whole window, and others are split by half-covering on each side.  

What are they made of?

Board and batten shutters have to be weather resistant as they are on the outside of the home and have been designed to protect from the elements. They must be straight-grained so that they do not shrink, swell, or warp with the changing environment. 

When to use them?

With the on-going trend, you can now choose how many boards, how wide it should be, the exact number of battens, and the placement of battens. 

The wider the Board is, it will tend to give a more rustic look. You can go with three boards and two battens, that may include diagonal pieces or can be without it. To add more visual interest, you can go with a third batten in the center.

Another option can be to have more boards but with a narrow configuration. You can go for four boards and two battens for a more sophisticated look. This type of arrangement is prevalent in traditional houses where the owner of the house wants to create a cheerful and relaxed look with BnB. 

Pro Tip: You can easily add extra features like decorative straps to Board and Batten Shutters. Just remember that the design doesn’t become too busy. The contrasting metal hardware will add a stylish look. 

We have the following categories available in Board and batten shutters:

1. Wood board and batten shutters

To make your home more comfortable, safe, and attractive, you can use high-quality wood board and batten shutters. These shutters have been around for centuries. We use premium quality lumber to forge the BnB, which composes our excellent line of wood shutters. 

To check the strength and longevity of the shutters, every panel is assembled with time-tested techniques. Wood BnB shutters can be painted or stained to match your house and changed if you wish to repaint your home.

2. Vinyl board and batten shutters

Vinyl shutters are very budget-friendly to enhance the appearance of your home significantly. They are directly mounted to the side of the windows and not hinged. They can be easily installed and require very little maintenance. 

They are a trendy choice in exterior shutters as the material used in their construction makes them resistant to fading, rotting, cracking, and peeling. 

3. Composite board and batten shutters

Our collection of composite BnB is constructed from premium quality durable material that is impervious to rot, water, and termites. They come with such a finish that is sure to stand the test of time. 

Why choose to install batten board shutters?

The beauty of boards and batten shutters can do wonders for home improvement projects. Following are some of the functions: 

  • Protection: They are solid enough to protect your house under extreme weather. In case of any hail, strong winds, or storms, your home is safe when these shutters are closed. 
  • Privacy: If your home is near to public spaces, you can close the shutters to protect your house from any prying eyes. Hence the shutters are opaque, so they work perfectly to improve privacy. 
  • Air control and natural light: By opening or closing the window cover, you can enhance energy efficiency in your house. In cold weather, you can choose to complete the shutter, which reduces the cost of heating. In hot weather, the opening of shutters will give natural ventilation and save energy costs. 
  • Aesthetics: By using stylish batten and board shutters, you can upgrade your home’s curb appeal. They come in various styles, colors, materials which makes it easier to customize them according to your home’s architectural decor. 
  • Classic look: They have that classic look, and they tie each and everything together on your home decor. They feel organic and go well with the rest of your house. 
  • Boosts your home’s value: By shopping these shutters, you can upgrade your home’s appraisal and give your home a magnificent transformation. 


Under these tips, you can choose the best quality of BnB shutters and can give your house a head-turning makeover. 

Thus Board and batten shutters are one of the trendy shutter styles. When you purchase them from Legends, you’ll get customization options to make them in your class. So, you can easily count on our professionals to work with you. 

Give us a call today and enjoy our custom shutters that will satisfy your needs and will last for years to come.