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Vinyl Shutter Questions

How are Legends Vinyl Shutters made?

  • The Legends Value vinyl shutter is a one-piece, injection molded vinyl product and the Legends Standard and Custom shutters are assembled using precision, heavy-duty parts that are electrostatically welded and stapled.

Are Legends Vinyl Shutters operable? 

  • No, they are not. Our Legends Traditional composite shutters provide that option.

What is your delivery time on stock and custom vinyl exterior shutters?

  • Legends Vinyl Shutters ship in 7 to 10 business days. Rush delivery is available at extra cost for all Legend Vinyl shutters.

On what types of surfaces can I install the exterior vinyl shutters? 

  • The decorative vinyl shutters can be installed on any surface used for construction of a building. The fasteners are provided for the shutters and can be installed using a 1/4” drill bit. The type of drill bit should be correct for the material the house is made of. A brick, concrete block, stucco on concrete will require a masonry-type drill bit and wood or vinyl will use a high speed bit. 

Can I paint the vinyl exterior shutters?

  • Legends Value Vinyl shutters are not paintable. The Legends Standard and Custom shutters offer a paintable version. We suggest you follow your paint company’s instructions for priming and painting. You can use any quality oil or water based exterior paint to finish the shutters.

How thick is the material used on your exterior vinyl shutters? 

  • 3/16” to 1/4” thick, based on the structural requirements of a particular area of the shutter panel. Legends Vinyl Shutters are roughly 12% heavier and considerably more rigid than the competition.

How thick are the vinyl shutter panels?

  • Up to 2” deep

Are your vinyl shutters open back or two-sided? 

  • The process of manufacturing vinyl shutters leaves the back of the shutters open or hollow. Vinyl shutters must be fixed-mounted.

Are the height and width of the vinyl shutter panels exact sizes? 

  • Legends Vinyl Shutters are the exact width ordered with minor differences in the ordered length. These minor differences in length, for most situations, have little or no visual effect when viewed from a normal distance and are simply normal production variances.

Do the vinyl shutters have a wood grain finish? 

  • Legends Vinyl shutters have a deep, true wood grain finish.

Do you have a sturdy vinyl shutter?

  • Vinyl shutters are intended to be an economical but attractive addition to your home. They gain strength from the surface they are attached to. Legends brand vinyl shutters are the most rigid vinyl shutter we know of. The Legends Rigid Vinyl shutters are constructed from thicker vinyl and weigh approximately 12% to 50% more to obtain this extra rigidity.

Composite Shutter Questions


Wood Shutter Questions

Why don’t you offer Legends wood shutters in a painted finish?

  • Legends wood shutters are a unique product in that many of our customers prefer to finish the shutters to a specific color. I suppose they enjoy that part of installing truly wood shutters. So due to a very limited demand a dedicated paint line was never necessary. We can finish your wood shutters at extra cost and extra time for production. Ask your sales person for the details.

What sizes can you make Legends wood shutters?

  • Wood shutters are produced from individual wood profiles. This allows for the wood shutters to be produced in virtually any size or shape as the parts are assembled after being cut.

What is the expected life of Legends wood shutters?

  • Legends wood shutters, when properly primed and painted, should last for 10 years or more. We have installations that are over 20 years old and still look great. Of course there is always that situation that causes premature deterioration. This is generally found in VERY damp situations where mildew was allowed to build up over long periods of time.

Aluminum Shutter Questions

Do Legends aluminum shutters have a wood grain finish?

  • Legends aluminum shutters are available in a smooth or textured powdercoat finish. These shutters have been approved for many architecturally sensitive areas, and they do look great.

How are Legends Aluminum shutters assembled?

  • Legends aluminum shutters are assembled by mitering the styles and rails and then welding them together and polishing the miters to a smooth finish. We do not simply overlap the styles and rails and pop rivet the parts together.  The shutters are then powder coated using the best quality powder that is scratch and weather resistant. These quality shutters are often mistaken for a wood or fiberglass shutter. The Legends aluminum shutter has been installed in thousands of instances where absolute architectural integrity was required. Our Legends aluminum shutter is also available in a storm rated version that not only looks great but will protect you from storms as well.