Window shutters enhance the aesthetics of your home and add an elegant look to your space. They have gained popularity over the years as they are not only aesthetically appealing but are also highly functional. Window shutters help to improve the natural lighting and ventilation of your home.

Many times it is seen that shutters for windows are often overlooked from cleaning and maintenance. People used to clean their house only on festivals and occasions which includes cleaning of window shutters. However, regular maintenance of shutters is vital, and during the deep cleaning times, it eases the work.

Worry not, cleaning of windows is not as difficult as you think. Look at the below mentioned easiest and best ways to clean shutters for windows.

Dry cleaning

As we know, windows are more exposed to the exterior world, which results in a lot of dust and small particles. One of the simplest ways to clean the dust on the shutter is with a dry brush. For this purpose, you can use your old paintbrush. Also, you can buy a handheld duster or a glove-like microfiber cloth from the market to quickly dust your windows.

To clean the nooks and corners of the blinds, you can use a toothbrush. Make sure not to rub the toothbrush forcefully. You can turn the blinds to dust all sides of it.

Dust can be removed more quickly if you can detach the blinds and then place it back after all the cleaning. Make sure to clean the window sill as well. Try to remove the carpets from the floor while cleaning the windows and place newspapers to avoid littering. Start from the top and then come down as dust particles fall from the top.

Tip: Use a liquid cleaner only when the window shutters are very dirty. Make a habit of dusting the shutters every week. If you are regularly dusting, you would not require liquid cleaners.

Vacuum cleaning

To more thoroughly clean your windows vacuum cleaner is the best. Buy a quality vacuum cleaner and use it for effective cleaning. Read the instructions on the machine and use it accordingly. Just grab your hover which will clean the dust over the slats and sides of windows.

Hence vacuum will pick up all the dust leaving the shutters tip top. While cleaning with vacuum be sure to vacuum the area around the window to check that dust hasn’t settled on the window sill or floor nearby.

Make sure to clean the vacuum filter regularly for its efficient functioning.

Wet cleaning

There are times during specific installation processes where wet cleaning is necessary. In kitchen appliances where cooking steam becomes airborne and spreads on everything or in bathrooms where moisture settles, damp cleaning your blinds may become significant.

When just dusting isn’t enough, you will require a soap solution which can be prepared by mixing mild soap in a gallon water. Take a cloth and dip it into a solution and wipe it on the blinds. Rinse the cloth well every time it gets grimy.

In case you have wooden shutters then do not use water as wood tends to absorb moisture so the lifespan of the window will decrease. You can also use white vinegar for cleaning purposes but be sure you wear gloves before wiping.

There are chances that dust will stick to the wet slats so once you clean up with a damp cloth, make sure you wipe the window shutters with a dry cloth.

Tips on how to choose a shutter

> Choosing shutters will be based on your home decor and your preferences.
> Save some money when choosing shutters by considering energy-efficiency. This will be eco-safe as well.
> Don’t choose for the least expensive shutters as they must have compromised on quality.
> Before choosing the style, measure the windows from outside and inside for the frame.
> Always compare different options before you decide.
> Match the color of the shutter with the present window frames.
> Make sure that you choose shutters that will suit the design of your house.
> Without making a considerable investment, choose shutters that are easy to maintain.

Do’s and Don’ts of cleaning shutters for window

Following are some of the top tips to ensure before you start cleaning the window:

> Avoid using newspapers or paper tissues for dry cleaning the blinds because they will crumble into pieces.

> Wear a mask while dusting as it is harmful to your health.

> Always work from top to bottom and centre to outer edges while cleaning.

> Don’t rub hard if there are any smudges and blemishes. Use a damp cloth gently and dry clean it with a clean cloth once the problem is resolved.

> Avoid spraying any chemical product directly onto your shutter slats as they can damage the finish on your slats.

> Be sure to use a soft brush for dry cleaning. This will reduce the risk of scratching on the slats.

Shutters are not only the best way to improve the curb appeal of your home but also have other benefits as well like privacy and security.


Hence making your windows elegant is a great way to boost the overall look of your home. So regular maintenance of window shutters is essential to increase the lifespan of your shutter windows.

We hope the above tips mentioned will help you clean and maintain the integrity and beauty of your window treatments. Make sure to follow all the do’s and don'ts correctly so that whenever you look at them, they look new.

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