Window shutters look stunning and enhance any home decor. This is some of the best investments that you can make for your home. It not only protects and secures your windows but can add grace and beauty to your home as well.

Window shutters made out of aluminum are trendy these days. So if you have chosen aluminum shutters for your home, you have made an excellent choice. They continue to be the preferred choice across the country in homes and businesses for their outstanding benefits. Not only are they a great security feature to include in your home, but their neat appearance and versatility also make them an obvious choice for various people.

To keep your aluminum shutters looking as fresh and clean as the day you first installed them take a bit of light maintenance. Unfortunately, many people struggle to find the best and most effective way of cleaning their window shutters, i.e., the method that will give them the best return without applying maximum efforts.

No need to worry, your least favorite household chore doesn’t have to be such a chore though, with the help of these handy tips.

Clean regularly so that dust doesn’t pile up

Although it is not required frequently, cleaning the aluminum shutters will make them last longer. While cleaning, you can make use of a vacuum. This will make sure that no dust is left behind.

Sometimes the dust debris can prevent the window shutters from shutting down smoothly. Hence, you should monitor this factor and ensure to clean it while you can.

To keep shutters bright, you can use a damp cloth

Once a week, Interior window shutters can be wiped with a damped cloth to get rid of dirt buildup, especially in the hinges and around the bracket corners. For stubborn dirt or dust, use a paintbrush or toothbrush in the hinges and brackets. With the help of toothbrush, you can reach even the small areas of surfaces, and hence you can clean them easily.

Once in a month, Exterior shutters can be wiped with a damp cloth depending upon your area's weather. If you wipe off with a wet cloth regularly this eliminates the need to deep clean them all the time.

Clean more often if there is high pollution

In the areas of low pollution, then aluminum shutters do not require much attention. Even with less frequent cleaning, shutters appear like new for a long time as there is not much dust around where it can demolish the shutter's functionality.

But if you live in an area with excess pollution, dust, and dirt, it’s good practice to clean them frequently.

For powder coated shutters, use natural cleaning agent

Powder coating your shutters is a great way to make sure shutters are free of dirt and other dust deposits. This layer gives you the convenience of cleaning your shutters whenever you have time.

However, when you get to clean them, it is best to use a natural agent to decay or remove the coating. The coating of shutters enables the dirt to be wiped off thoroughly with water.

Regularly check the brackets and hinges

The brackets and hinges on which the aluminum shutter is suspended form an essential part of the shutter itself, making it imperative to check them regularly. Hence, they should be checked time to time in order to see if there are any signs of damage to them.

It is essential to check if the brackets and hinges are adequately lubricated at least once a year so that the shutter doesn’t get stuck while opening or closing.

Avoid the use of strong soap and other chemicals

Avoid using soap and other chemical agents unless it is essential when you are cleaning the shutter. The soap water can cause discoloration and can damage the shutters.

Moreover, the soapy water or other cleaning agents can also react with the protecting layer, thus playing a pivotal role in removing the protecting layer. Hence you must avoid using soap water while cleaning those shutters.

Avoid moving louvers with excess force

A little kindness when operating shutters goes a long way in sustaining them. To adjust the screw at the higher end of the shutter panel you can use a screwdriver if shutters are too stuff to operate or too loose to hold the louvers in position. With the proper attention, it is very easy to operate your shutters without using excessive force.


To make window shutters good as new, repaint. Many people make the mistake of repainting the shutters without checking for dirt and dust. This creates an unappealing uneven layer of paint on it. So our advice is to wipe or dust the surface first. Then paint a coat and, if necessary, go for a second layer of paint.

Repair/service whenever needed

Generally, shutters are very durable and can last up to a decade if used correctly. However, it is always advisable to contact the service provider once a problem occurs. A seemingly small fault can worsen over time. So it’s better to repair them or service whenever needed.

Simple as that

Window shutters shouldn’t need too much maintenance or cleaning. In fact, it’s one of the most significant benefits of aluminum shutters that they are so quick and easy to clean. Most of the time, a quick wipe down is sufficient to keep your shutters in a tip-top condition.


Hence, keeping your aluminum shutters looking near new doesn’t require a lot of effort - just regular consistency in removing dust, and an occasional deeper clean. And all up, you will find the results are well worth it!

We hope our tips on maintaining shutters will keep your shutters looking as fabulous as new and working as smoothly, too!