For centuries people have been using outdoor shutters in houses, shops and gardens. It transforms the usual design and looks amazing.

The shutters were originally used in the windows in front of the glass to protect the interior from atmospheric agents and parasites. But from the 19th century onwards, people decided to use them not only for protection but also for decoration. Since then, shutters have come a long way and are now available in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes. That is why shutters are the most traditional way to embrace any window.

Outdoor shutters are among the most classic window coverings, are easy to operate, envelop the space and add to the value of the property at the time of purchase and sale.

One cannot resist themselves from getting a window shutter in their plain home after checking out numerous options of material, design, shapes and sizes in exterior shutters. Not only it has choices but can also add up with interior designing and decorations. Some of the most common types of shutter people love these days are Bahama shutters, shutters with cutouts and composite shutters.

Shutters can be used for both protective as well as decorative purposes. The reasons why people are loving these outdoor shutters are.

1. Avail privacy

No need to compromise with your privacy or personal lifestyle with an exterior window shutter.

If you are living in skyscrapers or close to the streets, you may always find some unusual peeps and gazes of random people. To stop that and lead a private life, go and get an outdoor shutter installed in your window. This will make you comfortable since no one can see what's happening inside.

Gone are the days when people used to keep their doors and windows shut in order to attain privacy. By installing shutters, you can continue to let in as much light as you want without having to compromise on privacy, because no one can look in from the outside.

2. Block extra light

An ample amount of light is good for health. But too much light harms the mood, health and interior of the house.

If your window is in the exposed position where it gets direct contact with the sunlight, it may cause too much light in the room.

Many shutters are finished with a UV-protective layer which protects your house from extra lighting.

Even offices install window shutters to make their employees work in mild and cool light as too much light can fluctuate the focus on work.

3. Gives security

Restaurants and cafés prefer a full length fixed shutters for security purposes. Security is nothing but an assurance that no one can harm anything from outside or inside.

Fixed shutters are hard to get in for the thieves hence, they serve the purpose of safety.

Many warehouses use a 100% waterproof shutters to keep their raw materials fresh and moisture free. It also serves as a doorway which keeps the air away, since many goods get rotten in warm temperature.

They provide a cost-effective solution to prevent theft and provide security for the security-conscious owner. This has always been the main reason for the popularity of blinds.

4. Looks aesthetic

Who said look doesn't matter? It certainly does. A plain shutter in your window can change the entire look of your house or shop. Shutters come in many decorative styles and designs. These shutters are easy to install and look great closeup and from further away.

One can also order their own customized shutters according to their preference. If you want to match the colors and patterns of your room wall, give direction to the shutter makers to design a shutter that can beautifully go with your walls.

Literally, nothing can bring more value and feel to your home than updating an outdoor shutter.

5. Works like a ventilator

As we all know how important it is to breath fresh air and get some kind of exposure while sitting inside a home. When we say shutters are multipurpose, we mean it can also work like a ventilator and provide ventilation.

People living in small flats or apartments feel choked several times a day, doctors strictly advice to get some fresh air. For that window shutters come in pictures by working like an adjustable ventilator. But at the same time, if one is living in a spacious house, they also need to let some air come into their house. Having too large rooms also leads to respiratory problems and suffocation.

6. Protects from harsh weather

Be it a thunderstorm, heavy rain, blizzard or hailstorm, a good quality shutter protects you from each of these wild and wacky weather conditions.

At the same time, its adjustable slats can be adjusted in the summer time to let some fresh air come in.

7. Low Maintenance

Light cleaning is all you need to do to keep the shutters clean and good looking. It doesn't cost much even if you ask a professional to come and make them clean.

One can clean the shutters by the usual soap and water. Yes! It may sound crazy but people use a wet cloth to clean the shutters from time to time.

A shutter made from good materials is always backed by a lifetime warranty which ensures that it will never rot, fade, crack or split.

Talking about wooden exterior shutters, they are even more worthy and durable. All it needs is a coating of paint and is all set for its endless service.

8. Inhibit Noises

Noises are disgusting. Indeed no one wants bad or loud sounds while working or sleeping inside their houses. Wooden window shutters or electric shutters help in blocking outer noises.

Living in tiny apartments or crowded places are always noisy and full of unwanted sound. To get rid of these noises, shutters should be installed in kitchens and doors.

What's the bottom line?

Are you still unsure whether you want to install an exterior shutter or not? These aforementioned reasons prove how exterior or outdoor shutters serve its various beneficial purposes.

We now see shutters in most of the houses, the reason being people actually started thinking about fashion in a serious way and planning accordingly. Shutters do enhance the entire look of the house or whatever place they are installed in. It naturally creates an effect that reciprocates the outlook of the building.

Having seen the popularity of window shutters day by day, many interior designers are suggesting these shutters to increase the curb appeal.

Window shutters are eye-catching and stylish window treatment. It suits any kind of small or big, old or new, house.