The most cost-effective way to give your house a curb appeal is through shutters. They don't only add character to your house but also add charm to it. Just like the amazing frosting on a delicious cake, shutters give that finishing touch to any exterior remodel. 

Shutters not only provide the exterior look of your home but also give huge benefits like hurricane protection and energy efficiency. For instance, they help in getting more fresh air into your house. So once you have decided on the shutter's style, it’s now time to pick a color for shutters that will best complement your house. Look at how. 

Why shutter color is important

Exterior window shutters give a huge impact on the look of your house exterior. They are mostly used to show the accent color in your house’s exterior color scheme. The base color is taken up largely which covers most of the exterior walls. Then, there comes a white trim color or cream usually, through Victorian and Tudor’s houses traditionally have dark trim. Most of the homeowners go creative with the trim color and take in another hue into their exterior color scheme. It is important to consider the shutter color and window trim as they will be right next to each other. 

Finally, the third one is the accent color. Your house’s accent color is expressed by the color of doors, shutters, and other details. Moreover, the accent color is a great place to go creative as it is easiest to change and is the part of your exterior palette which is the most flexible in hue. You’ll see a lot of difference in the accent color on houses other than the trim or base color, both of which are generally neutral. Your personality shines through the accent color.

So the question remains the same: why is exterior shutter color so important? This is because the accent color makes your home pop. It is the most standout color and the color that ties it all together. And of course, it is the best way to show your personality. So let's dive into the most popular shutter colors. 

Most popular exterior shutter color for 2021

Well, no surprises here, the most popular exterior shutter color that can go with any home is Black. Because black color always works well with any home exterior, so black shutters are universally alluring. They add definition and give a touch of pure elegance. There is no alternative to black shutters, they will always remain the top and the most popular shutter color. 

However, before choosing black shutters, make sure to check the effect of the color and how it will go with the chosen location. So it’s better to obtain an image of the property exterior where you will fit the shutters before going ahead. Black is an option that will give an unusual or dramatic effect, so it’s worth considering and will enhance the existing or the planned decor. 

If you go ahead you can do so safely as products from the legends irrespective of material, style or color are of the highest quality. We use the best material, thoroughly assess every client's requirement and make every product to the highest build standards. 

Install black shutters on your home

With being the center of attraction exterior black shutters can make a statement and appear bold. They contribute to give a curb appeal to any home and generally don’t dominate the landscape. They have been used for many years in every home style imaginable. The black paint is classic, timeless, and will never go out of style. New construction and modern homes welcome black shutters which provide depth, contrast, and balance to a structure. You can transform historic homes and farmhouses with black replacement shutters. 

The most eminent combination of house colors is the very popular white siding with black outdoor shutters. The black outdoor shutters look great with both home style and location. Despite the adjoining color, black shutters will be great for resale. 

Popular black colors

Tricorn Black and PM-9 ( Benjamin Moore Black) are the two most favored painted shutter colors. Some of the most popular black colors include: 

  • Behr black
  • PPG black magic
  • Farrow and ball pitch black
  • Dunn Edwards black
  • Valspar dark kettle black

Other considerations: beyond shutter color

Choosing a shutter color is just the beginning. There are few other things also that you could impact your final shutter selection like:

Is shutters are there for show or you want them to be operable. 

The material of the shutter that what material goes best with your budget, your living area, and your use.

Style is another factor to consider as to which style works best for your house.

Regardless of which shutters you finalize it’s important to work with a reputed professional for everything from choosing shutter colors to the final destination. So at legends, you will get all you want as per your requirements. We’ll make you understand all your options and will provide expertise on which ones will work best for your house. Our shutters come in a variety of styles with the best material that provides an awesome rich shutter color that lasts and does not need ongoing maintenance. 


Everyone’s home and everyone’s design ideas are different and at Legends, we are here to help. Our professionals will work closely with you to determine the right exterior shutter style as per your requirement. 

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