Bahama shutters also known as Bermuda shutters are among the most popular window furnishings in home construction. They have a distinct tropical feel to their look owing to their origins in the south. Today, you will find these shutters far from their place tropical origins due to their versatile nature and aesthetic appeal. .

These shutters add aesthetic appeal to a property while also offering storm protection, improving privacy and allowing shade control and light regulation. They come in a wide range of colors to suit varying décor needs. If you plan to treat your windows with these beautiful Bermuda shutters, it is important to learn more about them and more importantly, how to install them.

This article delves into Bahama shutters and offers tips on DIY installation. Read on.

Bahama shutters in Brief

If you walk in most neighborhoods around coastal areas, you will come across a distinct shutter style in every home. It is a wooden exterior shutter style hanging nicely from the window top at a 45-degree angle. The one-piece panel hangs from the top of the window unlike most shutter styles mounted from the side. These shutters have hinges at the top making them easy to close in case of an approaching storm. This design also makes them ideal for temperature and light regulation inside the house. They also provide privacy in the tropics where homeowners leave windows open to allow in the breeze.

The materials used in Bahama/Bermuda shutters have evolved over the years and you will find aluminum, vinyl, MDF in addition to wood shutters on the market. They are easy to customize and install making them a popular choice for homeowners after adding a dash of style to their properties. These shutters are a great addition to every home due to their multiple functions.

DIY Bahama Shutters Installation

Now that you understand more about these shutters, it is time to learn how you can safely install them. You don’t need any specialized skills and the following steps will help you to get it right:.

1.Get the Prerequisite Authorization

In most cities, you need to get a local building code to begin construction or alter the layout of your home; this is meant to protect you and others in the area. The authorization you need is available from the local department of codes and permits..

In the building code, you will learn the type of shutters appropriate for the area. This information is crucial if you want to install shutters to protect your property against storms. By studying the building code, you will find the standards allowed and when you order materials from your supplier, you will have the confidence to install them..

2. Consider the Styling Options

Once you understand what the law says about shutter installation in your area, you need to consider the styling options available for the bahama shutters. This will depend on your preferred home décor, size and shape of your windows among other things. You should have an idea of what you want before making an order to guarantee the shutter materials that arrive at your home are the ones you need for the DIY project.

3. Take Measurements

This is the most crucial steps when preparing your DIY shutter installation. If you get the measurements right, you will have an easy time assembling the shutter frame and panels. Wrong measurements will lead to a frustrating project, wastage of materials and costly reorders.

You have to use a professional tape measure to get the measurements right. It is advisable to add a few inches to the measurements to avoid any surprises. Make sure you include the depth of the walls if you want an inside mount for the outdoor shutters.

Make sure you have a pencil and paper to take down all the measurements. You should make clear notes and descriptions to avoid confusions when placing your order. Your shutter supplier will depend on these measurements when preparing the materials and hardware you need for the project.

4. Assemble The Shutter Frame

Shutter system arrives in parts and you have to assemble these before installation. Find a flat surface to carry out the installation. Make sure every part of the frame goes into the corresponding section and ensure the joints are firm. You can use a mallet to hit the corners gently to tighten the joints. If you use glue for any connections, a clamp will come in handy to hold the sections in place as the glue dries.

5. Mark the Holes and Drill them

After assembling the shutter frame, it is time to mark the holes and drill them before hanging the frame. This saves you a lot of trouble and makes the installation process faster and less cumbersome. You need a professional drill for this. Make sure you measure the exact spot where the screws will go on and ensure this corresponds with the marking on the frame.

6. Lift The Shutters And Position Them In Place

You might need another pair of hands to get the shutter frame up and hang it in position from the top. The shutter frame should hold without the screws or bolts and you should install the other hardware after confirming aligning everything properly.

7. Install The Shutter Panels

Place the panels of the window shutters onto the frame and use the appropriate hardware to fix tem tightly. Test the hinges and ensure the shutters move freely without sticking. In case of any gaps between the frame and the wall, use a caulking solution to fix the problem.

To install Bahama shutters without any problems, follow the manufacturer’s instructions keenly and only use the suggested tools. Make sure the measurements are perfect to avoid misaligned sections of the shutter. It is advisable to get an extra pair of hands when taking measurements and installing the shutter frame and panels.

If you want the best outcome with your window shutter installation, you should also consider calling in a professional contractor. These experts have the prerequisite skills and tools to get the job done faster and safely.