Exterior window shutters are among the most popular home improvement ideas. Many homeowners seeking innovative window treatment go for exterior shutters for many reasons. If you want to protect your home against storms, window shutters come in handy. These appliances also boost your home’s curb appeal.

Importance of Outdoor Shutters

Outdoor shutters also play other roles including natural air and light control. This window treatment saves you money by boosting energy efficiency in your living space. Shutters also enhance privacy and also add to your home’s value.

You can also choose from a wide variety of shutter systems including Bahama shutters, raised panel shutters, board and batten shutters and louvered shutters, among others. By fusing utility and aesthetics, window shutters can transform your ordinary looking home into the jewel of the neighborhood.

Exterior Shutters’ Maintenance

However, your exterior shutters can only serve their function if they are properly maintained. These fittings face exposure to weather elements throughout the year.

Whether you have aluminum, wooden shutters, MDF shutters, vinyl or composite shutters, you need to learn how you can properly maintain them to increase their lifespan.

Proper maintenance also reduces damage to the panels and hardware thus averting the cost of repairs or replacement. Properly maintained shutters also boost your home’s aesthetic outlook.

Here are some practical tips for maintaining exterior shutters and extending their lifespan:

1. Regular Shutter Inspection

While shutters play an important role in a home, they don’t receive much attention. Many homeowners hardly check the state of exterior shutters until something goes wrong. If they can open and close, the homeowner assumes they are fine, but this is not always the case.

If you want to maintain your window shutters in perfect shape, you have to take proactive care steps. The first of these is to regularly check the state of the window shutters to identify problems early.

If you suspect any problem with the panels, opening system or shutter hardware, you should call a window contractor for assistance. It is important to consider the warranty guidelines on such repairs to ensure you don’t void the contract.

2. Stain Removal

Due to exposure to the elements, shutters will get stains over time. Before you think of dusting or cleaning the shutters, you should inspect them and identify any staining. Stain removal on the panels, edges or slats will make the dusting or cleaning easier. Use a soft cloth and wood cleaner for stubborn stains.

3. Regular Shutter Dusting

When cleaning your house, you always take time to dust the furniture and other home fittings. This should extend to your outdoor shutters. These window fittings face exposure to the element and they collect a lot of dirt over time.

If you don’t dust them regularly, the dirt and grime will affect their appearance. Worse still, dirt buildup can also affect the structure of materials such as vinyl and you will have to restore the panels through repainting or replacement.

4. Vacuuming

If you want to restore your house shutters into their former glory, vacuuming is a great idea. This is a quick and yet effective method to maintain wood shutters in perfect shape.

Vacuuming sucks away the difficult dirt particles hidden in nooks on the wood slats or the edges. This step should come after you have dusted or removed stains on the wooden slats. All foreign materials on the slats and the hardware will clear leaving your shutters looking new.

5. Thorough Shutter Cleaning

Every once in a few months, you should carry out deep cleaning of your house and this will include the shutters. While dusting and vacuuming will leave the shutters looking great, thorough cleaning guarantees these fittings don’t fail any time soon.

You should use a recommended cleaner or a no-abrasive detergent with a soft cloth. To make the work easier and for increased efficiency, it is advisable to remove the shutter unit and cleaning them on the ground. This way you can reach all nooks, edges and surfaces. You will also clean the hardware and check for any damage.

After cleaning the unit, you can use a pressure washer or garden hose to rinse it thoroughly. Don’t allow the soap mixture to dry on the surface before rinsing. This might leave ugly marks which will require further cleaning.

For wood shutters, it is not advisable to use a lot of water as this can affect the treatment or finishing. Worse still, you might affect the wood panels or slats leading to warping or cracks. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid damage to the shutters.

6. Finish the Shutters

After cleaning and letting the shutters dry, you should consider finishing the units for the best effect. All shutter systems can do with finishing including wood, vinyl, composite and aluminum shutters.

Such kind of finishing includes painting, polishing or other such treatment recommended by the manufacturing company. This treatment not only boosts the aesthetics of the window shutters but also adds life to the unit. The best finish enhances the shutter’s weather resistance while also improving its appearance.

7. Use The Service Warranty

If your shutters have a service warranty, you should use it while it lasts to maintain the units. Some shutter sellers have preferred contractors to care for their products and you should contact such professionals whenever a problem arises. It is a cheaper and more effective way to maintain your window shutters and increase their lifespan.

8. Always Use High-Quality Parts And Accessories

In case of any damage to your Bahama shutters, don’t compromise on quality. You should only go for the best-recommended shutter parts from premium brands. Using cheaper parts will affect the performance of the entire shutter system leading to failure.

Wrapping Up

If you plan to install shutters or you already have them on your windows, it is important to learn how to maintain these fittings in tiptop shape. Outdoor shutters are essential to protect your home while also improving curb appeal. However, they can only play their role effectively if you maintain them in the best condition. Through these steps, you can now maintain your window shutters in perfect shape thus reducing repair costs while also increasing their lifespan.