Is your house ready for the bombardment of a weather storm that comes every year? Bad weather causes huge property damage every season. While the most well-built houses are unable to stand up to the strong winds of storms. When it comes to storms, the highest risk factors are floods, wind, and rain. The most susceptible spots of your house are the windows and roof. So protecting your house and looking after the safety of your family members should be your priority during the storm season. 

There are various options available to protect your house which will help to limit the damage that can occur when a storm strikes. You don’t have to make last-minute changes to your house in an oncoming storm. Plan early and give yourself adequate time to prepare your house. One of the best methods to protect your property from heavy storms is to outfit your window coverings with exterior window shutters. 

Below we will be discussing the different types of exterior window shutters which will help to guard your windows against strong winds, flying debris, rain, hail, and other forces associated with heavy storms. Let's dive in!

1. Roll down storm shutters

Roll-down shutters are made up of metal or polycarbonate. They are attached above the window of your house and can be easily hidden into a box when not in use. You can lower them by hand or they have an automatic push-button also. They are the perfect type of shutters to protect your house from flying debris and the dangers of heavy storms. They withstand winds up to 100mph. 


  • One of the best options to safeguard your house against the stormy weather
  • Can be easily installed by one person
  • Also, act as a protective barrier against robbing
  • You don’t have to worry about its storage as they are permanently attached to the window


  • They are expensive 
  • For automatic roll-down shutters, you must require a battery backup

2. Bahama shutters

Bahama shutters are one-piece shutters that are mounted on the exterior of your windows. As it has louvered attached which has horizontal slats to protect the house against heavy rain. As they are hinged on the top of your windows so you can easily pull them over when the storm approaches. They are usually made up of sturdy aluminum but can also be composed of wood and fiberglass. 


  • One of the best benefits of Bahama shutters is their beauty and visual appeal. They add a curb appeal to your home and increase the value of your home if reselling
  • Provide adequate privacy and shade when open
  • They are cheaper than other options


  • Cannot be used to protect doors
  • May sometimes block out too much sunlight

3. Storm panel shutters

Storm panel shutters are perfect for harsh stormy seasons. They are available in different types of materials like steel, polycarbonate, and aluminum. Although they provide great protection to your house and also ensure that your home keeps its architectural qualities as well. 


  • They are cost-efficient 
  • Easily removable 
  • They are very strong and give excellent protection for both doors and windows 


  • They require external storage 
  • Hard to install and require more than one person to install them
  • The edges are sharp and make them dangerous to handle

4. Plywood shutters

They are cost-effective and are your best bet against stormy weather. Most of the plywood shutters do not meet the requirements of the building so you have to cut them according to the shape of your window with screws and nails to be effective. Also, you need to drill unsightly holes into your house. They are not suitable for second-story windows because of their heavyweight. 


  • Easy installation 
  • A cheapest and most convenient option


  • Difficult to get the exact size 
  • Require external storage when not in use. It is advised to store them in a cool and dry place. To avoid termite damage avoid keeping them off the ground.

Things to consider when buying the best storm shutters for your house

When choosing the best storm shutter for your house, consider some important factors like material, weight, and maintenance.

  • Material: Shutters should withstand the power of projectiles directed against them by stormy force winds. The strongest shutters blinds made up of heavy gauge aluminum can easily deflect the flying debris moving up to 150 miles per hour. High-strength fabric, polycarbonate plastic, and plywood material can create effective barriers.
  • Lightweight: The weight of the shutters can be an issue unless you have professionally installed shutters in your house. The plywood sheets of 3/4 inch and corrugated sheets are quite heavy where two people are required for installation. The Bahama shutters, fabric shutters, and smaller panels are easy to install so are great options.
  • Maintenance: The cleaning and maintenance of shutters depend on their type. The roll-down and exterior wooden shutters can be frequently cleaned. While many people wash Bahama and colonial-style shutters once a year.

Pro tip: Whatever precautionary storm shutter improvement you choose, always ensure to give yourself proper time to install it. 


So preparing your house from bad storms can be an intimidating task especially when you have so many options available. It is never too late to protect your house and your family members from natural disasters. 

We hope you will find our ideas useful! We strongly advise you to take the necessary measures to prevent your house from natural disasters. We have the expertise of providing the highest quality of products and installation of exterior wooden shutters, exterior window shutters, and door shutters. Throughout the years we have gained an esteemed experience and awareness about the importance of working with decency, reliability, and authenticity. 

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