The growing popularity of Bahama Shutters can be attributed to their ability to withstand a strong storm. They have a very tropical appearance that is largely functional because they protect your home against heavy storms. Bahama shutters come in different types so as to meet the dynamic preferences of homeowners.

Classifications of the Bahama shutter can be viewed From different angles. This helps you appreciate the unique features that the shutter offers to your house. It also explains why different people pick the Bahama as the shutter of choice.

Indoor vs Outdoor Shutters

Outdoor shutters are used for protecting the home against storms. They are riveted on the upper-outer section of the window especially in areas that are prone to storms. This means that the shutters will open upwards. This makes it easier to drop whenever the need arises, especially during an emergency storm.

Outdoor shutters have to be made of heavy material that can withstand battling by strong winds or a storm. Their design has to match the overall architectural feel of the house. This means that the colors and patterns chosen must be within the larger idea of the house or estate.

Indoor shutters are used to offer privacy as well as protect your interior furniture or floor From damage by direct sun rays. Interior shutters are usually made of very light material because they are not battered by heavy storms or debris. You have to consider them as part of your internal décor to ensure that they match each room.

What Distinguishes Bahama Shutter From Other Varieties?

The Bahama shutter can also be referred to as Bermuda Shutter. They are unique because they come with hinges at the top. This means that they are unique From the other varieties that are hinged on the side of the window. As a result of hinging at the top, they are usually made of a single panel.

The manner of the opening means that you will be pushing the shutter away. It has to be held in place by a special mechanism to prevent the shutter From falling back. This is unlike the other styles where you just push it outside and natural forces take over.

Materials Used To Make Bahama or Bermuda Shutters

A customer can distinguish different styles of Bahama Shutter by the material used in manufacture. Different materials have emerged over the years as enhancements or alternatives to traditional wooden shutters. They include aluminum Bahama shutters, original wood, and composite shutters.

Here are some shutter types of material and the advantages they offer to homeowners:

  • Wooden Bahama/Bermuda Shutters- wood is the traditional material used in the manufacture of shutters. It is easily available and can be manipulated to match personal taste. It gives your home a classical feel and allows the installation of Bermuda shutters on different home styles including colonial, Mediterranean, and Cape Cod, among others.

    Wood is preferred because it is natural and therefore very resistant to weather damage. Wood will last long and withstand the heavy storms that Bermuda shutters are built to handle. Wood only requires constant attention and appropriate treatment to protect it From weather damage. 

    Wood is expensive to buy and maintain. However, the price will depend on the variety of wood you buy. Luckily, wood offers numerous options in terms of color, texture, and strength. This means that you have enough options to meet your preferences.

  • Aluminum Bahama/Bermuda Shutters- aluminum is growing in popularity because it is easy to manufacture in large quantities. Since Bermuda shutters are designed to protect homes From storms, it has become the material of choice when one is looking for shutters that can withstand the battering.

    Aluminum can be provided in different colors. The Exterior Bahama shutters have to be installed in such a way that they will match your overall architectural design. Aluminum is easy to fabricate in different colors and textures as well as responsive to painting.

    The advantage of using aluminum shutters lies in their durability. The reinforced nature of aluminum means that it will survive a heavy storm and remain intact. This provides an assurance that your property and interior installations will remain intact even in the wake of a huge storm.

  • Composite Bahama/ Bermuda shutters- modern technology has paved the way for use of manufactured materials in the manufacture of shutters. Composite provides a blend of advantages ranging From durability to easy maintenance and more.

    Composite is more durable because it has been enhanced during manufacture. It is not easily beaten by the weather and will, therefore, last long. The material is also reinforced to be strong and withstand even the strongest winds or storm.

    Composite shutters are available in different designs and styles. The material is light and therefore easy to operate once installed. It does not require painting or a lot of maintenance attention. This makes the material preferable for most homeowners. It also provides options that will match any architectural style.

The choice of Bahama/Bermuda shutters delivers several advantages to homeowners. These advantages include:

  • Protection against storms- this is the main advantage that Bahama has over all other shutters. It is primarily designed to protect your interiors From storms and it performs the task extremely well.
  • Climate control and air conditioning- the design of Bermuda shutters allow you to control how much your window opens. This means that you can determine how hot or cold your home will be. By blocking direct sun rays into your house, you will avoid commercial air conditioning yet still achieve desired conditions.
  • Customizable- you can customize the Bermuda shutters according to personal preference. This is done by expert manufacturers who will help you meet your desired color, size and preference.
  • Privacy- Bermuda shutters will guarantee privacy without blocking fresh air or light into the house. This allows you to remain discrete inside the house during the day or night. You will still enjoy the natural feel of the interior with light and fresh air, thus guaranteeing comfort.

Bahama/Bermuda shutters offer numerous options to homeowners. These options range From material to be used which includes wood, composite and aluminum Bahama shutters, among others. Work with an expert in shutters to ensure that you enjoy the incredible benefits of the Bahama shutter style.