Wooden shutters can be used for decoration, protecting interior space during storms, and provision of privacy, among other options. The ability of these wooden shutters to meet your expectations will depend on quality. Quality shutters also guarantee the best value for money.

A buyer should be certain about the quality of wood shutters before buying. The descriptions provided on online stores will also guide you when assessing the quality of shutters. Here are tips that will help you determine the quality of shutters.

  • Design Of The Shutters

Manufacturers will differ in their designs for exterior wood shutters. The standard design is to include five louvers or more to guarantee quality. A shutter with less than five louvers gives you a reason to doubt its quality.

Custom shutters may come in different dimensions because they are cut to fit the specifications of each client. However, excessive customization may affect the quality of your shutters. The rules of manufacturing quality shutters must be followed to guarantee quality.

  • Thickness Of Louvers

Stile and louver thickness will give you an idea of the quality of your shutters. The Stile refers to the vertical wooden pieces on either sides of your panel. Strong stiles result in a shutter that can withstand the pressure of a storm. It is natural to conclude that exterior wood shutters with thick stiles are stronger than others with thinner stiles.

The thickness of the louvers also affects the quality of your shutters. It is these louvers that will be hit by the storm when it comes. Thick louvers should be compared with thin louvers of the same materials. It would be erroneous to compare the thickness of steel shutters with that of composite shutters. You must also compare the thickness of louvers and stiles made of the same wood.

  • Finishing

Quality wooden shutters must be finished professionally. Finishing on wood is crucial in protecting it from the impact of exposure to weather. Wooden shutter manufacturers use such finishing materials as paint and varnish to protect surfaces against adverse weather. The manufacturer should indicate the type of finishing done on the shutters and expected lifespan.

Finishing must eliminate all chances of damage by extended exposure to rain or hot sun. Durable varnish will reduce the need to paint the shutters in an attempt to maintain the surfaces. Finishing should also give your shutters the desired texture and general appearance. Professional finishing raises the quality of your shutters.

  • Quality Of Material Used

Scrutinize the quality of materials used in the manufacture of your exterior wood shutters to determine their quality. There are different types of woods, each with unique qualities that will affect your shutters. For instance, hardwoods are strong and will, therefore, guarantee the best protection in case of a storm.

The wood used to manufacture the shutters must be prepared professionally. This preparation begins from the moment the tree is cut because it will protect it from warping or splitting. Professional wood companies and treatment procedures should be involved in preparing the wood for your shutters. If the wood is not handled professionally before the manufacture of the shutter, the resulting quality will be affected.

  • Fitness To The Intended Use

The purpose of installing the shutters will determine the quality needed. Wooden shutters meant for decoration will require different properties compared to shutters installed to protect the house during a storm. An experienced wooden shutters professional will guide you into choosing the right wood variety for your type of shutter.

Wood also comes in different varieties. For instance, some wood varieties are dark in color and can be used for decorative shutters. Light colored wood will also fit into some of the uses compared to dark wood varieties. An experienced wood shutter dealer can distinguish between these varieties and guide you into buying the right shutters for your house.

  • Review By Users And Professionals

Users and professionals in the wood as well as shutter industry review the different products available in the market. Check their reviews and feedback on different platforms to enable you determine the quality of your wood shutters. The reviews point at performance over time and upon exposure to different environmental conditions.

Customer feedback is more reliable whenever you need guidance on the shutters to buy. These customers have been using the shutters in their homes. Their reviews voice displeasure or satisfaction with a particular brand. The reviews are realistic and, therefore, more dependable. Professionals will also voice their opinion on the best exterior wood shutters based on laboratory assessment. Their expert opinion cannot be ignored and should form the basis for your choice of shutters.

  • Pricing

Quality shutters are expensive. The process of preparing these shutters results in an expensive shutter compared to varieties that are haphazardly prepared. Compare the prices offered for different brands and specific details about the shutters you have chosen.

While the most expensive shutters are not necessarily the best quality, you have to pay a higher price to get the best product in the market. You have a reason to question the quality of wooden shutters if the price is unreasonably low. It takes a lot of effort and resources to prepare wood to such a level that it can withstand continuous hours outdoors and still protect you against a storm.

  • Provision For Hinges

Expert shutter manufacturers make provision for hinges or attachment to the wall. The allowance left for attaching the shutter to the wall must be reasonable. Failure to provide sufficient allowance will affect the working of the shutter.

Customized exterior wood shutters are manufactured with an appropriate allowance for fixing on to the wall. If you are ordering a standard shutter, you must take accurate measurements to avoid altering the design of the shutters. Even the customized shutters must be designed and manufactured with the highest level of professionalism.

The quality of wooden shutters will depend on the purpose of installation. Buy your shutters from stores with the reputation of delivering the best products in the market. You should also stick to brands that offer quality shutters. The guidance of experienced shutter professionals will enable you to make the best choice among the variety available in the market.