As a business owner today, the most emphasis on security is based on cybersecurity. Most people tend to forget about the idea of physical security. This, however, shouldn’t be the case as physical security is as crucial as cybersecurity.

You need to ensure that you enhance security measures for your business while you’re operational. There are several ways which you can use to ensure that the security of your business is enhanced. Here are a few measures you can consider when it comes to improving the safety of your business.

1. Regulate Access

One of the easiest ways to ensure security in your business is to regulate access to the company. You can’t have anyone and everyone roaming around the compounds of the business. This is how things get lost in the compound.

You can regulate access to the establishment by doing the following

  • Few keys should be in circulation – and only given to specific employees. It would be best if you also track the people with the keys
  • Where there’s sensitive information, you need to have even fewer keys distributed. This can also be the same for areas where there is expensive equipment.
  • All employees to return keys they were given when leaving the company
  • You can also install an access control system. This will further limit and track the people who gain access to certain areas of the business.

You can start with having employees swipe cards or use a finger scan to gain access to some business areas.

2. Upgrade Doors and Windows

You need to upgrade the doors and windows if you feel the business isn’t safe enough and has easy access from the outside. What you need to do here is to reinforce these doors and windows. For windows, you can add exterior wooden shutters as part of the upgrade.

You’ll be using these shutters instead of the louvered ones as they present some bit of style. In terms of security, if anyone wants to break in, they’ll have to break through the shutter first before they can gain access to the windows.

It would be best to emphasize locks, too, as they can be the weak link in your security setup. If you feel the locks are old and can’t handle the pressure of people tiring to a break-in, you need to change them.

The lock also needs to be installed on the exterior wooden shutters. If there’s an attempted break-in, they will have to struggle with the shutter locks first. This may delay their timing enough for help to come.


3. Perform A Security Check After Work

As an entrepreneur, you need to perform security checks of your premises before you close shop. You can also inspect before you open – these are the high-risk times. It is when you’re likely to have criminals trying to break in.

When you perform regular checks, it also gives you a sense of what’s normal and what isn’t. You can quickly identify where there are breaches and where you are likely to face security weaknesses. And you can also fix those errors early enough before any attack.

When you perform security checks, you can also look at the louvered shutters and see if there’s any weakness. These shutters are the first line of protection, and if they are weak, your security is vulnerable. Most of them are steel, so they need to be compact always.

4. Invest in Lighting

Part of security measures is to ensure you have invested in the proper lighting. When you do that, it means you can have the exterior wooden shutters closed as you have enough light inside. And you shouldn’t only invest in inhouse lights; you need to invest in outdoor ones too.

One of the best deterrents to thieves is good outdoor lights. Lights make it hard for any intruder to find a safe place where they can hide and attack your business. The other thing about lamps is that if you have guards, they can see all areas of the premises.

Lastly, lights tend to attract attention, and thieves won’t enjoy the attention. And are less likely to attack your business than when it has poor lighting. Lights also give the employee the confidence to walk around with less fear there may be someone hiding.

5.     Install CCTV Cameras

Burglars are less likely to attack your business when they feel they are showing up on tape. That’s why you need to install CCTV cameras as part of the security measures for your business. Another thing about CCTV is that it can help the guards see every corner of the premises.

And you can also eradicate small thefts in the business when you have installed CCTV cameras. You can capture anyone coming in and out of any room plus whatever they may have picked from that room.

6. Hire Security Guards

When you want to secure the business entirely, you need to have people who can help monitor the area. On top of all you have done above, you need trained guards and can handle intruders.

The guards are the ones that will also monitor the CCTV cameras and perform the security checks every day.

7. Give Priority to Cybersecurity

Lastly, as much as you need to ensure that your building is safe, you also need to ensure you aren’t open to cyberattacks. That means you have to emphasize cybersecurity. If you are a small business, you’re likely to face cyber attacks more often.

Around 71% of all cyber-attacks are targeted towards small businesses. Making this a priority can ensure you don’t suffer the fate of most small businesses. For a minimum, to ensure the security of your system, you should

  • Teach your employees the importance of strong passwords
  • Secure your Wi-Fi network
  • Have firewalls setup and have up to date systems
  • Lock up company laptops
  • Delete ex-employee user accounts
  • Use encryptions for transmittable and stored data
  • Back up all your data


There are various ways you can use to secure your business. When it comes to the physical securing of your business, these are some of the top ideas. They help you safeguard your investment from petty and major stealing activities that may occur.