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Choosing the Right Shutter Materials

There’s no question that exterior shutters add curb appeal and character to your home. The area where most homeowners are uncertain is…what kind of decorative shutter should you buy? The variety of materials and prices can be confusing, so here’s the breakdown:

Wood Shutters: Best choice for Traditional Charm

Wood shutters are the preferred choice for traditional tastes. They have a great deal of warmth and charm, with Western Red Cedar being the most popular wood used. They are moderately priced but do require considerable time and expense to finish and maintain. Wood shutters are substantial enough to be used as operable shutters (ones that open, close and latch for noise, light, storm or security protection), or just to spruce up a home’s exterior. 

Composite Shutters: Best choice for Flexible Design

Composite Shutters are created from a proprietary material that is milled just like a wood and has a very realistic wood look. The composite material is more expensive than wood, but much longer lasting and easier to paint. The manufacturing process allows for these shutters to be made in a variety of shapes, which opens up a lot of design possibilities. Like wood, they can be operable or decorative. 

Vinyl Shutters: Best choice for Value

Vinyl Shutters are the most affordable shutter option. They’re maintenance-free and easy to hang, and there’s no paint to flake off. Many vinyl shutters are made with realistic wood grain but don’t have the substance of wood, so they are strictly decorative. NOTE: While our Legends exterior vinyl shutters are guaranteed to never chip or fade, not all vinyl shutters can make the same claim. Choose your vinyl shutters wisely! 

Aluminum Shutters: Best choice for Protection

Aluminum Shutters have evolved a lot in recent years, from strictly utilitarian to a reasonably-priced replacement for wood shutters. Aluminum offers great protection and security and meets the strictest hurricane shutter requirements. They are relatively low maintenance and can be powder-coated in many colors to complement your home. 

Whatever type you decide on, outdoor shutters add interest and value to any home. Send us your photos – we’d love to see your before and after photos!