Most people overlook windows when redesigning or renovating their houses. The bathroom is one of the essential rooms in the house. It should be a haven where you can relax and enjoy a bath and forget everyday life stress.

Shutters for windows are a great addition to your bathroom window. They are less vulnerable to damp and easy to clean compared to other window coverings.

Before deciding in the right shutter for your bathroom, first, have an idea of the environment you want to create. If you have kids, your bathroom is most likely to have shower time toys. Shutters allow enough light to get in for the busy bath times.

If you share the bathroom with your partner, perhaps you want to make it a spa-like romantic space. Bathroom shutters can create an environment for everyone. Shutters are the best bathroom window dressing.

So how do you finalize the right shutters for your bathroom windows? Read along.

• Matching Shutters With Bathroom

Your house will dictate the type of shutter that would suit your bathroom well. Full height shutters with hidden rods or café style shutters are ideal for contemporary bathrooms. Solid shutters, on the other hand, are best for period homes with original features.

The choice of bathroom shutters also depends on your decoration choice. Although at this point, you may not have decided on a specific shutter style and design, it’s an excellent place to start. Having an image of what you want in mind is essential when choosing shutters.

• Shutter Style

Bathrooms are a bit different from other rooms in the house and may require a different shutter-style altogether. Privacy is one of the vital factors you should consider when choosing a shutter style.

Café style shutters, for instance, are a perfect pick. They will cover the lower part of your window and let light in through the upper part. With this style, you can easily control the amount of natural light that moves into your bathroom.

Location is also a significant determinant. You might be forced to pick a shutter that covers your entire window. Tier-on-tier shutters are the best if your home faces a taller building. You can close the shutters when necessary since the top and bottom opens independently.

Full height shutters, on the other hand, are the right choice if your bathroom or window is small. They will make it look bigger than it is. Solid shutters are not suitable for your bathroom window since they block light and prevent ventilation.

• Shutter Material

Bathroom windows are prone to humidity, thus choosing the best material is not only an aesthetic choice. Waterproof polyvinyl shutters are great- they don’t split or warp when in contact with water. They look like wooden shutters only that they are made using vinyl.

If your bathroom is well ventilated, you can install wooden shutters. However, they should not be directly exposed to water.

• How Your Shutters Will Open And Close

Deciding on how your bathroom shutters will close or open is necessary. Shutters for bathroom windows should allow adequate ventilation and maintain privacy. The best bathroom shutters open by tilting slats instead of opening the entire shutter.

You can open the shutter to let in the fresh air and let out steam when taking a bath and still maintain privacy.

• Bathroom Shutters Color

You can experiment with color in the bathroom. You spend a lot of time choosing the best shutter color for your bedroom, kitchen, or living room. The bathroom is a space you use for a few minutes, so you are unlikely to dislike the color you pick.

There are numerous stains and paints to choose from. Find out what is in the market and pick a color that matches your bathroom interior decoration. If your walls are painted white, you can match with white shutters. You can also pick another neutral color that enhances the décor in your bathroom.

The choice of color highly depends on your tastes and preferences. Yellow, blues and brown bathroom window shutters are perfect for any bathroom.

• Longevity

Like most people, you want to get value for your money. In this case, choose window shutters that will last for years and won’t go out of fashion fast. Shutters, unlike other window coverings, are hardwearing and sturdy. Both vinyl and wood shutters are durable.

A window shutter can be durable only if you pick the right material. Bathrooms are prone to moisture and water. For this reason, a waterproof window shutter would last longer. Purchase from sellers that offer extended guarantees.

• Cost

The cost of purchasing and installing bathroom shutters plays a part in deciding on the type of shutter you will use. Before you go looking, first prepare a budget you can afford and stick to it. For window shutters, you get what you pay for.

Spend as much as you can and get a high-quality product. Most high-quality bathroom window shutters are affordable but not cheap. You can also opt for customized shutters from a reliable company. Remember, cheap can be expensive in the long run.

Customized shutters are more expensive than the off the shelf versions. However, the price is worth it since they fit perfectly.

• Your Preference

In the long run, the choice of your bathroom shutter comes down to your preference. Perhaps you want a shutter-style that rhymes with your bathroom décor. Probably you want to create a particular environment. You might be a lover of bright color hence avoid dull-colored shutters.

Alternatively, black shutters might be your favorite. There is no wrong or right decision. You only have to choose a shutter that is appropriate for your window and bathroom, affordable and creates the look you are looking for.

Remember, a bathroom has to remain clean all the time. However, you wouldn’t want to spend so much time trying to clean your shutters. The choice of your bathroom shutters can mean a difference between effective, quick cleaning and time –consuming cleaning with poor outcomes.


Shutters can amazingly transform your bathroom. Seek professional advice if you’re unable to make a good decision.