Ever thought of louvered shutters? When you step into a room where the windows are dressed with louvered shuttersyou will be surprised by the presence that they add to any room, giving an overwhelming appearance. The elegance and sophistication make louvered shutters the perfect window coverings.

The following guide will simplify the decision-making process for everyone like homeowners, builders, interior designers, and exterior designers. We have created this Louvered buyer's guide for 2021, a unique resource that will answer many of the most common questions that you have before buying a louvered shutter for your home - all in one place here!

What are louvered shutters?

They are the oldest shutter style, and still, they are the most popular. Louvers are horizontal slats that are angled to control the amount of air and light that can pass through. They give your property a classy touch, and you can now select vinyl, wood, aluminum, and composite materials. 

It doesn't matter what property you have; many designs are available to suit and compliment all. So with multiple options, the louvered shutters offer a wide variety of applications for any room in the home, including kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, offices, closets, bedrooms, and other general living areas. They will also add value to the house and make it stand out from other properties in your area. 

Shutter options available 

1) Vinyl shutters

Vinyl shutters are long-lasting and are the most affordable shutter option. Everyone chooses vinyl shutters because of their durability, low maintenance, easy upkeep, and traditional wood look. They are available in stock with custom sizes and have a variety of fade-resistant colors to choose from.  

2) Wood shutters

Naturally beautiful, real wooden shutters add character and warmth to any room. They are timeless and versatile. Fits perfectly for complementing both traditional and contemporary styles. You will find ready to finish at legends, in paint or stain grade western red cedar and cypress wood shutters. 

3) Composite shutters:

Composite shutters from legends are durable, can improve your home's value, and are customizable to match your decor perfectly. Affordability, countless configurations, and eco-friendliness make composite shutters the world's most fabulous selling shutters. They are a great alternative to wood shutters because of their resistance to humidity and weather. Hence if you want the luxurious look of wood at a lower price and without any risk of moisture problems, composite shutters are for you.

4) Aluminum shutters:

If you want extra protection and security for your home, you can go with aluminum shutters. It is ideal for family homes, warehouses, factories, loading bays, and hard-wearing, so it lasts for years. Our aluminum shutters have high in-build performance drives and intelligent smart controls. 

Top things to know before buying louvered shutters

Purchasing louvered shutters is a significant investment, but this investment can provide an increased home value, curb appeal, functional light control, interior design, and energy efficiency for years to come. Make your most of the investment carefully by considering the options and styles available. Give us a chance so that our experts guide you through the whole process. Just have a look at things you must check before buying louvered shutters for your home.

1. Material type:

As discussed above, louvered shutters are available in various materials like aluminum, composite, wood, and vinyl. Not all materials will look good for every room.

If you are purchasing shutters for your bathroom or kitchen, vinyl or composite will be the best option for you because they can withstand moisture. On the other hand, if you're buying shutters for your living room, wood will be the ideal material because it can bring natural wood warmth and beauty to your living room decor. 

2. Louvre size:

Louvre is the shutter slats that are fixed within the frame. The functionality and effectiveness of your louvered shutters depend on the louver size. If you select a smaller size, the slats will be closer to one another and give less light to enter, whereas if you choose a bigger size, they will provide more light.

Generally, the louvers can range from 2 ½ to 5 ½ inches. Check the look you want, the amount of light you want, and your window's size and depth while choosing the louver size.

3. Tilt:

With the help of tilt, your shutter louvers will open and close. Typically tilts have two types, front tilt or traditional tilt and hidden tilt. The tilt bar is invisible and is behind the window panel in the discreet tilt shutters, near the hinges for an unobstructed view. The tilt bar on the front tilt is at the front of shutters that are used to up or down the louvers. 

Most homeowners prefer the traditional tilt to smoothly operate the shutters whereas others prefer to go for a cleaner look to their windows and select the rear tilt. It's up to you which one you want to choose. 

4. Installation matters:

You must have a certified installer to ensure that the shutters are installed as per the manufacturer's requirements. Attention to detail is essential for installing shutters so that the frames are kept entirely accurate and square to avoid pinched hinges and stress on the shutter panel, which can cause warpage. 

So remember to hire a qualified installer only. It is 100% sure that shutters are going to take UV rays coming through your window. When an inexperienced installer does not get the frame at the perfect level, the shutter will bend to the new shape and cause cracks and damage. 

5. Cost of quality shutters:

This is the worst mistake you can make while deciding to invest in louvered shutters for your house by buying low-quality shutters which will not stand the test of time. At legends, we pride ourselves in giving our customers tested, warranted, and quality shutters, and we have also stood the test of time for decades. We provide prices ranging from good-to-better-to-best.


Hence every aspect of louvered shutters is essential to choose to make the most of your window treatment experience. Ensure the considerations mentioned above in your mind and get the perfect option for your house.

Good luck with your shutter shopping. If you search for best-louvered shutters, you can reach out to legends for all your shutters' needs!