If you live in an area that is frequently at risk of tropical winds and hurricanes, installing hurricane shutters is a very good idea. This is because, during this unpredictable weather, you can count on the hurricane shutters to protect your home and family.

Hurricane shutters contain all the debris that might be flying through your windows when these damaging winds are blowing. It’s also important to note that hurricane shutters provide homeowners with much-needed financial security.

This is because homeowners who install hurricane shutters in their homes end up paying fewer insurance premiums for their homes. Also, the repair costs for these types of homes end up being way lower than others.

When picking the ideal hurricane shutters, you want to consider a few details first. They include;


It’s important to go for the shutters that will withstand the strongest winds possible during the winter. Hurricane shutters often come in different materials depending on the homeowner’s preference. They include plywood, aluminum, polycarbonate plastic, and high-strength fabric.


Depending on whether you’re going for a professional installer or the DIY way, the weight of the hurricane shutters is important. If you’re a DIYer, you might want to buy lightweight hurricane shutters because of their ease of installation.

But, if you’re hiring a professional installer, you have the freedom of getting even heavy-weighted shutters. However, it’s important to note that the installation process might end up requiring two or more people.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Hurricane shutters require frequent cleaning and maintenance. However, some materials require regular cleaning than others, so it’s important to know which one suits your lifestyle better.

Although they all serve the same purpose of protecting your home from hurricanes, they vary differently. For this reason, here is a breakdown of the best hurricane shutters you can install to protect your home;

1. Accordion shutters

These are the ideal hurricane shutters for homeowners who tend to worry about rigid installation processes and storage. Accordion shutters are among the easiest to install and the most convenient to store out there.

Whenever the hurricane season is approaching, all your need to do with accordion shutters is folded them in. After the hurricanes and damaging winds seize, all you need to do is to fold them back, and they’ll fit perfectly against your frames or walls.

The best thing about accordion shutters is that they are applicable to different spaces. You can use them for your sliding doors, low-set windows, large patio openings, and balconies. However, it’s important to note that accordion shutters are permanently fixed in your home.

This means that they might not appeal to homeowners who want their walls and frames visible during other seasons. Other than that, accordion hurricane shutters are some of the best shutters as they are also relatively cheaper to buy. 

2. Roll shutters

Other great hurricane shutters you might consider installing are the roll shutters. With rolling shutters, you roll them up when the weather is clear and roll them down during the hurricane season.

These shutters are ideal for those who do not want to tamper with the aesthetic of their buildings. This is because they are designed so that they can’t be seen from the outside or inside your home.

One of the most appealing aspects of rolling shutters is that some are fitted with motorized systems.  This means that homeowners can use a remote control to close or open these shutters whenever they need.

The best thing about roll shutters is that they are multi-functional. This is because, during off-seasons, homeowners can also use rolling shutters to enhance their home’s insulation and privacy.

3. Board and batten shutters

Batten board shutters are some of the longest-serving hurricane shutters in history. These shutters protect homes from hurricanes and damaging winds while also providing an additional layer of security and privacy.

They are the ideal shutters for homeowners who want to create or maintain a farmhouse feel to their homes. If your home is made up of different materials and you want to add hurricane shutters, board and batten shutters are a great option.

Also, if you’re looking to enhance your property value for an impending sale, they will help out. This is because batten and board shutters improve your home’s overall appearance, thus boosting its value.

With their elegant nature, batten board shutters are also a great investment for those looking to remodel their homes.

4. Bahama shutters

If you’re looking to give your home that elegant beach and tropical feel, Bahama shutters are the best option. This is because these shutters are hinged at the top and then lowered to be attached at the bottom.

This makes them one of the simplest shutters to install out there. The best thing about the Bahama shutters is that they will protect your home from hurricanes and sun exposure too.

With these shutters, you have the freedom to choose any material or style you prefer to maintain your home’s aesthetic.

5. Colonial shutters

These types of hurricane shutters are common among colonial estates. However, they have become increasingly popular among homeowners who are looking for simplicity in their protective designs.

This is because the colonial shutters are very simple to install and use. These shutters are made up of two pieces hinged to either side of the windows. Whenever hurricanes and those strong winds are approaching, all you need to do is fold them towards each other.

They are designed as tavern doors. The best thing about the colonial shutters is that they give any home an old-world design while keeping it attractive. Also, colonial shutters are a great option for homeowners who need to add a layer of security to their homes.


Based on all the benefits you’re bound to get from hurricane shutters, it’s necessary to keep your home protected.

Therefore, the design and size of your home are very important when picking the ideal shutters possible. This will help you keep your home protected while also retaining its aesthetic.