Hello, world! Most of the homeowners find it difficult to decorate their home and give it a curb appeal. The perfect furnishings and decor can be easily given, but have you ever thought of windows? So if you want your windows to look more voguish and solid? Try using shutters. It is the most common item in the design and decoration of a home. 

Today window treatments come in an endless variety of options from fragile blinds to standard drapes. But if you truly want to impress your guests and anyone who sees your house, exterior wooden shutters are one of the best options.

If you are struggling to find the ideal exterior wood shutters style for your home then our below guide is for you. There are certain things you should consider before choosing the best wood for your window shutters.  

Things to look in wood for your window shutters construction 

First, you must check which species of wood is best for your application. When choosing wood species you must consider whether you are going to stain or paint your shutters. If you are planning to stain them then you must consider red cedar for its distinct wood grain patterns. And if you want to paint your wood shutters then you probably make your decision based on the physical properties of different species.

Before making any choice consider the following points:

1. Low maintenance is a high selling point:

Go for low-maintenance wood shutters that don’t require any special care. The best part of wood shutters is that they are very easy to maintain and look great for years to come. 

2. Energy-efficient:

Another great way wood shutters add value to your home is by being energy efficient. This helps to maintain the temperature inside your house and throughout the changing seasons. It is advisable to go for energy-efficient wood shutters that will keep your overall cost of homeownership low.

3. Cost:

 The biggest mistake you can make while purchasing wood shutters for your home is only to purchase a low-quality shutter which will not stand the test of time. So while you shop with decorative shutters you will get a quality shutter as they are tested, warranted, and have stood the test of time for many years. 

Thus it is important to know how much a quality product should cost. Wood shutters are always a good option as compared to raised panel vinyl shutters as they are not useful as operable shutters and cannot be stained.

4. Lightweight:

We recommend going with lightweight wood shutters as they are durable and ensure a long-lasting life. 

5. Attractive and good finish:

The classic look of exterior wood shutters is timeless. Having an option to craft and finish them exactly how you want, you will not settle for basic. For the best impact, you should pick the most authentic and elegant wood for your shutters. 

6. Style them as per your choice:

To get the best out of your exterior wood shutters, go for the material which is easy to customize. You can style your wood shutter however you want. Wooden shutters can be fixed mounted to your house or can be installed with functional hardware. 

7. Functionality:

This is another important thing to look at when choosing wood shutters is functionality. Hardwood is a great insulator and contributes towards a more energy-efficient house. These shutters add a lot of value to one’s house and are seen as a long-term investment.

8. Gives more privacy:

Wood shutters give more privacy than other window coverings. When they are closed no one can see inside your home. 

Wood shutters options

Now that we have shared the above checklist, you can now compare various wood species that will suit your home’s wooden exterior shutters.

Following are the most common type of wood shutter:

There are various choices for wood that you can use for making exterior window shutters, let's have a look:

Oak shutters

Oak is a heavy wood that makes heavy window hardwood shutters. So oak interior shutters will give a great deal of weight to window jambs. They are not suitable for painting and also have to be pre-drilled. Thus they are not a good choice for shutters and oak shutters louvers are prone to wrapping.

Redwood shutters

Redwood shutters are made from California redwood because of their durability and resistance towards insects and decay, redwood grades on color. The excellence of appearance is one of the factors in the grading of redwood. The reddish-brown heartwood formed on the inner portion of the tree has extractives that render it resistant to decay. While at the outer growth layer of the tree the cream-colored sapwood develops does not possess heartwood resistance to insects and decay. 

Basswood shutters

Basswood has a uniform texture so it is the most popular wood for shutters. These are light in weight, have flexible material, can be stained and painted which makes them good for a variety of designs. Thus with a fine indistinct grain, basswood results in very strong shutters which give a beautiful finish to your window treatments. 

Cedar shutters

Cedar shutters are made from western red cedar. If you are looking for exterior window treatments then cedar is a good option. It is resistant to bugs and decay and will last a long time. It gives long service with very little maintenance in fencing, trellises, mudsills, greenhouse benches, window sashes, poles, and exterior shutters. Properly finished and well maintained, cedar will give trouble-free service.


When you decide to buy exterior shutters for your home, you are making an investment that will last for a long time. However, you need to check the options and upgrades available so that your project is rewarding and lasts for decades. 

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