A home is one of the most valuable investments in life. As such, it requires topnotch maintenance through quality improvements. Installation of window shutters is one of the most practical home improvement ideas. While wood shutters go back to the ancient civilizations, aluminum shutters have emerged as a worthy alternative.

Fusing Beauty and Functionality

Window shutters blend aesthetics and functionality. They give a dash of elegance to your home while at the same time providing privacy, protection against storms and natural air/light control among other functions.

Whatever your home’s architectural style, you can find suitable outdoor shutters to spice up its curb appeal. These fixtures also improve your home’s market value. Home buyers look for such additions when comparing properties.

Why are Aluminum Shutters so Popular?

It is advisable to assess the shutter market when looking for material for outdoor shutters. By looking at what other homeowners have to say about different materials and styles, you can make an informed choice. Talking to suppliers and your contractor will also give you an idea of the best shutters to use.

For your forthcoming shutter project, you should consider the versatile aluminum shutter material for several reasons. A close look at the home industry will reveal that most property owners opt for these stylish and modern shutters.
This guide shares some of the reasons for aluminum’s popularity in window shutter manufacturing.

1. Corrosion Resistance

Outdoor shutters suffer exposure to the elements and this makes them susceptible to weather damage. In the process of storm protection, shutters can suffer water damage and you need a material that can withstand such exposure. Aluminum is corrosion-resistant making it perfect for outdoor window shutters.

2. Effective Storm Protection

Aluminum is a sturdy and durable material and when used for outdoor window shutters, it offers maximum protection. You don’t have to worry about the safety of windows or your indoor belongings during a storm. Once you close the shutters, they will protect your home against the ravages of storms.

3. Lightweight Construction

The best materials for shutters construction should be light and easy to install. Working with wood is problematic due to its weight whether you need aesthetic or functional shutters.

One of the greatest advantages of aluminum in construction is its lightweight nature. This makes it ideal for shutter making as the fixtures have to hang from a frame. A bulky material would otherwise result in regular damage of hardware used in shutter installation.

4. Modern Stylish Look

If you are after a contemporary look for your home, you should consider aluminum window shutters. They are minimalist, stylish and blend easily with the modern architectural designs. The straight lines and sharp angles fit perfectly on the contemporary window designs.

5. Durability

When shopping for the best shuttering material for your windows, it is important to go for a durable material. The best shutters should last for years with minimal maintenance.

This is one of the reasons more homeowners go for aluminum in their homes. It is a sturdy and durable material despite its lightweight nature.

6. Versatility

The best thing about aluminum is that the material is easy to work with and form into different designs. For window shutters, you can customize aluminum into the most popular styles ranging from paneled, louvered, board and batten (sometimes called BnB) and Bahama, sliding shutters, plantation, cut-out style, and combination styles among others.

It is also possible to powder-coat aluminum metal into a wide range of colors. If you want your shutters to blend seamlessly with the rest of the décor, aluminum is the material to use.

7. Cost-effective Shutters

The cost of wood in construction has continued rising over the years. With more concern for the environment, the best wood doesn’t come cheap. Aluminum has emerged as the most affordable alternative to wood.

Aluminum shutters for windows are cheaper and don’t require costly maintenance. This is one of the more affordable window treatments on the market today. Many homeowners, however, avoid it for the fear that the sleek shutters will cost more than wood.

8. Energy Efficiency

Operating shutters made from lightweight aluminum is easy. They open wide to allow natural air and light when you need it. These shutters also close snugly to block out light and heat.

They are thus ideal for improving energy efficiency in your home. If you are after privacy, it is easy to close and open these shutters to the best position. You can even incorporate a motor to the outdoor shutters for easier operation.

9. Low Maintenance

When thinking of a good home improvement project, you have to evaluate its long term impact. For shutters, you have to consider they are prone to the elements and the material used has to be tough.

More importantly, consider the cost of maintenance and add it to the initial cost of investment. Aluminum requires no specialized care. Once you install the shutters, you don’t have to polish or repaint them. Washing the frame and panels with water and soap and hosing them down is enough to restore them to maintain them in pristine conditions.

10. Security

Burglars enter your home through the easiest point of entry. Windows are a good target because once a pane breaks, the rest is easy.

By installing the sturdy aluminum window shutters, you will deter illegal entry into your home. A burglar will need special tools to cut through the shutters and get to the windows. These shutters thus enhance security at your home.


So you have decided on window shutters for your next home improvement project? Well, you need to choose the best material for this window treatment. Aluminum shutters are an effective and efficient choice due to their sturdy nature, lightweight construction, durability and low-maintenance. You can order customized shutters tailored to your window’s dimensions because this is a versatile material.

If you want to redefine the look of your home while at the same time enhancing safety and security, aluminum window shutters will do the job.