Exterior window shutters can make a big impact on your home. If you are in search of a simple but effective home improvement idea, board and batten shutters should do the trick. These shutters consist of one-to-three wood boards. A thin cross panel (batten) holds the boards together diagonally or horizontally. The shutters cover the windows flush for both aesthetic and protective purposes.

For centuries, these shutters have remained popular for many good reasons. In addition to their rustic, classic touch, these shutters have an instant impact on your home’s curb appeal. Board and batten are cheap and yet they serve multiple purposes.

More homeowners have now discovered BnB shutters. Consequently, these products have flooded the market. Choosing the right BnB shutters can overwhelm you and you might end up choosing an unsuitable style, material or size for your home.

This guide delves into these traditional-style shutters and offers tips to help you choose the best products.

Overview of Board and Batten Shutters

Batten board shutters are among the earliest types of window treatment in history. They were popular in the ancient civilizations and remained popular in Europe during the Victorian era.

The style moved across seas to the Americas during the colonial period. It became a common component for adding architectural detail to homes.

Today, these shutters are popular for home protection against storms. They are also ideal for improving curb appeal as they give the property an Old World and rustic character.

The shutters work best on French Country styled, Cape Cod, Salt Box or Mission styled homes. If your house has a rock, stucco or siding facade, these shutters will blend easily and add that aristocratic look to the property.

BnB shutters also help improve energy efficiency by trapping heat indoors and keeping cold air out. They also help with natural air and light control inside your home.

While BnB shutters are traditionally wooden, today you can choose other materials including composite, aluminum and vinyl.

A Guide for Buying Board and Batten Shutters

For the best impact, when using BnB shutters consider the following:

1. Assess Your Home Improvement Needs

Most homeowners rush to implement the trending styles in home improvement without considering their suitability. If you want to get the best effect with BnB shutters, you have to consider your needs first.

For a start, you have to consider the architectural outlook of your property and decide if Board and Batten window shutters are the best. These shutters have a characteristic and distinct look that best works on traditional architecture. You will find these shutters on Mediterranean, Cape Cod/Ranch and French Country homes. Talk to your contractor to determine if this is the best shutter style for your home.

It is also important to consider whether you are after aesthetics or functionality. The purpose of your shutters will determine the choice of style, material and size. While at it, look at your home’s décor and shop for BnB shutters that seamlessly blend with the walls and windows.

It is the most important step when buying BnB shutters but most homeowners overlook it. If the shutter product doesn’t suit your home improvement objective, continue looking for another option.

2. Consider Available Shutter Materials

With advances in technology, you can now find a diverse range of materials for your BnB shutters. Some of the materials to choose from include:

  • Wood

Wood has an authentic and rustic look which makes it perfect for BnB shutters. It is also sturdy and with the right treatment, can last long. Wood BnB shutters add a dash of classic style to your home that sets it apart from the others.

You can choose from Cider, redwood, African mahogany, pine-oak among other hardwoods for your shutters. However, this shutter material is expensive and you also have to pay more for maintenance.

Wood is also not weatherproof and the wrong choice can lead to shutter warping and cracking.

  • Engineered Wood

The high cost of wood has seen the advent of innovative alternatives. Engineered wood is one of the most common BnB shutter material on the market today.

It consists of multiple wood sections molded into boards to give a final wooden finish. The material is Eco-friendly and cheaper and you still enjoy the rustic look of wood.

  • Vinyl

Plastics have emerged as a cheaper and more versatile alternative to wood in construction. Vinyl BnB shutters are now available on the market and are perfect if you are on a budget.

Vinyl is sturdy and durable for shutter manufacture. However, exposure to direct sunlight compromises the appearance of the boards.

Repainting your BnB boards might not restore them to their initial glory. This material also looks cheap and takes away that edge that hardwood gives to your curb.

Other materials you can choose for your BnB shutters include aluminum, faux wood, among others.

3. Correct Sizing

Customization is crucial when looking for exterior window shutters. For batten board shutters you have to get all the measurements right. Take measurements for the size and shape of your windows before going to the market.

You should hire a professional contractor for this task to ensure you get the correct measurements. Taking the wrong measurements will cost you in the end and might ruin the home upgrade project.

4. Read Reviews and Testimonials

The Internet is a godsend for a homeowner looking for BnB shutters. Read product reviews and testimonials to determine the best brand and products on the market. Take your time to compare different products, pricing, suppliers, warranty and other quality guarantees.

5. Shutter Hardware

When shopping for your shutters, look at the hardware and ensure it blends well with the rustic look of board and batten window shutters. The hardware should be operable and must be authentic to add value to the shutter’s aesthetics.

Final Thoughts

Board and batten window shutters are a smart home improvement idea. They add a dash of old-world style while also protecting your home. It is a simple yet redefining addition to your home’s facade. The rustic look of these shutters adds a unique and distinctive look to your home. Use these tips, to find the best BnB shutters on the market and redefine your home’s appearance.