Want to give a facelift to your house? From texture selections to paint color, you must have decided on all big things. But some small things make an enormous difference, and hinges are one of them.

What does hinge mean?

The word hinge comes from the word hang. Hinges are the essential hardware that allows doors to pivot on one edge when they open and close. They are used to connect two parts and rotate relative to each other about a fixed axis.

 Like the human body consists of joints, every building consists of hinges that hold the door and windows together as a whole. The hook's central axis movement ensures that the windows, doors, cabinets, and gates opened and closed quickly. So hinges play an important role no matter what quality materials or your building type. 

Therefore to avoid any confusion, We have done the task straightforward for you! 

Here we share with you all the different types of hinges available to help you choose the best hinge as per your requirement. Take a quick look at the options available below and check if they can help you and your family choose the right door hinges

A. Exterior door hinges 

If you are looking for exterior shutters hinges, you must consider the factors like strength, durability, and ability to stand up to heavy storm weather. Also, they must be responsible for keeping your home safe from intruders and criminals. If the exterior door hinges are weak, they might break under pressure. Check some of the options available for exterior window black shutters as well.

1. The butt hinge

These are among the most popular types of hinge used on passage doors, entry doors, and cabinet doors. They have two identical leaves. One leaf is movable, connected to a door while the other is a fix attached to a door jamb. Then, the leaves connect to a curled barrel which allows the door to open. This type of hinge is also called a mortise hinge. 

Tip: We suggest you check the material properly to avoid any corrosion and ensure that they have a coating of stainless steel on it.

All love butt hinges because they withstand the weight of heavy metal windows and hold ball bearings easily. 

2. The flush hinge

Such hinges are smaller than the butt hinges as they allow only one leaf to fit inside the other. One of the benefits of using such hinges is that they do not require any corner to cut in the door or any place wherever you want to install them. Also, there's no gap or space between the frames, therefore gives a clean appearance. However, they are not ideal for use in bulky furniture and are less sturdy. They are best suited for lightweight cupboards, doors, and cabinets. 

3. The pivot hinge

They are designed for overlay doors, where one part is mounted on top of the door and the other one on the bottom. One of the key advantages of using the pivot hinge is that this does not block the door to open in both directions and is mounted at far ends, giving a seamless view. 

B. Interior door hinges

If it is essential to think about the doors which lead into your house, there are various other doors inside that also require hinges. Numerous interior door hinges are available and come in all shapes and sizes. Thus you must know about interior door hinges so that you can choose the right selection of your needs. 

4. The butterfly door hinge

The name given to this type of hinge is because of its shape. The shape of a butterfly and an excellent finish make the butterfly hinge an exciting piece of design for interior doors. However, this hinge is not suitable for heavyweight doors. So it best used in applications where the hinge would be visible such as boxes, cabinets, and other interior furniture. 

5. Piano hinges

It is one of the most classic interior hinges that can fix the furniture in style. They mostly come in a brass coating and give the whole interior a subtle hint of elegance. It is ideal for two objects to be joined together, such as a desktop or a cupboard door. Being a durable option, this type of hinges can distribute the weight of the window uniformly and therefore do not crack or damage. 

6. The concealed hinge

As the name suggests, they cannot be seen and called invisible hinges. This hinge is right for those who want to flaunt the design of their door. The two-door parts of the concealed hinge include pivot and bracket. They are ideal to use on the cabinet and furniture doors. 

Factors to consider while finalizing a hinge:

  • Consider the look of the material so that it matches well with the interior face of the house.
  • Ensure that it is fire resistant from a safety point of view.
  • Check if the material of the hinge is corrosion-resistant for stormy weather.
  • There are various types of hinges available in different sizes, so choose the appropriate size to avoid inconvenience.
  • The quality and cost come last, but they are most important while opting for a hinge type.


We hope that the above details provided will help you to choose the right hinges for your space. So hinge on guys, go ahead and pick the best of the lot for your house. 

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