The craziness of the Christmas holidays is behind us and New Year’s Eve is simply gaining steam. So this is the best time to shop for the new stock and make your dream home upgrade a reality. 

A great place to start? Undoubtedly your windows! 

Getting new window treatments is a sure-fire way to enhance the curb appeal of your home and refresh your accommodation with that fresh feeling. Not only this you have also increased the resale value of your home. They will allow natural light to fill the indoor space of your room, keeping the sensational feeling of your home open and airy. These shutters are also called farmhouse shutters and barn door shutters. No matter what you call them, they will look beautiful in any sort of house style. Whether you want a rustic look or a contemporary farmhouse vibe, board and batten shutters are an excellent place to start out.  

Looking for the perfect solution? Board and batten shutters are the perfect fixes! Board and batten shutters mainly consist of 2 components. The vertical styles are boards and the horizontal ones are called battens.  They will be tight against each other and jointly protects each plank from leaking.

Five reasons to replace your windows with board and batten shutters 

Here are five of our favorites:

1. Board and batten shutters look amazing

Board and batten shutters give an elegant and stylish look that is always in fashion. They can fit with just any decor and you can paint them as per your choice. Every panel is assembled with tested techniques to maximize efficiency, strength, and longevity. 

If we talk about the finishing touches on your home, it will be the little details that will make the biggest impact. When you will take a glance at your home from outside, and think that something is missing over then adding batten board shutters will give asymmetric look and proper balance to your home.

2. They are energy efficient

Board and batten shutters are designed in a way, where they are installed over the window opening,  so they act as a good effective insulator. They are decorative as well as functional. The coverings of the window opening keep the winter chill at bay and will create a barrier between the sun’s rays and the inside temperature of your house. Additionally, they allow you to control the sunlight flow into a room to prevent it from heating on summer days while still allowing the cooling wind to drift into the house. Thus increasing your home’s energy efficiency. 

3. They increase the curb appeal of your house

Shutters are considered permanent fixtures for your house. So installing a board and batten shutters will be the greatest investment of your life. They are functionally the most effective and are better known for their unique and eye-catching aesthetic. Whether you are planning to upgrade your home or trying to sell it, it’s often the minimal things that translate to big value. Board and batten shutters are a great way to increase the curb appeal of your house. 

They are available in rich, earthy tones and will provide the perfect finishing touch to any building. Moreover for homes that have different sized windows, these batten board shutters are an ideal solution for that visual imbalance. They provide asymmetrical balance which cannot be easily figured out on homes having different sized windows.

4. They provide additional privacy

The versatility of board and batten shutters is one of its greatest features. They are easily adjustable to allow the flow of light into the room while preventing people from seeing into your room. So board and batten shutters are substantial enough to provide you with the privacy you want while keeping the outdoor experience when you open them up. Unlike most other shutters, they easily block out any or all sunlight without any slats when they are closed. So they do a great job while maintaining the heat in and keeping out the cold. 

Take into consideration the color of your shutters. If you are considering more neutral shades then white color is good for traditional homes while a black type of house shutters tends to favor a more contemporary style. 

5. They are known for their longevity

Board and batten shutters are an economical choice. They are usually very strong and durable. If you take proper care of them, then they will maintain their original beauty for many years. Because of their classic beauty, they are always in fashion. You don’t have to take them down for cleaning like other window coverings, it will only take a light occasional dusting with a duster. Do not use any chemical product as these products can harm the paint finish. So board and batten shutters are known for their minimal upkeep and ease of use. Choose from an array of options, sizes, styles, and colors to find the best fit for your house.


Hence many factors make board and batten shutters an obvious choice for your next home upgrade. Therefore they are only an essential addition to any home but with that, they will also act as a decorative factor to the home.

Experts at decorative shutters can help you determine if the windows of your home need replacement. With over many years of experience, our expert employees know how to get it right when it comes to enhancing the look and feel of your home. 

We would love to give you a complimentary consultation for your home and will help you to design the best window dressings of your dream. So get in touch with us today and start the process of installation of these amazing, durable, functional boards and batten shutters in your home!

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