Homeowners and property developers have to decide on the shutters to install. Aluminum is a traditional option when choosing shutters for your house. However, vinyl is slowly becoming a preferred option. To choose between these two types of shutters, one needs to look at the pros and cons of each material.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters are a contemporary option in the market. They are manufactured to resemble traditional shutters like wood and steel. They are a perfect substitute for wooden shutters that are considered expensive.

The advantage of Using Vinyl Shutters

1. Affordable: vinyl shutters are always affordable compared to wood and steel. The reduction in cost comes from the use of artificial materials in manufacture. They will also last longer and therefore cost you less in the long run.

    Traditionally, wooden shutters came in very conservative designs. If you needed dynamic and progressive designs, you had to pay a premium price. This trend has changed with the development of vinyl shutters. Vinyl provides an option to get multiple designs that will match your architectural preferences.

    2. Durable: vinyl does not succumb to natural elements easily. It will survive harsh weather like storms, rain, and wind several seasons. This saves you the trouble of frequent maintenance requirement and eventual replacement.

    Durability is also determined by the ability to take the hit and survive during a storm. Vinyl will survive a storm, excess moisture and humidity without cracking. This means that you can use vinyl in any environment.

    3. Maintenance: keeping vinyl shutters in perfect shape does not require any extra cost. To keep the color or perfect appearance, you just need to wipe the dust or debris off the surface. This is one reason why a lot of people prefer vinyl. .

    Vinyl does not crack or change color because it is exposed to the sun or harsh weather. This makes it a perfect option when you are looking for low budget shutters. Once you install vinyl shutters, they will remain in place for years before requiring maintenance or replacement attention.

    While vinyl is the present day preferred material for shutters, it comes with a few disadvantages that are worth pondering whenever you are making a choice. These disadvantages include-

    • Limited colors: manufacturers have a tendency of using common colors during production. This makes it almost impossible to find vinyl shutters of a unique color. The situation is made worse by the fact that the shutters are usually not painted. You have to install and live with a colour that you are not comfortable with.
    • Unmatching the house: vinyl is usually not repainted. This means that it maintains its color when you are renewing the appearance of your house. While the other areas acquire a new appearance, your shutters will maintain the old appearance.

    Aluminum is the other material commonly used in the manufacture of shutters. Aluminum Bahama shutters are usually installed to protect homes from hurricanes and storms. This means that you will need a solid material and one that can withstand a beating from a storm.

    The use of aluminum is aimed at providing durability and resilience in the wake of a storm. In fact, aluminum is the second most popular option after wood. But why should you choose aluminum for your shutters and what disadvantages should you look out for?

    Advantages Of Aluminum Shutters

    • Versatile application: aluminum can be used for both interior and exterior shutters. They come in a wide range of colors and designs. They also come in multiple colors and can be customized to fit windows of unique designs. The versatile application means that you have endless options when installing shutters on windows.
    • Neat in appearance: shutters are used for enhancing the value and appearance of a house beyond providing protection. You can use aluminum shutters of different designs and varieties to enhance the appearance of your property. The material allows the manufacture of unique shutters. This ensures adequate protection against sunlight and blocking heat, among other elements.
    • Durable: aluminum is a strong material that can withstand beating during a storm. Even in the absence of a storm, aluminum will last for years without requiring replacement or repairs. This saves you money and gives you peace of mind knowing that your interior is safe.
    • Affordable: the cost of aluminum cannot compare to wood or steel. Though it is not as cheap as vinyl, aluminum is reasonably priced when used in the manufacture of shutters. This allows you to enjoy high-quality shutters at a reasonable price.
    • Affordable : the cost of aluminum cannot compare to wood or steel. Though it is not as cheap as vinyl, aluminum is reasonably priced when used in the manufacture of shutters. This allows you to enjoy high-quality shutters at a reasonable price.
    • While aluminum shutters might appear like the real deal for homeowners, there are a few disadvantages that you are supposed to be aware of. They will help you manage expectations and utilize the shutters appropriately.
    • Lack of Authentic Appearance: the appearance of aluminum shutters is not as appealing as that of wood. This pushes many people away from the option. The use of aluminum might, therefore, deny you the opportunity to sell a property at a competitive price.
    • Durability: though aluminum is a metal and considered durable, it requires a lot of care to achieve this durability. Aluminum requires regular painting and cleaning to keep it away from lust. In case the storm is severe, there is a possibility of damage and bending. This makes durability of aluminum conditional.

    The choice between aluminum bahama shutters and vinyl shutters depends on personal preference and purpose for installation. Consult experts on shutters to guide you when making a choice. Weigh the options to find the material that best suits your situation and needs.