Window shutters are the most popular home improvement ideas. They have both functional and aesthetic roles at your home. Due to exposure to the elements, your window treatment might require an upgrade after some time. Even the best outdoor shutters deteriorate with time due to water damage, UV light effect, physical damage, fading and other issues.

At this point, you will need to upgrade the window treatment but what happens to your old exterior shutters? Most homeowners don’t think twice about disposing of their old exterior shutters. They see no use in the faded or broken fittings. However, with a little creativity, you can reuse these fitting in many awesome ways.

If you are always looking for bold and innovative ideas to improve your home, don’t throw out those old shutters. This guide explores different ways of reusing these fittings and the benefits.

1. Create a Bookcase

Love books? Whether you love reading or not, you likely have books lying around your house. It is not easy to organize books on shelves and this is where a bookcase comes handy. But why buy a new bookcase when you can build one from old window shutters? It is not only a decorative fitting for your living room but also a functional one.

2. Build A Beautiful Closet

Wondering what to do with those old outdoor shutters? Before you throw them out, consider building a lovely closet for one of your rooms. If you have louvered panels, for instance, these can make sides of a closet and two doors.

You can add shelves to your recycled closet and use it in any of your rooms. It is a unique addition to your décor and will serve a useful function for your family.

3. Repurposed Coffee Table

Every home can do with an extra coffee table and there’s no need to spend money on one. If you have old shutters, a little creativity is all you need to build a DIY coffee table.

The panel will form the tabletop and you only have to get sturdy legs to complete the amazing coffee table.

4. Stylish Toilet Paper Organizer

Those old house shutters can also turn into a stylish toilet paper organizer. A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your living space. You need lovely and functional décor fitting in there and furnishing this space is costly.

Instead of throwing out your old window shutters, you can build a simple yet awesome toilet organizer. One shutter is enough for a toiler organizer, and you can add a few fitting to create a tissue holder.

5. Jewelry Holder/organizer

If you love beautiful jewelry, you’ll agree that storing the same is not easy. Storing necklaces in your jewelry box causes problems as they become entangled with other items.

A wall jewelry organizer can solve this. You can use those worn out shutters to make a beautiful jewelry storage point in your bedroom. It is a safe and convenient way to store your jewelry.

6. Wall Organizer

Many homeowners have a problem organizing the little stuff in their daily lives. A wall command center is one of the decorative ideas recommended by interior designers to solve this problem. You can now build a wall organizer from old shutters.

One or two panels are enough and you only have to select the most appropriate section of the wall for the command center. You can store your mail, kids’ artwork, coupons, reminders and other things you need to see daily on this organizer.

7. Epic Headboard

What’s missing in your bedroom? Of course, you have a comfortable bed but there’s more you can do to make it even greater. Think of a headboard made of old louver shutters. It is not the first idea that comes to mind when decorating your bedroom but it will have an instant impact.

8. Shutter Mug Rack

How organized is your kitchen? Many homeowners have a problem maintaining their kitchen spin and span. There’s so much stuff to organize and this spills over to tables and counter-tops.

Before throwing out those old shutters, why not think of building a mug ruck. Shutter mug rack saves you space and helps organize your kitchen.

One shutter board is enough and you only have to add mug holders or nails to complete the project. Choose a section of the wall where the mug ruck is prominent as it also adds a dash of style to the room.

9. A Rustic Shutter Bench

Shutter boards are sturdy and durable and before throwing them out, you should consider the functional items you can create. For instance, a shutter bench is a great addition to your home. You have tables all around the house and you can use such a bench to create more seating space.

10. Gorgeous herb Planter

If you have a garden, you are always on the lookout for new ideas to make it look better. Adding a herb planter is one such idea and you reuse house shutters for this purpose.

Look for mason jars for your herbs and then hand them on the shutter panel at the best position on your garden.

Why Reuse Your Old Shutters?

Recycling and reusing is now an integral part of home maintenance. There’s a big movement pushing for recycling of household waste to save plane earth.

By repurposing those old shutters, you’ll reduce waste in landfills while also reducing the emission of harmful pollutants when transporting the waste. This might not look like a big deal but you’ll have contributed to environmental conservation in a big way.

Reusing your old outdoor window shutters also saves you money as you can create wonderful decorations and functional appliances. From tables to wall organizers, there’s so much you can do with recycled exterior shutters. This is also a great opportunity to let your creative juices flow. Using your imagination is one of the best ways to improve your overall wellbeing.

Final Thoughts

These are only a few of the shutter repurposing ideas and there’s no limit to what you can do with this project. The best thing about this DIY project is that you save money, make your home look great and make a contribution to environmental conservation. Next time you want to upgrade your outdoor shutters, save the old panels for these and more incredible DIY ideas.