The best way to experience the fantastic quality of outdoor shutters is to touch them yourself. You should make a list and send free samples to decide on how your preferred material and finishes should feel and look.

Note that while samples may represent material finish, color, and elliptical shape, the actual order may vary depending on your selection. Therefore, if you prefer to use a color selector, ensure that you confirm the colors once the technician delivers shutters onsite.

Trying before you buy is an assurance that products match your style and personal taste, especially for custom window coverings. The following tips will guide you on the importance of ordering color and shutter samples to your satisfaction.

Importance of Colored Shutters

The color of your window shutters has a significant impact on the appearance of your home. Often, these colors are used to expose the accent color of your outdoor color scheme. Most outdoor color platelets use different colors.

The base color takes much of the area for it covers most of the exterior walls. The trim color which is mostly cream or white also occupies much of the exterior. Notably, Victorian houses and Tudor usually use a dark trim for their exterior.

You may decide to be more creative with your trim color by incorporating a hue into the exterior color scheme. Ensure that you consider the relationship between the shutter color and window trim for they will be right next to one another.

Besides, every home has an accent color that expresses other details, such as the color of the doors and shutters. The color offers an ample opportunity to showcase your creativity as it is easy to change. You should consider it as the part of your outdoor platelet that is most flexible in Hue.
Expect to experience a significant variation in your home's accent color than the trim or base color, both of which remain neutral. Therefore, let your personality shine through the application of accent color.

So why is the exterior shutter color a great deal? Well, the accent color can be the one to bring other colors into an agreement. It can also make your home pop, primarily when it acts as a standout color. Consider the exterior shutter color as an opportunity to demonstrate your personality, creativity, and style.

As you order color and shutter samples consider the following outdoor shutter colors according to their best application.

Top 8 Shutter Colors

• Black Shutters

They are known for the touch of elegance and definition that they add. They also work well on any home regardless of the base color. The traditional and timeless shutters blend in with exterior colors such as grey, white, red, and brown. In addition to complementing concrete, stone, and brick, black shutters flatter beautifully in any context.

• White Shutters

These shutters may be considered second in popularity for their cleanliness and brightness. Their timelessness enhances its broad spectrum of contemporary material and colors. White shutters will make your windows appear more significant, especially when the window trim is also white.

They produce an excellent match for both neutral colors and bolds alike. Composite shutters of this color are a safe bet for your exterior and provide a stunning combination when paired with other natural shakes or stones.

• Red Shutters

The vibrancy and boldness of these shutters make them a popular choice that makes your home have a classic look. Depending on the shade of the color, other exteriors complement the shutters differently. While dark red shutters look great on deeper colors like brown, navy, and brown, bright red works well with white, blue, yellow, brick, and tan stone.

• Blue Shutters

Pretty looks make these shutters serene and charming. You can opt for the navy if you want to show levels of seriousness and cornflower for grounding and pretty exposure. Medium blues are an ultimate choice for aluminum shutters which go well with anything.

• Green Shutters

The tranquil and verdant shutters entail deep hues such as Charleston green and hunter green. The shades of green are popular, especially in wooden exterior shutters since colonial times thus providing a traditional look. Lighter sage green is gaining popularity, especially on natural materials and earth-tone homes.

• Grey Shutters

The modern and classic shutters are suitable for a variety of homes. The color is known for its staying power and plays nicely with other colors. Gray shutters give a subtle nod and a subdued statement to an existing design without going over the top.

• Brown Shutters

If you emphasize earth tones, you must like the stately and handsome look of these shutters. Brown Vinyl shutters work well on brown brick, stone, and concrete and make them look refined and polished.

• Purple Shutters

The elegance and mystery of this colorwork well with exterior platelets as a bold color choice. Composite shutters of this color are more versatile and work well with brick, stone, and tan. The color also looks good with shades of gray or blue.

How to Order and Decide On Color Samples

  • It would be hard to tell the feel and look of the colors of the shutters just by viewing them online. For that reason, ensure you see and touch the actual sample for a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Confirm that the final product comes From the same dye lot as the sample. Wooden exterior shutters may have colors that slightly vary due to a difference in dye lots.
  • Consider your need for the product. While aluminum shutters are best for entryways, Vinyl shutters are only suitable for windows.
  • Ensure that you sample energy-efficient composite shutters if there is intense direct sunlight through your windows. Further, select samples not only for their impressive look but also for their functionality.

How to Examine Samples

  • Live with the samples taped on your walls to see how they play off one another and their design inspiration.
  • Use different lights to look at them. It includes lamp light and dark windows, especially if you are considering treatment options, room darkening, or light filtering. Expect the room to be darker at night, especially when using wooden exterior shutters.
  • Get a second opinion From friends and family. You do not have to take the advice, but it would be helpful. This step will help you decide and identify what works for you.
  • After living with the samples and gathering sufficient information, you will be ready to put aside unwanted colors and shutters. You should then order a clear choice From a professional service provider.

As you can see, it is vital to experience samples color and shutters before making a complete order. You can go contemporary, classic, bold, or subtle, depending on your preference. Ensure that the shutters and colors that you choose resonate with your taste.