Do you have plans to install exterior shutters for your home? If so, this is one of the best home improvement ideas you could have selected. Shutters not only a dash of aesthetics to your home but they also offer functional value by protecting the windows during storms, offering privacy and providing natural air and light control. Installing exterior shutters on your windows adds value to your property as they rate highly among home improvement projects with best ROI.

While house shutters are such a great idea, the way you install them can turn them into a fantastic detail of the home decor or a conspicuous eyesore. For this reason, it is important to plan every detail of this home improvement project.

Check out here the most important factors to consider when installing exterior shutters:

Consider the Most Suitable Shutter Design

Before you pick any shutters for your property, explore the market and learn what options are available. You will get inspiration for the best shutter style when you look over different styles and learn which type of architectural style they suit. If you only have one shutter style in mind, don’t make your move yet. Take a look at some of these most popular exterior window shutters:

  • Raised panel shutters: Work with multiple architectural styles including Victorian, Federal, Colonial, Georgian, French Country, Greek Revival among others.
  • Louvered shutters: Work for houses that are ornate, classical or casual in appearance including Victorian, Federal and Colonial, Italianate, Cape Cod, Ranch, and Greek Revival homes.
  • Board and Batten (BnB): Ideal for the Mediterranean, Cape Cod/Ranch, and French Country homes.
  • Bahama shutters: Perfect for Cape Cod, Ranch houses and cottages
  • Plantation shutters: Give a southern states look
  • Cafe-style shutters: Ideal for interior spaces and borrow heavily from French cafes
  • Cut-out design shutters: Hark back to the 1920s and ideal for any house style
  • Scandinavian shutters: For the colder Alpine regions
  • Combination shutters: If you want to customize your shutters, these work best for your needs.

Consider your Home Improvement Needs

When thinking about window shutters, it is important to use your home improvement needs to make a choice. Don't pick any shutter style or materials without considering the purpose of these installations. You can either choose shutters based on their functional value or for aesthetics only.

Most homeowners choose shutters based on a combination of factors meaning they look for panels that provide protection, privacy, natural light control while also giving their properties a stylish upgrade. When you decide the role you want exterior shutters to play, it becomes easier to choose the best material and style.

Consider Different Shutter Materials

When most homeowners think of shutters, they mostly have wood shutters in mind. True, these are the most common ones and they have been around for ages but there are a wide variety of materials you can choose. These include:

Each of the material used in the manufacture of shutters has its pros and cons. It is good to examine each carefully before making a choice. Take time to learn the qualities of each of these materials and find out if they will meet your home improvement needs. Look for strength and durability, ease of maintenance, ease of installation and weather resistance when shopping for the best shutter materials.

Get All The Hardware For The Project

Before the project starts, you need to gather everything you need for the job. Look at the manufacturer’s instructions given for the shutter style you choose and find the necessary tools for the job. Using the right tools for the project not only enhances efficiency but also improves safety on site. Do extensive research to find out everything you need before commencing your project.

Take Correct Measurements

At this stage, it is possible to conceptualize the window shutters you have in mind. You have already picked the materials and shutter styles. The most important step if you want to install window shutters properly is to take proper measurements. Figuring out the position of the shutters requires some expertise.

For decorative outdoor shutters, you will hang them on the outer window frame because they play an aesthetic role. For functional shutters, you need to take measurements on the window frame because this is where you hang them. The measurements you take should thus take into consideration the type of shutters you have in mind and their style. The shutters must fit over the windows properly to carry out both the functional and the aesthetic role.

Consult a Professional Contractor

Most homeowners try to save money through DIY building projects. However, the results are not the best and in most cases, you might end up calling a contractor to remedy the mistakes. This becomes more costly than hiring a professional for the job From the start.

For such an important home improvement project, it is advisable to work with a certified contractor who will guide you through the entire process including house shutters styles, material choice, project planning, measurements, installation, review of the project.

Exterior shutters will no doubt redefine your home’s overall decor. Depending on the style of shutters you choose, it is possible to turn an otherwise bland looking property into the neighborhood jewel. However for the outdoor shutters to have such an impact, you must carefully select and install them. The installation process is important but before you get there, you have to plan every detail including the choice of shutters based on your home improvement needs, shutter materials among other things.

To get it right when installing your house shutters, it is advisable to talk to a certified contractor. These professionals will guide you through each step of the project including choice of shutters, material, measurements, installation, leveling, and testing. They will bring your home improvement idea into life without any costly mistakes. The best contractors carry insurance and this protects your project.