Exterior shutters are an awesome investment to the homeowner. First is the fact that they give your home a classic look which is not matched by any other building material. When installed properly, shutters also have an unmatched ability to block light, noise and light from the outside, especially when it is unwanted. However, it is important to note that not all the house shutters are made equal and that there are some shutter materials which will give you better service than others.

Check out here common mistakes which you should avoid when choosing window shutters:

Picking cheap and low-quality shutters

The first huge mistake which people make when selecting their shutters is paying too much attention to the cost and forgetting to think about the quality. When buying shutters, and anything else for that matter, you always get what you paid for. If you want a  durable and attractive shutter which will serve you for years, you also have to be willing to set aside a good amount of money for the same.

If you go for cheap plastic shutters, you will not use them for a long time before they start cracking and falling apart. On the other hand, if you get custom made aluminum shutters or high-quality wood shutters, you will get durability and ease of maintenance.

Buying from the wrong suppliers

There are building and construction material suppliers who have a reputation for supplying nothing but the best materials in construction. On the other hand, there are those who are more interested in making the few extra bucks, than they are interested in getting their customers superior quality materials for their homes.

It is important to perform your due diligence and find out if a company has established a name for their quality before ordering shutters from them. Ask people who have installed quality shutters to refer you to their supplier. You can also check what their testimonials have to say and find out if the company meets these requirements:

  • Skilled workmanship
  • Great customer service
  • Timely delivery
  • Return policy and guarantee

All these are qualities which come together to help ease your construction or remodeling process, especially when the project has cost you a lot of money.

Not looking at all available options

There are hundreds of materials, finishes and other customization options available when it comes to exterior shutters creation and installation. It is understandable that some of the buyers end up feeling overwhelmed and end up picking the first material that they come across.

However, when thinking about house shutters, you have to understand that the material will determine whether the window shutters will keep heat from the sun out of your home and whether the home will be protected from excess heat in the summer.

When the right shutter material is installed, the home achieves energy efficiency, and you will not have to pay huge amounts of money in electric bills. Take time and assess all the materials which are available to you before picking one, and make sure it is customized in a way which maximizes efficiency for your home.

Poor shutter installation

There are also a number of homeowners who believe that the most important part of the house shutters installation is choosing the right shutters. They will take all their time and spend a fortune picking the perfect shutters and have them customized to perfection, but they make the mistake of neglecting the installation process and the amount of care which should go into it. The result is almost always the same as picking the wrong shutters. Poor installation causes more than half of all your shutter problems.

It is therefore recommended that as you pick the shutter material and design, you put a lot of thought into the person who will make the installation for you. The mistakes which the installer should avoid include:

  • Fastening the shutters too tight: when the shutters are fastened too tight, you do not get enough space for their expansion and contraction. As a result, the shutters end up cracking when they need to expand and contract as the weather changes.
  • Failure to clean: Shutters need to be cleaned properly so that they can take the paint well. The person doing the installation should opt for a TSP-based cleaner to ensure the surface is ready for priming and painting.
  • Using the wrong paint: This is the main mistake which people make when handling their window shutters. The problem with using the wrong paint is that it adheres wrongly onto the window, and ends up peeling off long before it should. You should ask for the perfect paint depending on the material of the shutters.
  • Letting in moisture: when the walls are made of stucco, the shutter fasteners go all the way through the wall. The resulting small holes form the perfect entry point for moisture into the home. The installer should pre-drill the hole before installing the fasteners, and when they are finished with the drilling, use silicone to seal any gaping hole which remains.
  • Wrong shutter size and misalignment: when you pick the wrong size of shutters, they will both be too small, and leave space for moisture and other weather elements to access the home, or be too tight and get trapped in a closed or open position.

These are all simple problems and mistakes which can be avoided by simply following the right selection and installation procedures for all your window shutters. It is best to consult with experts in home remodeling before making any purchase or installation. Another mistake which people make when installing shutters include failing to use the right support for the shutters, that usually ends up in loose shutters that can be a safety hazard in the home.

Finally, regardless of the quality of the shutters and the installation, you will have to follow up on the maintenance if you want the shutters to serve you for a long time without failing.