Whether it is a home, office, or store, there are several ways in which you can make any indoor space appear bigger than it actually is (without burning a hole in the pocket). Here are a few tips and tricks that you can try out.

Place Your Curtain Rods Strategically

According to interior design and décor experts, a great way to trick the mind or create an illusion of space and width is by overhanging the curtain rods about 15 inches or so off the window ledge.

Hang Window Shades Right Under the Rods

In terms of height, you can experiment with your windows by hanging the shades right under the curtain rods. What this does is that it creates an excellent effect and makes your windows look taller than they actually are.

Use Extended Draperies

Use tall and wide draperies around your windows – ones that go from your ceiling to the floor (and from wall to wall). This will trick the human mind into thinking that the windows are larger.

Declutter Your Space

Embracing minimalism is the latest trend and we absolutely love it. Decluttering a room will automatically add a lot of space and make it appear bigger.

Use Colors, Textures, and Layers

Creating depth comes down to making smart use of low-rise furniture, neutral tones (white, grey, and pale blue), textures, and fabrics to fashion layers (like you do with your winter clothing). 

Mount an Oversized Mirror in the Room

Mirrors have the innate ability to trick the human eye and make a space feel larger, lighter, and airy. You could consider installing an oversized mirror to create a focal point in the room.

Use Exterior Window Shutters

It is a good idea to keep your doors and windows open during the day in order to maximize the natural light that your rooms get. Installing high-quality decorative window shutters is another modern and convenient way to achieve stunning effects (both on the inside and outside of a room) without considering an entire redesign or makeover.

When it comes to making a room look as spacious as realistically possible, shutters are perhaps the best solution (in addition to the hacks mentioned above). Unlike your curtains and blinds (which demand a substantial amount of space inside the room), exterior window shutters sit flush on your window, creating effective blank space around your window frame area. And since you are left with more wall and floor space left open, your room automatically starts to appear larger.

The best thing about window shutters from this perspective is that they are fitted externally, so they do not take up any space inside your room.

Window shutters also allow you to ensure that ample natural light seeps into the room. If you opt for light shades or neutral tones (or a shade that matches the color of your walls), it will help blend the shades together and create a seamless monochromatic effect through natural light, expanding the space and making the room look light and airy.

Bahama-style window shutters give your home a lovely, tropical look on the outside while offering a variety of features (including storm protection, privacy, and shade and light control). You can use these affordable shutters (typically made from wood, aluminum, or composite materials) to maximize the natural light in your home. 

There are various types and styles of shutters that you can experiment with or choose from, depending on your existing wall colors, window style, or personal preferences. Here’s looking at some of the most versatile types of window shutters that you can buy from Decorative Shutters:

1. Vinyl Exterior Window Shutters

What makes vinyl shutters so popular is the fact that they offer great quality and durability while being extremely low-maintenance. Blending form and function, vinyl shutters can really add a splendid dash of style to your home exteriors. Here are some of the most sought-after types of vinyl shutters: 

vinyl exterior shutters

  • Louvered Vinyl Shutters
  • Combination Louver/Raised Panel
  • Open Board & Batten Vinyl Shutters
  • Raised Panel Vinyl Shutters
  • Joined Board & Batten Vinyl Shutters
  • Country Style Panels Vinyl Shutters
  • Shaker Style Vinyl Shutters

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2. Exterior Wooden Shutters

For those who love the classic wooden aesthetic, our exterior wooden shutters are a sturdy and stylish choice. Rustic and masculine, our wooden shutters are made from the highest grade of Western Red Cedar and Cypress wood. At Decorative Shutters, we offer the following types of exterior wooden shutters for your windows:

exterior wooden shutters

  • Open Louver
  • Closed Louver
  • Shaker Style
  • Closed Board & Batten
  • Open Board & Batten
  • Raised Panel
  • Bahama
  • Flat Panel

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3. Aluminum Window Shutters

Our customers love aluminum window shutters because they not only serve as a gorgeous addition to your home décor but also double up as an additional layer of security and privacy. Versatile and durable, aluminum shutters offer a host of benefits. Perhaps the best thing about aluminum window shutters is that they enable you to control how much natural light you want to let into your home. This means you can make any indoor space feel larger than it is using these shutters. Available in a smooth powder-coated finish or textured finish, some popular styles under this category of exterior window shutters include:

aluminum bahama shutters

  • Bahama Style
  • Louver Style
  • Board & Batten
  • Classical Style

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4. Composite Exterior Window Shutters

Built using solid core composite materials and painted with an automotive-grade finish, the robust and rugged nature of composite shutters makes them more durable than wooden options. When primed and painted, these shutters can last for over 10 years, so you don’t have to worry about redesigning or redecorating your home for at least a decade!

composite bahama shutters

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Convinced about installing exterior window shutters? Let’s get down to business then! At Decorative Shutters, we deliver readymade or customized window shutters that fit your home makeover needs and budget. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of products at competitive prices – straight from the factory to your home!

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