Shutters have been one of the most fashionable ways to cover windows in the home and also to create protection against elements such as the sun, the wind and excessive amounts of light. The rise in popularity has made manufacturers come up with hundreds of options when it comes to materials and finishes.

The wide selection of materials is both a blessing and a curse for potential homeowners. It is a blessing in that you get the exterior shutters which are customized to suit your situation. On the other hand, it is a curse because many end up getting confused and picking the wrong shutter material. The most common materials include:

  • Premium quality timber
  • Wood composite such as MDF
  • Laminated and joint cut off wood
  • Plastics and plastic polymers
  • Aluminum
  • Fast grown woods

Each of the materials has their own merits and demerits, and the only way to pick the best is by looking into these qualities.

Aluminum shutters

This is ideal for exterior shutters because aluminum is corrosion resistant and durable and has commendable ease of maintenance. When aluminum is powder coated, the doors or windows can last up to ten years without the need for replacement. On the other hand, aluminum is not a good heat insulator. This means that when you install the shutters, you will have to add a layer of insulation.

Failure to invest in this extra layer of insulation leads to excessive heat loss From the house, which hikes your energy bills. However, if you live in moderate climates where heating and air conditioning is not a huge issue, these shutters will be a great investment. When the material will give you up to a decade of service when installing and maintained properly.

Plastic shutter materials

The main benefit which comes From the use of plastic shutters is that they are cheap and easily accessible. The other benefit which comes with plastic materials is that they come with a 25-year warranty. Plastic will not be affected by the rain or other weather elements, which means that you can install it anywhere inside and outside the home. The 25-year warranty means that the material will not rot with time, deteriorate or break down.

It is crucial to note that manufacturers are still doing their best to make sure that they come up with a stable form of plastic. However, when you get a good quality plastic, the results will be perfect. If you are into keeping the environment green in your construction, shutters made From plastics may not be the ideal choice because they always end up

Laminated wood shutters

One of the reasons why wood is still the most popular materials in construction is the classic look and finish that it offers to the home. When you source the wood locally, you are assured that the quality will be amazing and that it will be durable. However, it is important to remember that wood, still is a natural construction material.

When it is exposed to elements of the weather for a long time, and especially if not properly finished, the wood starts cracking and warping. Wood also tends to soak in moisture, which leads to mould development and other forms of damage which will force you to replace your shutters earlier than you would have needed to. If you decide to go with wood shutters, it would be best to pick finishes which protect it From weather damage, as this will minimize the possibility of having to replace the shutters earlier.

Wood composite shutters

Wood composite has gained a lot of popularity as a building material because it offers the same natural look and fills that comes with wood but does not come with the high cost which is associated with using wood as a building material. There are controls which govern the use of the wood composites because of toxic materials such as glue and others.

However, these controls are not in place everywhere and when you are importing shutters made From these materials, it is crucial to bear that in mind. The best thing about the composite shutters is that they will not be difficult to install and once installed, they will serve you well before you need to replace them.

Fast grown wood shutters

Fast grown woods are another alternative that exists when it comes to the manufacture of window shutters. They are great because they can be stained and finished in a number of ways. The only problem which comes with their use is the fact that they are still wooden, and they come with the same weaknesses which are associated with wood.

However, it is still possible to get style and a lot of service From this type of wood because it is friendlier to the environment.


These are a few of the materials which are used in the making of shutters. It is important to make sure that you assess the prevailing conditions in your home and especially the climate, before choosing one type of shutter material over the other.

When choosing a material, it is important to remember that there is more to the process than just the material. For instance, aluminum may seem like the most durable of the materials in the list, however, if it is not properly installed, you will end up in a situation where the material snaps in half due to the continued push and pull on the material.

Another important consideration which you need to make when getting shutters is the maintenance processes which come recommended. It is crucial to ensure that you understand the safe materials to use for the maintenance and those that aren’t safe. It is also important to remember that even with the best maintenance, a time will come when your shutters will need to be replaced or repaired. It is, therefore, best to ask about the best remodeling, repainting and other processes to apply when trying to improve the appearance of the shutters after years of use.