For the past two years, most of us are spending our time at home, with many of us now doing work from home as a more permanent thing and planning some home changes! Designing a home, renovating it, or just wanting to make it look more appealing, requires a lot of challenges which can be done with a great deal of planning. Every homeowner wants to have their home of dreams where they will feel most alive, comfortable, and safe. 

You can succeed in fulfilling this dream of yours by just getting the right style of shutters for your home. It is not a difficult or confusing task. Our guide in choosing the right style of shutters for your home will navigate you through the best elements to consider to make sure you make the right decision for your home. 

Useful tips for choosing the right style of shutters for your home 

Let’s get started!

1. The most important is to set your budget

Before you directly go to purchase the shutters for your home, ensure to set your budget first. Whether it is a DIY project or you are doing it with the help of a contractor, ensure that your budget supports it from start to end. Your budget will totally depend on the number of windows your house has, the size of window coverings, shape, and materials you go with. Setting your budget will make it easier to put together your window shutter in style. 

2. Choose the right materials that fit your budget

There are various choices of materials to choose from to add value to your home. 

  • Wood is the most commonly used material for shutters because of its authenticity and versatility. You can cut, paint, seal, and stain them according to your choice. Cedar and pine make a stylish shutter type.
  • Vinyl can easily handle the UV rays and is highly recommended for properties where the heat of the sun is might be high. They are light in weight and can last for a long duration of time without any maintenance and fixing. 
  • Composite wood: They are also known as faux wood. They have a wood-like feel while requiring very little maintenance as compared to real wood. They have high durability and proper stiffness so are a great choice for tall or wide shutters. 
  • Aluminum: They are durable and do not require any maintenance. Additionally, the metal does not scratch easily which makes it best for spaces that experience high wind debris or hail. 

3. Check what style of shutter is perfect for your home

It is important to identify the type of home you are living in so that accordingly, you can start to look into the various styles of shutters. 

  • Louvered shutters: Louvered shutters have angled slats that allow the sunlight and a breeze to easily pass through. They have a well-known defined look that is suited for any window coverings. They are fixed to the side of the window coverings. 
  • Board and batten shutters: They are made from individual wood boards which are joined together with smaller cross pieces called battens. Board and batten shutters are one of the most versatile and stylish options that can be molded into any shape based on the design of your window. Because of the simplicity of Batten board shutters, they work well into the rustic look of farmhouses, cabins, cottage houses, European, and mission styles.

  • Plantation shutters: Plantation shutters or southern-style homes are less expensive and are highly desirable. They help to keep your room warm in winters and cool in summers which makes them more valuable. One of the most important features of plantation shutters is that you can easily install them yourself. 

  • Paneled shutters: They are best suited for colonial-style homes. Panel shutters are common where the temperature is very cold, and where snow, ice, heavy storms can damage the window coverings. They are perfect for blocking out bad weather conditions and bright lights. 

4, Properly size shutters to your windows

Make sure to fit the shutters correctly to your window covering. They should be the mirror image of your windows. Every shutter should match the length of your window. Also, ensure to check the spaces between the windows while measuring the width of the shutter. Remember you are creating your home appear that must aim to engross and fascinate the imagination. So make sure your shutters must match the style of your home geographical region and should fit properly to the shape and size of your window. 

5. Choose the color scheme that suits your lifestyle

Generally, white shutters tend to be the most common choice of homeowners because of their versatility, durability, and style that works well with almost any decor within your house. However, currently, we have seen a trend toward a black type of house shutters. With the growing popularity of darker shades, they complement the home decor well and help to increase the curb appeal of your home. Also to add a pop of color you can go with pastel colors as well. 


We hope this guide helps you to make the right decision. With a little restyling and creativity, you can make your home brighten with the fascinating and unique decorative style of shutters. Do not get surprised when your home becomes a hot conversational topic among your friends and neighbors. In addition, do not forget to check our collection of the black type of house shutters on our website. 

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