Shutters, like all other installations in the house get old and call for disposal. However, old window shutters can be re-purposed into structures that save resources and enhance the appearance of your home. You can do the repurposing using locally available tools and sometimes with mere creativity.

Repurposing enables you to avoid accumulation of debris in your store or garage. It is also a way to ensure prudent use of resources within the home. You can repurpose wooden, metallic, and even synthetic shutters. It will save you the cost of buying new installations for the structures you build using old shutters.

How can you repurpose old shutters in your house? Here are excellent tips and ideas.

1. Make A Closet Or Shelf

A good closet requires a strong base to hold the weight of materials used in construction and the clothes or accessories that will be stored. Shutters are made of a strong material such that they can be used to form a solid base. You may also opt to use other materials for the base and shutters for the sides and top.

Shutters are also made from strong materials that can be used to partition the closet into an upper and lower section. Slating on the shutter helps reduce its weight so that your closet is not too heavy. When shutters are used on the side, they ensure that your closet is well aerated. It will keep your clothes and other accessories fresh and free from mold.

The shutters also offer space to hook some of your clothes and accessories on the walls of your closet. Hooking is one of the tricks used to increase the size of your closet. A closet made of slated shutters will be light enough to move around during cleaning. Shutters are also stylish and help you avoid the block-wood used in the manufacture of closets.

2. Book Case

A book case helps you keep your documents organized. The books will also be easier to access when the need arises. The shutters can be used for partitioning upper and lower sections. Slates on shutters allow you to change the size of each shelve and need arises. The shutters guarantee sufficient aeration to protect the books from moisture damage.

3. Wall Decoration

A plain wall makes the house dull. A little interruption from shutters will break the monotony of plain colors in your room. The shutters can be cut into different sizes and painted in a variety of colors.

The patterns on the window shutters also act as decoration for your wall. They help you change the texture of your wall because it will cease to be a continuous smooth surface.

Shutters may be cut into different sizes and hung on the wall for decoration purposes. The shutters also come in different colors, an aspect that will disrupt the appearance of your wall. Shutters are a source of beauty on the wall.

4. A Vertical Garden

Old house shutters can be hung on the wall and used to create a magnificent vertical wall. Shutters come with a slatted surface that can be used to hook flower pots. The shutters create another dimension on your wall, adding to the beauty of your natural garden.

Shutters come in different colors. The background they provide for the vertical garden will enhance the beauty of the surface. The shutters provide a rough surface that can be used to train your climbing plants in the direction and design you desire. Since shutters come in light weight, they will not be too heavy for your wall to affect its structural integrity.

5. A Side Table

Each house has a side table where books, flower phases and decorative pieces are placed. An ordinary table with a solid top lacks the creativity that such space should feature. Use old window shutters to create a table by the side of your sitting or bedroom.

The table holds artistic items that should not be forced onto an ordinary table. A table with the surface made of old shutters also gives the corner a classic feel. The unconventional appearance of such a corner or space within your house adds to its beauty.

6. Mails, Cards and Key Holders

Slating on the shutter is an asset that will help you organize your mails, cards, magazines and even small books. The slates hold the light mails in place, with the wall providing the base to prevent your mails from falling to the floor.

A mail or card holder made of house shutters allows you to separate mails belonging to different people or departments. The subject of the mail is also visible, making it easier to retrieve mails or cards without wasting time perusing through all of the mails.

The card, mail and key holder can be placed by the door. Once residents of the house come in, they will hook their keys on the wall. The keys are easier to retrieve and also track in case they are in the hands of other family members.

7. Photo Gallery

It is exciting to get into a house and see a range of photos on the wall. Hooking these photos on the wall may damage the aesthetics of such a room. A rail frame on your wall is also an ordinary way of hanging photos on the wall. Wooden window shutters provide a slated surface to hung the photos instead of using nails or the rail.

The shutters also change the appearance of the gallery section to add a bit of texture and depth. A single nail will be used on your wall yet the shutter will hold multiple photos. You have an exclusive section for photo viewing.

Repurposing your old house shutters requires creativity. You must also guarantee the safety and integrity of structures that will be made using these old shutters. Repurposing should leave your space or home looking beautiful, artistic, and more organized.