When you have shutters at home, you can perform several types of maintenance on them. You need to ensure they are regularly clean; that's the only way you can keep off the dust from cramming up. If you are going to clean the shutters, you need to ensure you do it right.

You can use several ideas to ensure your shutters are well maintained and cleaned. You can also use several steps and tips that you'll find below to help you clean the wooden shutters you have. When cleaning, wooden shutters aren't the same as others, and you need to be watchful not to destroy them.

Remove All Debris from the Shutters

When you are cleaning, like you do with almost every other area, you need to dust the whole area. Once you have dusted the site, it is easy to move on with other parts of the cleaning process. When cleaning your wooden shutters, you need to start the same way.

Here, you want to start by dusting off all the debris and dusting off the shutters. You can do this with several items like a brush or a vacuum cleaner. You can also use a piece of cloth and beat around the shutters as you remove all the dust and debris from it.

A soft vacuum brush is an ideal tool you want to use in this case as it will suck up every piece of debris and dust from the shutters. The next steps will be much easier once you do away with this one. Regardless of how you'll go after, this needs to be the first step whenever you look to clean your exterior house shutters for windows.

Use a Dry Cloth to Wipe

The next step is to wipe off the shutters with a piece of cloth, or you can also use a pair of old socks. Remember, you are only dry-wiping the shutters in this scenario, so ensure the cloth is dry. If you are going to use the old socks, insert your hand in one so that you can easily reach every angle of the shutter.

With exterior wooden shutters material, you want to wipe them clean with a dry cloth before handling them with any water. This will give you enough time to take care of the remaining dust and debris from the vacuum. When you were vacuuming the shutters, the areas between the spaces may not be spotless

You now need to place significant attention on these areas and give them as much attention as possible. The dirt between the spaces may need that extra buffer, and you need to ensure you give it just that. At this point, it is only the finishing touches that remain; you may even stop here if they are spotless.

Look carefully at every angle of the shutter at this point before deciding on if you are to go forward or not. If you feel the wooden shutters still need some TLC, you can go on to the next step, where you'll use water.

Wipe the Shutters with Water

Depending on what type of dirt you have on your shutters, you can then decide to use water or not. At this stage, you also need to decide if you'll use water alone or you'll use other chemicals to clean the shutters. You want to avoid cleaning chemicals as much as possible when cleaning wooden shutters unless you need to.

You now use the chemicals when you have grease stains on your shutters or any other stick-on. Before using any of them, you need to ensure they can't harm your shutters. You need to ensure that you buy the best products for your shutters to avoid destroying the shutters while you clean them.

You can use the same process to clean the shutters with water as you did with the dry wipe. When you use other products, you need to ensure you have mixed them up in the right portions. Failure to use the right products properly may cause the wooden shutters to bend or warp.

Pay as much attention to the sticky parts as you can while cleaning the shutters. Ensure that the grease and dirt and wiped out completely before moving on to the next step.

Dry the Shutters

After you have wiped the wooden shutters with water, the next step is to dry them. If you leave the shutters with stains of water or entirely fail to dry them, it may damage the shutters. If there are specs of water, they'll dry up and, in some cases, mix up with dust and dirty the shutter again.

When drying the exterior house shutters for windows, you won't use the same process as before. You now need to pay close attention to where water may be retained on the shutters. Generally, your task will be to clean off any water on the shutters after the wet wipe.

When you dry off the water, you'll be reducing the chances of dust from getting stuck in the areas where the water will remain. Even water spotting needs to be dried out if you maintain the shutters well. At this stage, you also need to open the windows for fresh air to blow dry the shutter if it's a sunny day.

Perform Simple Maintenance

After you have cleaned up your shutters, you now need to perform some simple maintenance work on them. You could opt to repaint the shutters if the paint was wearing off. You can also replace some of the shutters' old features and find some newer, better versions.

This is also the point where you may examine the shutters and determine if they need repairs. With the clean-up and maintenance, you can now sit down, relax and enjoy the full use of your shutters.


When you have shutters, there are several things you need to do right to keep them in shape. When it comes to cleaning, these are some of the steps that you can easily take to ensure your wooden shutters are clean and well-maintained.