So learn with decorative shutters how to paint your exterior window shutters and easily improve your house’s curb appeal.

This guide will instantly make your house look more inviting. Read on!

Why should you paint your exterior window shutters?

You should paint your shutters due to the following reasons:

  • If your shutters have become old and faded, you can paint them just to bring them back to their original color.
  • Repaint your exterior window shutters will help to give your house a new look and will add value. 
  • You should consider bright and bold colors to paint your shutters which will give a beautiful look to your house’s facade. 
  • You can always prefer to paint your faded shutters instead you plan to buy a new one. But obviously, if your shutters are actually cracked or broken then you must buy a new one.

Calls the pros or DIY?

You must be thinking that you should paint the shutters by yourself or should call the painters? Most homeowners can themselves tackle this project of painting shutters. If you have a few shutters then you must paint them by yourself. But if you are having a lot of windows and want to avoid the risk of climbing the ladders, then you should call the expert painters to do the job. 

Trendy exterior window shutter painting ideas:

To give your house an elegant upgrade you should consider painting your exterior window shutters with the right colors. If you want your freshly painted shutters to look great then you need to consider the right paint. Some of the suggestions are:

  • You can choose to paint your shutters with a black color to give them a striking look. Black is classic. Black outdoor shutters will give a clean and crisp aesthetic to your house’s exterior. 
  • For a classic look, you must choose oxford blue or hunter greens that evokes the colonial style. This will look great for an antique house or on new construction that has a colonial flair. 
  • If you want to make a bold statement then you can go with a red and orange color that will set your house apart. 

Pro tip: When you are working outside, keep in mind to stay out of direct sunlight. Must avoid taking this project on scorching hot days as they are very humid. Average humidity is fine.

1. Vinyl shutters

Vinyl window shutters that are badly faded because of the sun’s heat can be either painted or replaced, but if you choose to replace them it will cost you too much. So painting them yourself is a very cheaper alternative to buying new ones. 

Preparation required for vinyl shutters: To paint the vinyl window shutters you need to clean and prime them first before painting. A lacquer thinner can be used to remove the old paint. If you are thinking of keeping the same original vinyl, then mostly the latex paint will be brushed or sprayed on the shutters.

Painting of vinyl shutters:

✔ You can go with a wide or flat brush to repaint your vinyl window shutters. Must allow each coat to dry properly.

✔ For flat and wide surfaces, paint rollers can be used. Also, you must have a flat brush to paint in between the shutter slats. 

✔ You can spray or brush the paint on vinyl window shutters and must split up the painting work.

✔ Avoid painting the entire shutters at one time only. You must wear a respirator as commercial spray paint is dangerous. 

Best paint type: Latex paint will suit best for the vinyl window shutters. Enamel spray and oil paint will not bond with the surface. 

2. Wood shutters

You can paint your wood windows shutters without removing them off to save time. But we recommend removing them and keeping them away from the dripping of paint on a brick which will ruin the look of your house. Following are some of the important things you must consider:

Preparation of wood window shutters: You can remove the old layers of paint by using a chemical stripper or a paint scraper. You must lightly sand the window shutter using sandpaper. Brush and spray the paint on wood and let it dry completely.

Paint wood windows shutters: To paint your wood window shutters you must do the following practice:

✔ You must stir the paint first before painting. 

✔ Now take a paint tray and pour the paint in it.

✔ You must use a flat or wide brush to paint the shutters. Paint the center panel first for the solid shutters. And for the slatted shutters, you can paint the slats afterward and must be cautious to avoid any paint gathering on corners.

✔ Now put them to dry and once they dry well you can pull them back. If you want to give some extra protection, you can add an acrylic or varnish coat as well. 

Best paint: The best paint for wood window shutters is an oil-based paint with some oil-based primer. If you can also go with water-based paints with latex paint. Also, you can mix the custom color as per your choice for the paint.

3. Aluminum shutters

Aluminum window shutters are making a comeback. Because of their durability, aluminum shutters last long with minimal maintenance. So updating your house’s look is as simple as giving your aluminum window shutters a fresh coat of paint.

Paint aluminum window shutters: Following practice can be used while painting aluminum shutters:

✔ Plan to paint your aluminum window shutters on a warm day and choose a shady area so that the sun does not heat the paint that will restrict the ability to dry the paint properly and it will adhere to the aluminum. 

✔ Remove the aluminum shutter from your house and lay them down at your workplace.

✔ Now scrub the shutters with a solution of non-phosphate cleanser and water.

✔ Rinse the mixture and allow shutters to completely air dry. This will take 2 3 days so store the shutters indoors only.

✔ Now remove the dust on the shutters with a duster before proceeding with any painting.

✔ Apply a layer of primer to aluminum shutters. Use a latex primer for the best results. Allow the primer to dry and then apply 2 to 3 coats of acrylic latex outdoor paint to the shutters.

✔ Lastly, allow the paint to dry and you can now reattach the shutters to your house.

Best paint: A semi-gloss paint or enamel is best for aluminum shutters because the glossy surface will help shed water. Spraying on the paint can give you the best results and impart an appealing sheen.


Hope this guide will provide answers to all your questions and help to give a facelift to your exterior window shutters. Contact us now for further assistance.