There is no second chance of making a good first impression and this is true in the case of your home, too! So why miss a chance to make your home look more attractive. Various small and inexpensive ways of home improvement can increase the curb appeal of your house. Adding some upgrades to your home will not only make it easy to sell but will also give your house a beautiful makeover and flawless look that you can take pride in. 

Following are some of the best ideas to get you started. 

Increase the curb appeal of your home with the following ideas

Have a look at some of the top curb appeal ideas which will help your home to make a good first impression.

1. Give a makeover to your front door

The front door of the house serves many purposes. They not only reflect the condition of your home, but they are the first thing that everyone sees. They are the symbolic part of the home. They can help to welcome the people into the house or help to keep them out. So having an exquisite front door will create a good first impression and will help to boost the curb appeal of your house. Therefore let your front door do the talking and make a bold statement. 

2. Pay attention to light up the exterior

As we said first impression is important, therefore the proper home presentation is essential. Just like the interior lighting shows your style, the exterior lighting fixture also plays a significant role in amplifying the aesthetic appeal of your home. Light fixtures can help to quickly amplify the overall look of your home. The proper lighting of a house tells how attractive and welcoming your house is to the people who see it. Let your entryway have an adequate amount of light. 

To make the installation process easier, opt for the fixtures that mount on your wall the same way as your existing fixtures. Sometimes the small things make a big difference. Thus choose an appropriate lighting fixture and layer them properly which will help to make an outdoor masterpiece that boosts the aesthetic appeal of your house. 

3. Throw some greenery

If you want your house to become more welcoming, then consider planting. This will add longevity and life to your house and is the most simple idea of increasing the curb appeal of your home. You can plan to go with hanging plants and flowers. If you want to make a quick garden, then you can buy plants that are easy to care for like juniper, hydrangeas, flowering perennial, liriope, or gold sedge adding aesthetic appeal instantly while giving your garden a stunning and lush look. 

Pro tip: Make sure that your shrubbery is properly trimmed and has appropriate seasonal flowers will make a huge difference in the overall look of your house. 

4. Think about installing shutters

Shutters can give your home a wow factor and add interest to the overall look of your home. They can give a classy look to your home from not only inside but from outside as well. One of the major benefits of installing shutters is that they provide you with instant privacy and security. Also, they are energy efficient. No matter what the climate is outside, having shutters installed will help to lower your energy bills. 

These days shutters for windows are generally made from wood, vinyl, or composite material. Other styles include paneled shutters, board & batten shutters, Louvered, and Bahama. You can go with wooden shutters, they can add a tremendous curb appeal to your house. Moreover, there’s a beauty and charm in our wooden house shutters material that can instantly give your home just the right personality that it deserves. 

5. Paint your exterior window shutters

We can bet on this that once you must have been driven by a house that has bright windows and you must have thought “I wish I could have the same window shutters for my house”. Now here is the good news: yes you can do it! You can paint your exterior window shutters in a very low-cost effective way and can easily increase the curb appeal of your house. 

You can choose bright shutter colors for a bold statement such as green, aqua, purple, and red which can completely transform your home. Shutters add a glorious look to a home and when you opt for a color that complements your home’s color, they can give a stupendous look to the home. 

6. Don’t forget to add outdoor accessories

Give your outdoor space a unique touch by adding some outdoor weather-resistant decor accessories. This will also enhance the curb appeal of your house. You can have birdhouses, metal cutouts, hanging pot holders, mailboxes, and wind chimes. Add a little extra charm by setting up a small seating area. Adding a water sculpture or a small fountain can give a soothing bubbling sound in your outdoor space. 


For all of us, home is not just about four walls, it is much more than that. Everyone desires that their home look the best. Increasing the curb appeal of your home can be done easily, you just have to spare some time and effort into it and you will definitely be amazed by the results. We hope this guide helps you. 

So the curb appeal of your home is now restored, what’s next?

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