Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, adding wooden window shutters is a creative styling idea. Wood
shutters combine functionality and aesthetics making them an ideal home improvement addition. They add a classical
touch to your home’s exterior décor which also improves curb appeal. At the same time, these shutters protect the home
against extreme weather, enhance privacy and provide a system for natural air and light control.

For the best impact of your wooden exterior shutters, you have to choose the right colors and it is not an easy task.
Many homeowners choose great looking shutters but fail with the color palette for these fittings.

This guide highlights some important factors to consider when choosing a color for your window shutters.

1. Consider The Main Color Palettes

Advances in technology have made it possible to generate many more colors from the original color wheel. As a
homeowner, you have to let your imagination loose by looking at the multiple colors available. It all starts with
considering the common color palettes you can use for exterior window shutters. Take a look:

• Triadic color palette: This is a combination of three colors, each coming from equidistant points on the color
wheel. It is a great way to experiment with color and can give you unique and amazing options for your home.
• Complementary color palette: This is a color palette that consists of Complementary or opposite colors from
the color wheel.
• Monochromatic colors: These are different shades and depths of a single hue and are easy to choose and apply
on your wood shutters. The hues are from the same color and you have to be careful to avoid a boring/monotonous color
scheme for your shutters.

2. Use the Landscaping s a Guide

When building or remodeling your home’s exterior, you have to consider the surrounding environment. The color of
window shutters should easily blend with the rest of the outdoor space. Take time to stand on your lawn and look at
the main aspects, including the color of the vegetation and the outdoor features.

Painting your window shutters with the bigger picture in mind has a bigger impact on the curb appeal. They can easily
become the focal point of your exterior décor, depending on the color choice.

3. Consider your Home’s Architectural Design

You should choose a color palette that’s cohesive and harmonious to complement the architectural design of your home.
Some architectural styles work perfectly with certain colors and this should guide you when painting the shutters.

For instance, white and black are ideal colors for traditional style homes while bolder colors such as orange work
well on contemporary homes. When chooseing a color palette for your wooden window shutters, make sure you understand
the architectural design and find a color that complements it.

4. Window Size

Windows are a prominent part of a home’s exterior décor. If your windows are small, you can leverage window shutter
colors to make them appear larger. White is a magical color when you want to create a sense of space or size and it
works well with outdoor shutters.

5. Desired Impact

If you want to use window shutters for aesthetics, you should go for a color palette that has a wow! effect. Bolder
color schemes will make heads turn and can transform bland-looking windows into beauties.

If you feel your home’s exterior décor is too plain, it is time to use bold and vivid colors such as lime green,
lipstick red, orange, or royal blue for an awe-inspiring transformation. If you want a contrasting color palette,
these colors also have a big impact on your home’s appearance.

6. Look Around your Neighborhood

When decorating your house, it is important to consider how other properties in the neighborhood look. Walk around and
check the popular colors among homeowners for exterior decorations.

While you want a unique color for your home, you should go for consistency with other properties in your area. This
will come in handy if you ever decide to sell your home. Using very bright colors might make your house too
conspicuous. The last thing you want is for your house to stand out like a sore thumb due to those orange window

7. Window Trim Colors

Exterior window shutters fit into the window trim. When choosing a color for the shutters, go for one that easily
blends and complements the trim. It creates harmony and makes the windows appear larger than their actual size. Avoid
the temptation to use clashing colors, as this will make your property look gaudy.

8. Consider Homeowners Association’s Laws

Many homeowners associations have stringent laws regarding property maintenance and you should review these before
painting your windows shutters. Check any guidelines regarding exterior painting and if there aren’t any, confirm form
the officials before commencing the project.

9. Use Paint Samples

Create a shortlist of your favorite colors and buy small cans of the same. Paint small sections of the wood shutters
and observe how the colors appear at different times of the day. The light during the day will give the painted
surface a unique appearance. You can then choose the color that impresses you most.

10. Discover the Impact of Different Colors

In the home decoration industry, every color has a unique meaning and impact. When painting your shutters, you have to
consider what you want to achieve and choose a color that serves the purpose. For instance,

• Red color reflects energy and passion
• Green stands for tranquility, freshness, and novelty
• Blue wood shutters are charming and serene
• Black shutters have a traditional and timeless feel and work on every home
• White shutters give your home a clean, airy, and bright feel
• Navy blue shutters have a lustrous feel to them and while they are unique, they still have a vintage feel to
• Gray shutters are modern yet they retain a classic touch
• Dark brown shutters give your home a handsome and stately appearance

Wrapping up Thoughts

Thinking of wooden exterior shutters for your home or you already have them? Painting them adds a dash of elegance and
style to your home’s exterior décor. The choice of color determines the impact these shutters will have. With these
tips, you can now choose the best color for your window shutters.