Homeowners are always on the lookout for great home improvement ideas. Exterior shutters have emerged as one of the most popular ideas in the home improvement industry. These fittings serve both functional and decorative purposes. They protect your home against storms while also adding a classical touch to the exterior décor. Window shutters also improve privacy and help in the regulation of air and light entry. 

These fittings require proper care and maintenance through cleaning to serve all these functions. This guide explores the why, how and frequency of window shutters cleaning. It will help you provide the best care for this window treatment.

 How Often Should You Clean The Shutters?

It is easy to ignore exterior shutters because they open to the outside and you might not notice their condition. However, a good homeowner should pro-actively maintain every part of their investment.

Outdoor shutters play an important role in your home and for this reason, they need proper care and maintenance. Shutters protect your family and furniture, carpets, flooring and other items against harmful UV light. If they not properly cared for, they cannot effectively carry out these functions.

Cleaning and washing the shutters is an effective technique to boost their functionality. The question that arises is, how often should you clean the shutters? There is no rule on how often you should clean the shutters but here are some ideas to guide you.

1. Dusting: As Often As You Dust Your Furniture

You should durst your shutters as often as you durst your indoor furniture if you want to maintain them in the best shape. Homeowners focus on interior décor accessories but overlook the equally important shutters. It leads to deterioration due to dirt and grime buildup.

When dusting your tables and chairs, make sure you also wipe the window shutters with a soft damp cloth. This restores them and adds a touch of beauty. It also protects the panels and hardware against damage by dirt buildup.

2. Thorough Cleaning: Once a Month

Most homeowners carry out a major cleanup of their homes once a month. It is also a good time to have a look at the window shutters and clean them thoroughly. The cleaning technique you use will depend on the material and manufacturer’s instructions.

For the best effect, you can remove the shutters and clean them on the ground. This option is the best for high windows where proper shutter cleaning is risky and cumbersome. You should not use abrasive detergents on vinyl or composite shutters as this accelerates the fading, especially for black shutters.

For wooden shutters, inspect the surfaces and all the nooks to detect any mold or mildew growth. Mold eats away at the panels and you should remove and treat it before the extensive cleaning of the unit. There are specialized mold removers on the market and these will prevent further damage by mold.

If you have any doubts about how to properly clean window shutters, talk to the supplier, and ask for cleaning advice. The supplier can also recommend the best cleaners for your shutters.

3. Shutters After Care: After Thorough Cleaning

There are finishing products on the market for all shutter materials. After you have cleaned your aluminum, wooden, vinyl, composite, or any other shutters, treat them with the best finishing product. It restores their initial shine and gleam while also protecting them against further deterioration.

4. Professional Shutter Cleaning: Every Few Months/Once A Year

While regular shutter cleaning will keep them in perfect shape, it is advisable to have a professional look at the fittings every few months or once a year.

These professionals look at every component of the shutter system, repair it and clean it thoroughly. They also detect any emerging problems such as mold growth and treat the shutters against further damage. This is the best way to maintain the appearance and functionality of your window shutters.

Importance of Cleaning Your Window Shutters 

Many homeowners focus on the home interior décor when planning home improvement. After installation of outdoor shutters, they hardly receive any attention and this shows in their appearance and overall condition.

Whatever the type of shutters you have installed, manufacturers recommend regular cleaning, preferably once a week, to maintain them in the best shape. Below are some other reasons to regularly clean your window shutters:

  1. Maintain the aesthetic appeal: Cleaning shutters restores them to their former glory and this improves your home’s curb appeal. Worn-out or dirty and faded shutters diminish the beauty of your home and cleaning them regularly remedies this. Clean raised panel shutters for instance, instantly add some elegance to your home.
  2. Best first impression: If you want to create the best impression with your guests, you should focus on the window treatment. You don’t want faded or broken down panels to be the first thing visitors see when they come to your compound.
  3. Improving home value: When a home-buyer visits your property, they will look at any fittings you have added and their condition. A home appraiser also looks at such details in their valuation. Good looking shutters improve the value of your home and point to a properly maintained property.
  4. Functionality: Cleaning your window shutters regularly maintains them in perfect shape and they serve their purpose better. Washing the panels and the hardware improves the efficiency of the shutters and prevents deterioration. It guarantees their optimal performance against storms.
  5. Longer lifespan: Clean shutters last longer as there is no dirt, mold, or mildew buildup to damage the panels or the attaching hardware. You will save a lot of money which would otherwise go to repairs or replacement of the window treatment.

 Final Thoughts 

Providing regular care for your exterior window shutters helps maintain them in tiptop shape. It is the best idea to maintain the fittings in optimal condition.  Whenever you dust your furniture, make sure you also wipe the shutters. During thorough home cleaning, you should also wash the fittings. For an increased lifespan of your window shutters, you should have an expert inspect and clean them every few months or once a year. These tips will improve the performance of your window shutters and reduce the cost of repairs.