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Legends Exterior Vinyl Shutters

We're proud to offer our Legends vinyl exterior shutters to homeowners and builders. Years of development have resulted in a sturdy vinyl shutter with realistic wood grain that withstands the elements without fading, Affordable, durable and beautiful, Legends vinyl shutters will add instant curb appeal to your home. And we offer free shipping on all Legends Vinyl Shutters!

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Vinyl Louvered, Raised Panel, Country Style and Combination Shutters ship in 7 to 10 business days, Please note ship times may be extended due to seasonal demand.
  • Vinyl Board & Batten Shutters ship in 15 business days
  • Maintenance free
  • Wide variety of standard molded-through colors
  • State of the art construction with UV stabilizers
  • Authentic wood grain appearance
  • Shutters are boxed and include, warranty, installation instructions and color coordinated mounting spikes
  • 1" depth for Louver, Raised Panel and Board & Batten, 2” depth for Country Style
  • Sold in pairs only

PLEASE NOTE: Legends Builders Grade Vinyl Shutters can be returned within 30 days of receipt for a refund, subject to a 30% restocking fee and return shipping costs. All other Vinyl Shutters are custom-made to order, and are non-refundable.

Legends Premier Vinyl Exterior Shutters

By selecting a 15" width and a standard shutter height, you can save up to 25% on select louvered and raised panel shutters. Even if the shutter height you need isn’t a standard size, rest assured you’re still taking advantage of the best value in the marketplace today. Standard sizes are available in the following Legends Premier Vinyl styles:

  • Louver Shutters, Cathedral Top, Center Mullion
  • Raised Panel Shutters, Straight Top, Two Panels


Vinyl Shutter Comparison

Legends Vinyl Exterior Shutters Q & A

How are Legends Vinyl Shutters made?

The Legends Premier Grade vinyl shutter is a one-piece, injection molded vinyl product and Legends  Premier vinyl shutters are assembled using precision, heavy-duty parts that are electrostatically welded and stapled.

Are Legends Vinyl Shutters operable? 

No, they are not. Our Legends composite, wood and aluminum shutters provide that option.

On what types of surfaces can I install the exterior vinyl shutters? 

The decorative vinyl shutters can be installed on any surface used for construction of a building. The fasteners are provided for the shutters and a 1/4” drill will be the correct size for Legends Vinyl Shutters. The type of drill bit should be correct for the material the house is made of. A brick, concrete block, stucco on concrete will require a masonry-type drill bit and wood or vinyl will use a high speed bit. 

Can I paint vinyl shutters?

Legends Premier Grade Vinyl Shutters are not paintable. Legends Premier shutters do come in a paintable finish (select "paintable" from the color drop down option). We suggest you follow your paint company’s instructions for priming and painting. You can use any quality oil or water based exterior paint to finish the shutters. Please see "How to Paint Vinyl Shutters" below for general instructions.

How thick is the material used on your exterior vinyl shutters? 

3/16” to 1/4” thick, based on the structural requirements of a particular area of the shutter panel. Legends Vinyl Shutters are roughly 12% heavier and considerably more rigid than the competition.

How thick are the vinyl shutter panels?

Up to 2” deep

Are your vinyl shutters open back or two-sided? 

The process of manufacturing vinyl shutters leaves the back of the shutters open or hollow. Vinyl shutters must be fixed-mounted.

Are the height and width of the vinyl shutter panels exact sizes? 

Legends Vinyl Shutters are the exact width ordered with minor differences in the ordered length. These minor differences in length, for most situations, have little or no visual effect when viewed from a normal distance and are simply normal production variances.

Do the vinyl shutters have a wood grain finish? 

Legends Vinyl shutters have a deep, true wood grain finish.

How To Clean Vinyl Shutters?

While Legends Vinyl Shutters come closer to being completly maintenance free than any other shutters on the market today, they will become dirty as does a freshly painted house, a new automobile, or any other product which is exposed to atmospheric conditions. Generally, your Legends Vinyl Shutters can be cleaned satisfactorily any ordinary garden hose. If this does not do the job, we suggest the following:

  1. With a garden hose and a soft bristle brush wash your shutters gently.
  2. Where soil is of a stubborn nature, the following cleaning solutions work well:
    • 1/3 cup detergent (e.g., Tide) 
    • 2/3 cup tri-sodium (e.g., Soilax)
    • 4 quarts of water

In certain geographical areas where mildew may be a problem, substitute one quart of 5% sodium hydrochloride (Clorox for example) for one quart of water in the formula above. Where your vinyl shutters shutter is extremely dirty, it is recommended that you start washing from the top and work down to the bottom. Apply cleaning solution and let stand several minutes in order for the dirt to loosen. The shutters and siding must be rinsed thoroughly to avoid staining and/or streaking.

How to Paint Vinyl Shutters?


  1. Do not expose shutters to direct sunlight before, during or immediately after painting. Temperature should be between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit for best results.
  2. Clean shutter panels using a mixture of ammonia and water, 1 cup per gallon, or soap and water, follow directions on container. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry one hour.
  3. Prime Shutter with a good primer. Follow manufacturer's recommendations.
  4. For Best results use high quality oil base or latex paint for top coat. DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF VINYL BASED PAINT.
  5. Apply two coats of finish paint following the manufacturer's recommendations on the amount of time between coats. The paint can be applied with a brush or spraying following the paint manufacturer's recommendations.
  6. Allow the shutter to dry four days prior to installation, especially if the shutter will be exposed to direct sunlight and high temperatures. This will allow the paint to fully cure.