Windows form a large part of your home’s decor, and due to their size, they are easy to notice in the living room. If you plan to improve your home’s interior or exterior decor, window treatment should thus top your list of priorities. By giving your living room windows the best treatment, you will not only improve your home’s curb appeal but also create ambiance in the interior living space.

You have an option to choose From multiple window treatment ideas including window shutters, blinds, drapery and curtains, shades, window painting, valances etc.

This article explores these different window treatments in more details to help you make an informed choice. Keep reading to find the best treatment for your windows.

What’s the Importance of Window Treatments Anyway?

Before you choose any window treatment for your home, you need to appreciate the value this home improvement project will bring to your home. Window treatments serve the following functions:

  • Decorative purpose: From Bahama shutters, Roman shades, tassel fringed curtains, abstractly printed curtains, and striped valence to whimsically printed curtains, there’s a wide range of awesome window treatment options that enhance your home’s aesthetics. The window treatment you choose will add a touch of style and elegance to your property making you a proud homeowner.
  • Functional purposes: Different window treatments play different crucial functions including protection against extreme weather, natural air, and light control, improving privacy, energy savings among other functions. When choosing a particular treatment for your windows, look for a system that serves a function in your home.
  • Home value: Home buyers look for home additions and fittings that make the property better such as window shutters.
  • Beauty meets function: Some window treatments such as curtains and shutters play multiple functions by perfectly blending aesthetics and function.

Different Window Treatment Ideas for your living room

Window Shutters

Exterior window shutters are among the most popular types of window treatments for your living room. If you want to add a dash of elegance to your living space, you can choose From among different interior and exterior shutter styles including:

  • Lovely Louvered shutters (exterior)
  • Raised Panel shutters (exterior)
  • Board and Batten shutters (exterior)
  • Shaker Style shutters (interior)
  • Plantation shutters (exterior)
  • Café Style shutters (interior)
  • Cut-Out Shutters (exterior)
  • Scandinavian shutters (exterior)
  • Combination shutters (exterior)

When selecting a particular shutter style for your living room, you have to consider the best shutter material including vinyl, synthetic foam, MDF (medium density fiber), faux wood and wood. Compare these shutter materials in terms of low-maintenance, durability, availability, and cost, ease of customization and versatility of use for interior and exterior shutters.

Shutters are a great window treatment option because they add value to your home, enhance curb appeal, provide privacy, protect against storms and extreme weather and add a dash of style in the interior decor.

Window Drapery Curtains

Curtains are the most popular interior window treatments and they come in a versatile range of styles. Drapery blends aesthetics and function making it a popular choice with homeowners who want more From their home improvement ideas.

You can play around with drapery and curtain colors and styles to create the desired decor in your home. Most homeowners love curtains because they are easy to customize for their preferred decor. It is also possible to use drapery and curtains with other forms of window treatment such as blinds to improve privacy and enable better control of temperatures indoors.

With curtains, you can bathe your living room with natural light any time you need to. Drapery is a quick way to dress your windows and enhance aesthetics in your living room.

There are multiple drapes and curtain styles to choose From and you can always play around with the patterning to achieve a fabulous interior decor style. From taffeta window curtains, blinds and curtains combo, whimsically printed curtains, sea green curtains, to chevron curtains, there’s no limit to the curtain styles you can choose for your living room.

Window Shades

Shades are another popular window treatment option and they come in various styles. Shades can dramatically transform an otherwise bland looking living room and make it a beauty. Some of the most popular window shades include:

  • Roman shades: made From one long, continuous piece of fabric.
  • Solar shades: also known as window sunglasses and designed to filter sunlight for a greater degree of light control
  • Cellular shades: made of fabric configured into honeycomb cells for increased energy efficiency
  • Woven wood shades: Stylish shades made of reeds, grasses, or sustainable materials.
  • Sheer and semi-sheer shades: Best window treatment for windows which don’t require a lot of privacy.
  • Roller shades: You can choose roller shades to form a huge variety of fabric choices and lifting systems. Best window treatment for blocking and filtering sunlight and used in combination with drapes or valances,
  • Pleated shades: Look like slats due to having many more horizontal folds
  • Motorized Shades: Mechanical shades operated with a simple push of a button for increased convenience
  • Bamboo and Bali shades: Perfect shades for global, Asian, and African decor and they have the same appearance as a sushi-rolling mat. They are sturdy, versatile and affordable.


Window blinds are not only beautiful but also perform important functions including providing privacy, natural light control, and ventilation. You can choose From among vertical blinds, panel blinds, Venetian blinds, micro-blinds.

Common materials used in making blinds include wood, faux wood, plastic, metal, paper, natural and synthetic fabrics. You can also choose manual or automatic operations for your window blinds. There are various blind design s including thermal, sheer, cordless, top-down, blackout blinds among others. Depending on your preferences, you can go for ready-made or custom blinds for the best impact in your living room.

Now that your living room is where your family relaxes and entertains guests, it is important to choose the best window treatments to make this room lively. Go for Composite shutters that easily customizable to suit your preferred decor. You can also opt for different styles of window shades. blinds, drapery or curtains to improve the aesthetics in your living room. When choosing any form of window treatment, consider the rest of the interior decor and go for an easy-to-customize window treatment.