If you are thinking of a shutter system for your house, wooden shutters should top your list. These are the most popular shutters on the market and for many good reasons. Over the decades, wood shutters also known as plantation shutters have spread across the country. Today, they serve both a functional and decorative function in many types of homes.

Why Wooden Shutters?

While there are many shutters materials on the market, wood remains dominant among homeowners. Here are some reasons to consider these shutters:

> Enhanced privacy: Wood shutters can cover an entire window thus improving privacy in your house.

> Sound and thermal insulation: Wood is a great material for sound and thermal insulation. With the shutters closed, you can keep away the noises and control the temperatures in the house.

> Natural air and light control: These shutters allow you to control natural air and light into the house. They are great for energy savings.

> UV protection: Wood shutters block away harmful UV light to protect your family and belongings such as furniture and carpeting inside the house.

> Low-maintenance: Unlike curtains or blinds, wooden Bahama shutters require minimal maintenance. It is easy to wipe or clean these shutters just like you would your furniture.

> Curb appeal: Wood exterior shutters add a dash of classical style to your home. They are the original shutter systems and have a distinct vintage feel to them.

> Longevity and durability: Solid wood window treatment lasts longer and won’t require constant repairs.

If you want a stylish, protective, yet low-maintenance shutter system for your home, it is time to consider using wood treatment for your windows.

Practical Shutter Care and Maintenance

Like with all wood fittings, you can increase the functionality and lifespan of your window shutters through proper care and maintenance. Below are some practical tips to help you care for this wooden window treatment.

1. Regular Shutter Inspection

Now that you don’t look at exterior shutters every day, it is easy to forget about them until it is too late. Homeowners focus on the interior décor and furnishings during cleaning and overlook the equally important exterior shutters.

You should take a proactive outlook on home maintenance by carefully inspecting every aspect of the house. Wooden window shutters require regular inspection to detect any storm damage, mold or mildew growth, and other such issues.

Such extensive inspection helps deal with emerging problems early enough. You can use an existing warranty to repair or replace the shutters or call in a window contractor to deal with minor or major damage. It is the first step in caring and maintaining wooden Bahama shutters in the best shape.

2. Regular Dusting

Wood fittings or furniture easily collect dirt due to exposure. The easiest maintenance tip is to regularly wipe the shutters just like you do with your furniture and other household items. Most homeowners dust their households every week but overlook the shutters.

If you want your wood interior or exterior shutters to look great, you should wipe them with a soft damp cloth regularly. This prevents dirt buildup which would affect the appeal of the shutters. You should inspect the spaces between the slats and also wipe the hardware carefully.

3. Stain Removal

Staining is one of the problems you have to deal with when caring for wood shutters due to their exposure to the weather.

Before dusting or cleaning the window shutters, check the panels to identify and remove any stains. Stain removal requires scrubbing with a soft cloth or using a wood cleaner for stubborn stains. Once you remove the stain, it is easier to dust and clean the shutter surface and restore it.

4. Vacuuming

Vacuuming is one of the most effective techniques to maintain wood shutters in the best shape. For this, you need a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment, cleaning liquid and a microfiber duster.

Vacuuming over the wooden slats gets rid of all the dust particles and makes your shutters as good as new. After you have removed the stains and wiped the shutters, there’s still a lot of dust and other foreign matters. Using a vacuum over the shutter clears such materials.

5. Use a Suitable/Recommended Cleaner

One of the most effective techniques to maintain wooden shutters in optimal condition is through regular cleaning. For these shutters, you should use only the recommended cleaner to avoid damaging the wood.

While most people use dish-washing liquid with water on their wood furniture, it is not the best maintenance technique for your shutters. The wood used for shutter systems undergoes a special treatment to withstand the elements and hence requires a dilute wood cleaner to clean.

6. Removing the Shutters for Cleaning

If you want to clean the shutters thoroughly, you should consider removing the unit for a more effective job. It is safer to remove the shutters and cleaning them on the ground. You can also identify any problems with the wood surface or the hardware easily when handling the shutters on the ground.

7. Paint your Shutters for Protection

Painting is one of the most effective techniques when caring for wooden fixtures. For window shutters, painting restores the window treatment to its former glory while also offering better protection against the elements. If you want to give your windows a makeover, start preparing for a paint job.

8. Finishing the Shutters

Polishing is a great way to improve the appearance of old shutters. It works for both painted and unpainted wood shutters. After cleaning, leave the shutters to dry and then apply the recommend wood furnish. This also enhances protection against the elements.

9. Professional Cleaning Services

Modern lifestyles are hectic and you might never get time to inspect and clean your shutters. A professional cleaning service can do the job for you. Schedule regular shutter cleaning to care for your wood shutters and improve their life span. Cleaning companies have the expertise and tools to do a great job.

Final Thoughts

Wooden shutters are cool, classy, durable and functional. They are a great addition to your home. However, they can only work if you properly care for them throughout their life. These practical tips will help you get started on proper care for your wooden exterior shutters.