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Legends Wood Exterior Shutters

Legends shutters are produced from individual wood profiles. This allows for the shutters to be produced in virtually any size or shape as the parts are assembled after being cut. Legends Wood Shutters are made to your specifications. Custom specifications and paint finish are available upon request.

Legends Standard Wood Shutters

These affordable and versatile shutters are made from solid pine in a variety of sizes and styles, and can be purchased online in unfinished, primed with Latex Kilz, or painted in a standard color. Custom paint colors and configurations are available - please contact a Legends shutter specialist for more informaton.

  • Production times (please note ship times may be extended due to seasonal demand, and does not include transit time):
    • 4 weeks 

Legends Premium Wood Shutters

Legends Premium Wood Shutters are available in a variety of styles in paint and stain-grade Western Red Cedar, Spanish Cedar or Cypress. When properly primed and varnished or painted, Legends Premium Wood Shutters should last for ten years or more. We’ve seen installations that are over 20 years old and still look great!

  • Production time (does not include transit time): 4 weeks, Please note ship times may be extended due to seasonal demand.

What is the difference between paint and stain-grade wood?

Generally, paint-grade wood is of a slightly lower quality than stain-grade. While stain-grade wood is smoother and more even toned, paint grade may have minor imperfections that will not be visible after the wood has been painted. Please note that Western Red Cedar naturally displays a variety of lighter and darker tones, and is not ideal for staining where a uniform finish is desired.

About Pine:

Pine is an affordable, strong wood that is used in many construction projects. Due to its uneven grain, Pine shutters are most often used when a painted surface is desired, and offer moderate resistance against decay.

About Western Red Cedar:

Western Red Cedar is generally the wood of choice when it comes to exterior wood shutters. Western Red Cedar is knot-free, with a smooth grain that receptive to paint or varnish. Western Red Cedar has superiror color retention, and will not fade or yellow once coated. This fine-grained wood has natural tannins that give it natural resistance to deterioration, fungus and wood-destroying insects. 

About Cypress:

Cypress is a popular choice for outdoor construction because of its watertight durability and attractive grain. Cypress trees generate cypressene, a natural preservative oil that makes cypress heartwood resistant to insects, fungus, decay and the elements.