The development of shutters in ancient Greece still plays a significant role in the modern world. If you are planning to replace or install outdoor shutters, you should consider the modern ones for the delightful experience of your home.

Initially, shutters were mostly made of marble with a later replacement by wooden shutters, especially after their design and form improved. The production of modern shutters has come with a variety of finishes, designs, colors, and materials.

Consequently, the versatility and flexibility have influenced the decorative roles of shutters. You should install the following modern shutters and realize different ways in which they will make your house look delightful.


The paneled shutters resemble cabinets with a single or raised panel. The stylish but straightforward shutters work well in a variety of home styles, including ranches, colonial, Victorian, and federal ones. Similarly, they are easy to handle and serve as an addition to home architecture.

Due to the influence of colonial designs, the shutters have a traditional and warm feeling. The mounting of frames on small windows offers a distinguished look which eventually adds the impression of your home From the outside.

As a result, your house creates an impact that positively affects the resale value contributed by the curb appeal. The paneled shutters are available in different colors, sizes, and finishes. You can still choose Cedar shutters if you still prefer wooden exterior shutters.


They are made through fine craftsmanship to be used in new construction or renovation projects. The established designs of these shutters enhance the detail of wooden shutters turning an ordinary house into an ideal dwelling place.

There are multiple styles of these shutters to project an elegant look to your home. Notably, the installation of these shutters involves hand construction, fastening of corrosion-resistant, and screw-type assembly. Ensure you select primed shutters if you plan to paint them.

However, these shutters are still available in stain-grade and unfinished conditions. If you are worried about the different measurements of your window, relax for the shutters are customized according to your specifications. Install Louvered shutters with a tilt rod for easy use and maintenance.

Board and Batten

This type of wooden exterior shutter comes From renowned trees that produce the best quality of wood. They are then treated to make them durable and attractive. They are also structures to fit different shapes and sizes of windows.

If you decide to install your style of these shutters, you only need to communicate the requirements to your vendor. Similarly, the make of the shutters should be according to your exact specifications. This aspect casts out any doubt that you may have about your small or more significant windows of any shape.

Board and Batten shutters act as a decoration, especially for rusty dwellings, and require little or no effort in maintenance and repair. You can use the readily available tools to replace or repair lost or broken parts.

Bahama Shutters

You should attach these outdoor shutters at an angle above the window contrary to the traditional ones that go beside the window. They offer a perfect view of your neighborhood as it protects you From direct sunlight.

Therefore, you should ensure that you correctly angle them for the best experience. Not only do the Bahama shutters offer tranquillity, but they also protect you From external debris. You achieve the added benefit by removing the prop arms to close or lock them.

You should match the color of these shutters with that of your house for a delightful and stylish look. They also provide an architectural look when opened with a slanting appearance that complements the overall facade.

Considerations When Choosing Modern Shutters:


Ensure that your budget estimate is within the required expenses for installing your preferred type of outdoor shutters. Whether you are seeking help From a professional or it is a do-it-yourself project, your budget should support it From the beginning to the end.

Additionally, you can determine such an estimate by the materials you choose, shape, size, and number of windows to be covered. The inability to afford your preferred modern shutters does not mean that you sacrifice the delighted look of your home. You can explore different types of shutters that would offer a similar appearance to your home.


While it would be hard to substitute certain types of outdoor shutters, you need to consider the main reason why you need them. Such aspects are determined by the climate of your region that allows you to choose From a variety of shutters. You should install panel shutters if you regularly experience heavy winds, snow, and ice that could damage wooden exterior shutters.


There are different materials that you can use to brighten your home's exterior and add character, value, and unique qualities. You can choose From the more expensive cedar or wooden shutters to the cost-effective vinyl.

The versatility of the wood makes it most popular as it can be sealed, cut, and stained in different ways. Use lamination in areas where the climate is characterized by regular rainfall while vinyl handles the intense heat of the sun.


You should ensure that you provide the exact measurements of your windows for the shutters to match during installation. You should exclude the trim while considering the spaces between windows for insulation.

For your house to look delightful, it must have the shutters fitted appropriately and with colors that blend in. Wooden exterior shutters are easy to repair or restructure if they do not fit.

Your Home's Architectural Style

If you wish to create an exterior façade that captivates and fascinates the imagination, you should install shutters that match your home's style and shape. When folded in half, wooden shutters look impressive, especially From the perforated pattern that they form.

Final Thoughts

Modern shutters have become more customized, durable, and appealing than ever. Therefore, you should acquire shutters and related accessories that are designed to meet your needs as a modern homeowner. Besides, they should be easy to order, assemble and install.